HOUSTON – Taco Bell has fired one of its’ employees and apologized after a disparaging note was scribbled on an order handed to a Houston police officer.

GovXThe bag containing the officer’s food had the message “F*** pigs” written on the bottom, reported WLTX.

The incident happened at the Taco Bell location at 8919 Spring Cypress Road on the same day two Houston police officers were shot in southwest Houston.

“When he got home and he was done eating his tacos, he flipped the bag over and found a very offensive message,” said Joe Gamaldi of the Houston Police Officers Union.

The officer posted a picture of the bag on Facebook and called his union, which contacted Taco Bell. The chain and its franchisee said they conducted an investigation. At the conclusion of their inquiry, they said the employee involved in the misconduct was terminated.

“Taco Bell really stepped up to the plate,” Gamaldi said. “They fired the employee, and not only apologized to the officer, but to every single Houston police officer.”

Taco Bell and is franchisee released the following statement:

B&G Food Enterprises, the franchise owner of this Spring, Texas location, and Taco Bell in no way endorse this sentiment. We are deeply appreciative of the men and women who serve and protect our communities and our country. The franchisee does not tolerate discrimination in any way, and in the course of the investigation has terminated the employee involved. B&G Food has contacted the officer and the Houston Police Officers Union to apologize directly and assure them of their ongoing support of law enforcement.

Last week a Pizza restaurant in Austin had a similar problem. The employee was terminated and police flocked to the business in response.

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