We’ve been warned: Buttigieg’s taxpayer-funded speed camera nightmare coming to America


WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s plan to “promote speed safety cameras” as part of a 42-page strategy to reduce traffic deaths by increasing use of automated traffic enforcement cameras is drawing widespread criticism.

Secretary Buttigieg promoted the National Roadway Safety Strategy during a news conference on Thursday, stating the country needs to change its thinking:

“We need a national change of mentality. We’re so accustomed to hazards on our roads, we think they are inevitable. They are not.”

Buttigieg pointed out that new federal data being released next week will show another increase in traffic fatalities through the third quarter of 2021.

Those numbers are expected to show a substantial increase in deaths compared with the same period in 2020, adding to a half-year traffic death total of 20,160 that was already the highest half-year figure since 2006.

He said that his strategy sets a goal of zero traffic deaths annually through new road designs, safer vehicles, and changes in the way people drive their vehicles:

“Today we commit that our goal is this: zero. Our goal is zero deaths (from traffic). The decision to commit to that goal in a serious way at a national level changes the way cities and towns design road, changes the way companies build cars, changes the way people drive.”

Although everyone seems to agree the goal would be a great achievement, some of the methods to achieve those goals have been drawn into question.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said during “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News Thursday night that Buttigieg’s plan misses the mark:

“According to the new paradigm we read about today, infrastructure is no longer about roads, bridges, airports, train stations, and things you might actually use in the course of your life. We could fix those things, but why bother? Mayor Pete has better ideas.

“Buildings, roads and bridges are falling apart. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers that keeps tracks of these things, there’s more than 617,000 bridges in this country.

As of tonight, more than 46,000 of those bridges are considered ‘structurally deficient.’ That means they are in terrible shape. Kind of a big deal for a bridge. As for roads, 43% of all public roadways in this country are ‘in poor or mediocre condition.’”

We've been warned: Buttigieg's taxpayer-funded speed camera nightmare coming to America

Part of Buttigieg’s strategy, backed by $14 billion in funding from President Biden’s new infrastructure plan, includes increasing the use of speed cameras and fines for American motorists. Carlson said motorists should be ready for more speeding tickets:

“What is the $1.2 trillion plan going to do for our crumbling infrastructure?” Carlson asked. “More speed cameras. According to the Associated Press, he would like to ‘promote greater use of speed cameras,’ which the department says could provide more equitable enforcement than police traffic stops.

“Got that. So, because of equity, you are about to get a lot more speeding tickets from robots. See how that works? Shut up, racist! Pay the fine!”

The simple idea of reducing speeding through tickets is not as simple as it may seem, according to The National Motorists Association (NMA), a nonpartisan motorist advocate group. The association, which reportedly maintains a list of top ten reasons speed cameras are a bad idea, said the main result of increasing speed camera usage is a higher price for loaning out a car.

NMA President Gary Biller explained:

“The government’s reaction, per the National Roadway Safety Strategy announced by U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg last week, is again to restrict driving speeds despite historical data that indicate the nation’s roads are as safe as they have ever been, the estimated uptick in 2021 notwithstanding.

“In the brave, new world being staked out by the National Roadway Safety Strategy, you may pay a literal price for letting a family member or friend borrow a car registered to you. The true solution to roadway safety is continued improvements in street design, vehicle technology, and road user – drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians – education, not flawed, command-and-control enforcement.”

New Jersey State Sen. Declan O’Scanlon (R), serving a state where speed cameras are outlawed, told the Daily Mail:

“Automated enforcement has proven to make no one any safer… but everyone (except the corrupt companies operating the systems) poorer. It amounts to government sanctioned theft. Thank God New Jersey had the good sense to ban the use of automated enforcement early on…and then win a David vs Goliath battle to terminate our failed red light camera experiment.

“These systems’ negative impact falls particularly hard on the poor. The fines are a regressive tax. Any elected official that supports these systems is supporting screwing every one of his/her constituents that drives a car.”

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How’s this for irony? University issues trigger warning for Orwell’s “1984” – “offensive and upsetting”

January 25, 2022 


 This article contains editorial content which is the opinion of the author.

NORTHAMPTON, U.K.- The latest from Generation Snowflake comes to us from Britain, where the dystopian George Orwell novel, “1984,” has been given a trigger warning at a British university, Breitbart London reports under the reasoning that students might find it “offensive and upsetting.”

The warning, issued by the University of Northampton issued the advisory over concerns about alleged “explicit material” contained in the book, which while is advertised as “fiction,” much of what the book warned about has in fact come true.

The book examines how truth and facts in society can be manipulated under authoritarian rule. Sound familiar?

The Daily Mail flied a freedom of information request, whereby it was found that the English department at the university had issued a warning to students enrolled in the module “Identity Under Construction,” warning that Orwell’s novel might prove to be upsetting or “offensive” to Generation Snowflake.

That module is advertised on the university’s website as including the study of literature and poetry through a lens of “feminism, postmodernism, and post colonialism,” and has a “primary focus” on the “construction of identity, around issues such as race, class, gender and sexuality.”

In an interview with Breitbart London, former teacher turned GB News host Calvin Robinson called the trigger warning placed on the book as “absurd.”

1984” was supposed to be a piece of fiction, but in current times it reads more like an instruction manual. There’s no wonder the upper echelons of society are trying to censor it,” Robinson said.

“Universities have lost their collective minds. One’s time as a student is supposed to be a time of exploration and open debate—these days, it seems, they want to wrap everyone up in cotton wool and ‘protect’ them from different/offensive opinions. It’s absurd,” he said.

Or course Orwell’s book is hardly the only one that gets students’ collective panties in a bunch at the University of Northampton.

For example, a British graphic novel, V for Vendetta, the Samuel Beckett play Endgame, and Jeanette Winterson’s Sexing the Cherry have also been identified by the university’s English department as being “offensive and upsetting,” Breitbart London reported.

Of course not everything is “offensive.” The university offers so-called “diversity studentships” where interested students can apply for funding to study woke literature focusing on “diversity,” “black women’s writing,” “working-class fiction,” and “LGBTQ+ representation.” Of course.

A spokesperson for the university attempted to give cover for the quasi-censorship of the various books or programs.

“While it is not university policy, we may warn students of content in relation to violence, sexual violence, domestic abuse and suicide. In these circumstances, we explain to applicants as part of the recruitment process that their course will include some challenging texts.

This is reinforced by tutors as they progress through their programme of studies.”

“We are aware some texts might be challenging for some students and have accounted for this when developing our courses.” [emphasis added]

Challenging? Good grief.

The University of Northampton isn’t the only British institution that has attempted to censor 1984. In 2020, George Orwell was put on a so-called “shame” list by the British Library.

Why? Because allegedly one of his great-grandfathers owned slaves in the Caribbean. Seriously. This was done despite the fact that Orwell himself was an avid anti-imperialist who repeatedly called out totalitarianism in his writings.

They said that Orwell’s work was “associated with wealth obtained from enslaved people or through colonial violence.” All before Orwell was even born.

Orwell himself never owned slaves, and didn’t have any association with the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, which was outlawed in 1807, only one-hundred years before Orwell was even born.



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