Teacher allegedly administers syringe filled with “the shot” to minor without mother’s consent


LONG ISLAND, NY — A public school teacher has been accused of administering a COVID-19 vaccine to a teenager without the consent of a parent, and there is video capturing the alleged incident.

Daily Mail published a screenshot of the teacher smiling and holding a syringe and appearing to get ready to inject it into a boy’s left arm.

On video, the boy can be heard saying, “There you go, at-home vaccine.”

The teacher is Laura Parker Russo, 54, who is reported to be a biology teacher with Herricks Public Schools in New Hyde Park. She declined to comment on the allegation.

The minor is a 17-year-old boy who allegedly received a shot at the teacher’s home on Dec. 31, according to a report by CBS News.

The boy went home and told his mother he received a vaccine. The mother had not authorized Russo to give her son the vaccine.

The boy’s mother reported the incident to police.

Neither the teacher nor her husband is a licensed medical professional, according to a report by NBC News 4.

Russo was arrested for allegedly injecting the minor with a vaccine. She was released and is due in court on Jan. 21.

The Nassau County Police Department stated in a press release:

“The Sixth Squad reports the details of an Arrest for the Unauthorized Practice of a Profession that occurred on Friday, December 31, 2021 at 6:30 PM in Sea Cliff.

“According to Detectives, defendant Laura Parker Russo, 54, of 55 Summit Avenue was at her home residence where she administered an injection of what is believed to be a Covid Vaccine to a 17-year-old male victim. 

“The male victim went home and informed his mother what had occurred. The mother had not given permission or authority to have her son injected with a Covid Vaccine and called Police.

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“After an investigation was conducted, it was discovered that defendant Laura Parker Russo is not a medical professional or authorized to administer vaccines and was placed under arrest without incident.

“Defendant Laura Parker Russo is charged with New York State Education Law Unauthorized Practice of a Profession.

“She was released and issued an Appearance Ticket returnable to First District Court, located at 99 Main Street, Hempstead on Friday, January 21, 2022.”

The teacher has been reassigned from the classroom pending the outcome of the investigation, the district superintendent told NBC News 4 Monday.

District officials say the allegations are not related to school and did not occur on school property.

One unnamed official told NBC News 4:

“The individual in question is a district employee who has been removed from the classroom and reassigned pending the outcome of the investigation.”

According to NBC News 4:

“Authorities allege Russo had a vial of an approved COVID-19 vaccine in her home, though police didn’t say where she got it.

“According to officials, her son had a friend over and the friend asked for the vaccine because his mother allegedly didn’t want to have him inoculated against COVID at this point.

“The teenager told his mother when he got home that he had gotten the vaccine. She notified the police.”

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NBC News 4 obtained video of the alleged incident and reported that the woman appears to give the teenager a dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is only approved for Americans 18 years and older.

Three brands of COVID-19 vaccines are available in the U.S., but Pfizer is the only brand that has been approved for patients between the ages of 5 to 17.

It is unknown how Russo obtained the alleged vaccine and whether the teen was monitored after the shot, which is standard for any COVID-19 inoculation.

Dr. Audie Liametz, vice chair of the emergency department at NYU Langone, told CBS New York:

“To administer the vaccine, the patient needs to give consent and the administrator needs knowledge of patient allergies as well as medical knowledge.

“You have to draw up the medication into sterile syringe with a needle and expel some of the air and give the injection properly.”

Investigators are looking into how Russo may have obtained the alleged vaccine, which according to Dail Mail, was reported as authentic.

Mount Sinai South Nassau Dr. Aaron Glatt told NBC News 4:

“Besides being illegal, it’s just not a smart thing to do. An authorized, licensed professional should be providing vaccines to know how to give them properly to make sure if there’s a complication that can be dealt with immediately and very efficiently.”

In other COVID-19 vaccine news, a federal judge on Thursday ordered the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to produce, at a rate of 55,000 pages per month, the documents it relied upon to license the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, according to a report by The Epoch Times.

The rate of 55,000 pages a month would mean the FDA has just over eight months to fully produce all of Pfizer’s pre-licensure safety data instead of 75 years, the report noted:

“That is much faster than the 500 pages-per-month rate the FDA proposed in December 2021.

“That rate would have effectively given the agency roughly 75 years to fully produce the data, Aaron Siri, a lawyer working on the case, previously observed.”

The FDA reviewed the data for only a little over three months before granting the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine full approval.

The agency then wanted 75 years to release documents submitted by Pfizer, Inc.

The case was initiated by the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT), which said the data should be made public quickly because the FDA took just 108 days to review the data before granting full approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine:

“Pfizer began its rolling submission on May 7, 2021, and the vaccine was licensed on August 23, 2021, a total of 108 days from initial submission to licensure.”

U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman ordered the FDA to produce more than 12,000 pages on or before Jan. 31 and ordered the agency to “produce the remaining documents at a rate of 55,000 pages every 30 days, with the first production being due on or before March 1, 2022, until production is complete.”

Pittman noted in his order that it was recognized the task may be burdensome, but that Americans need to be assured the vaccine was not rushed and suggested that transparency may promote more people getting it:

“Here, the court recognizes the ‘unduly burdensome’ challenges that this FOIA request may present to the FDA … But, as expressed at the scheduling conference, there may not be a ‘more important issue at the Food and Drug Administration … than the pandemic, the Pfizer vaccine, getting every American vaccinated, [and] making sure that the American public is assured that this was not rush[ed] on behalf of the United States.

“Accordingly, the court concludes that this FOIA request is of paramount public importance.”

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