Syrian migrant accused of raping Ukrainian refugee, 15. Immigrants leading suspects in 43% of rape cases this year.


AUSTRIA – A 15-year-old female Ukrainian refugee accused a 19-year-old Syrian migrant of rape – but he was quickly released.

Last week, the alleged rape occurred in the Austrian town of Weyer.

Allegedly, the Syrian man lured the teenager and forced her to engage in sex with him.

The teenager told her brother what happened, which led her family to file a report with the police.

According to the Austrian paper Kurier, later, police arrested the Syrian man and transferred him to an asylum center.

The Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) remarked that the incident was a scandal.

Hannes Amesbauer, FPÖ security spokesman, commented about the leading party, the Austrian people’s Party (OeVP), and their Interior Minister Gehard Karner, and said:

“Interior Minister Karner, he bears the general responsibility for the exploding asylum numbers in any case – can be prepared for harsh parliamentary questions.”

Security spokesman Amesbauer noted that immigrants have become the leading suspects in approximately 43% of rape cases this past year.

The Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung said that the prosecutor’s office would not hold the Syrian since two friends of the alleged victim said the incident was consensual.

This is not the first incident involving rape and migrants in Austria.



In July 2021, 13-year-old Leonie was given drugs by Afghan migrants, was raped and killed, and had her body dumped by a tree in Vienna.

She was allegedly given nearly eleven ecstasy pills.

According to the police, the teenage girl possibly died of heart failure after the rape occurred.


According to the Austrian Interior Ministry, 78% of the 5,770 allegedly underage migrants who have attempted to claim asylum in Austria in 2021, are not accounted for.

The majority of these underage migrants are allegedly Afghan nationals (3,401), (1,345) Syrians while others are from Somalia, Pakistan, Egypt, and Bangladesh.


Sen. Cotton: Biden administration responsible for illegal immigrants committing ‘rape’ and ‘murder’ in America

MANCHESTER, NH – In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) pointed the finger of blame directly at the Biden administration for crimes committed by illegal aliens crossing the porous border of the United States.

In an embedded video filmed while he was in New Hampshire for a fundraiser, Cotton told Breitbart:

“[W]e see stories time and time again of illegal aliens committing murder, or rape, or carjackings.

“People who shouldn’t be in our country to begin with, but they’re here because the Biden administration won’t enforce the law, won’t secure our border.”

Cotton also asserted that illegal immigration also results in “chaos” and an influx of drugs throughout the country.

He told Breitbart:

“The very fact of crossing our border illegally shows that you disrespect our law.

“Our southern border is in chaos, and that brings chaos into our streets as well.

“I know we may be in New Hampshire here, but every town in New Hampshire is a border town, because so much of the drugs that you see in New Hampshire and across the country comes from our southern border.”

Breitbart also reports that Cotton stated that most of the drugs involved in the current opioid crisis come from China and are funneled through the southern border.


He said:

“The evidence on that is clear.”

Cotton continued:

“China has super case laboratories where they make the precursors to synthetic opioids like fentanyl.

“They send them [drugs] to the cartels in Mexico which finished the job by pressing them into pills or cutting them into other drugs, and they ship them into America.”

Cotton pointed out that this vast influx of drugs is behind the massive number of drug overdoses in this country.

He told Breitbart:

“Our boarder(sic) patrol does a good job of trying to detect these drugs, which in some cases are literally shipped over in the quantity that they could kill every American.

“They’re so deadly. And just such a small amount is captured at our border, but that’s just what they catch, think about what they miss.

“That’s one reason why we just saw the terrible tragedy of the biggest number of drug overdoses in American history last year.”


Breitbart also reports that Cotton advocated finishing the border wall as a pathway to “getting ‘control of our border.’”

In addition, Cotton also advocated reforming the current immigration system in a manner similar to Canada’s current plan.

He suggested a system “which would be based on a ‘simple mathematical formula that awards points based on your level of education, the field you have, your education, and your ability to speak English, whether or not you have distinctive contributions in your field.’”

Cotton also agreed with the recent ruling by a federal Judge Andrew S. Hanen in Texas on former president Obama’s DACA program.Hanan ruled that the DACA program was unlawful, and he prevented federal government approval of all new applications to the program.

The Senator told Breitbart:

“The case is… about whether the President can rewrite laws that Congress has passed, and that’s what Barack Obama tried to do in 2012…

“The president cannot simply say he is not gonna enforce an entire category of our laws, so the case was rightly decided.

“There should be no more DACA permits issued period.”


He continued:

“And what Congress should do is address these problems in a targeted way, but what the Democrats won’t do, it’s just that they want to use the people who have received the docket benefits as leverage to get a massive amnesty.”

Elaborating on the subject of the Democrats’ push for amnesty, Cotton went on to say:

“Even when President Trump proposed a step that would give those recipients legal status in return for things like eliminating chain migration, finishing the wall, eliminating the diversity lottery, the Democrats said no, because they want a massive amnesty.

“That’s what they’re trying to do right now, and in their big budget blow out, they wanna slip in amnesty there, they’re gonna claim it’s just for a few very sympathetic DACA recipients.”

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Justice: NYC mayor being sued for $1 billion over rape, murder of an elderly woman by an illegal immigrant

New York City- He’s being sued for $1 billion over the rape and murder of an elderly woman.  And it’s going to get interesting.

The suit indicates that D&A Investigations Inc. (Fla) represents victims of a $1 billion claim against Bill de Blasio aka Warren Wilhelm, (Individually) Mayor of New York City, and the City of New York (Sovereign entity) conspired to attack, rape and murder 92-year-old Maria Fuertes.

Maria Fuertes

21-year-old Reeaz Khan, an illegal alien, attacked, raped and murdered Maria Fuertes while she was walking home on Monday 6 January 2020.

Maria Fuertes was discovered on the sidewalk near Liberty Avenue and 127th Street in Richmond Hill at 2:00am. and taken to the hospital where she later died from injuries, including a broken spine.

The suit also alleges that Bill de Blasio was intentionally non-compliant with the Federal Immigration Detainer placed on Reeaz Khan in November 2019 from a previous arrest for assault and weapons charges.

It further states that Bill de Blasio aka Warren Wilhelm, (Individually), the Mayor of New York City, and the City of New York are complicit with Reeaz Khan in the attack, rape and murder of 92-year-old Maria Fuertes.

ICE releases detainer for illegal immigrant in NY accused of murdering 92-year-old woman
ICE releases detainer for illegal immigrant in NY accused of murdering 92-year-old woman

De Blasio has been an exceptionally vocal supporter of immigration sanctuary status and has prohibited NYC police bureaus from actively working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents when an illegal alien is jailed.

When that attitude and mission is combined with the recent “bail reform” policies implemented, crime is truly rampant on the streets of the five boroughs, and illegals are more free to roam and break laws than ever before.

As we reported Sunday morning, crime is exploding in New York City. The police commissioner said you can thank ‘bail reform’.

The new police commissioner of the New York City Police Department is not a fan of the Cuomo “get out of jail free” criminal justice “reform” policy.

Dermot Shea said on Friday that the new bail reform law that was implemented on Jan. 1, has contributed to an increase in crime in the city, and he is calling for state legislators to fix it.

The reform law, which did away with the need for cash bail for a number of crimes, came about just when serious crime had hit an all-time low in the city, police were making fewer arrests, and the jail population had gone down substantially.

Not anymore.

“…now as you see this in the first three weeks of the year, we are seeing significant spikes in crime. Either we have forgotten how to police New York city or there is a correlation.”

Well commish, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

“If you let out individuals that commit a lot of crime, that’s precision policing in reverse and we’re seeing the effects in a very quick time, and that is why we’re concerned,” Shea said.

Through Jan. 19 of this year compared with the same period last year, statistics show that robberies are up 31.5%, burglaries are up 15%, grand larceny is up 5.6%, and auto thefts, which had been in a sharp decline recently have spiked up 67%. The total for all serious felonies was up 11% year over year compared to 2019.

Nice job there, Cuomo and state legislature.

Put another way, since percentages do not tell the whole story, a total of 233 more robberies have occurred this year compared to last, 159 more car thefts and 125 more burglaries, in only three weeks.

The new law made a majority of so-called “non-violent” offenses no longer bail eligible, meaning criminals have been allowed to walk free without having to post bond after committing robberies, burglaries and other offenses.

Some people have defended the new law, saying it “just took effect.” To that, we say bull crap, and so does Shea.

“People say it just took effect; you can’t have consequences already. Take a look at CompStat (crime statistics).”

“We’re seeing it immediately at the same time you have [state and local jail] populations dropping significantly,” Shea continued.

“Now don’t tell me there not a correlation to that.”

Shea is fed up and rightfully so. He only became the commissioner in New York last month. This week he went to Albany to speak with legislators about his concerns.

The first issue is the one of repeat offenders being repeatedly released, but the second and just as important issue are the new discovery laws, which changed how and when prosecutors must turn over evidence to defense attorneys, as well as contact information for victims and witnesses, which must occur within 15 days.

“The second piece is going to take longer and then it’s going to be a one-two punch as discovery takes hold,” Shea said. “Discovery is going to change how crimes are prosecuted in New York.”

Shea was generally supportive of both parts of the reform law, but feels that it went too far, too fast, and needs to be adjusted.

“Judges need discretion to keep New Yorkers safe, judges need discretion to step in and say, ‘this is the fifth time you have been in front of me in two weeks,’” he said.

He wants judges to be able to use discretion and take into account factors such as the danger posed by the defendant as criteria in setting bail.

“You have to have a situation where dangerous individuals, or individuals that repeatedly commit crimes and victimize people are kept in. And if judges don’t have that ability, I think we’re all in trouble and I don’t think any New Yorker wants that to happen.”

The new discovery law is something that Shea says overcompensated for what was perceived to be an unfairness in the old discovery procedures.

The new law was created to make sure that people accused of crimes had earlier access to information that would be used against them in trial, however “swinging it back 180 degrees the other way and giving everything over immediately is equally wrong,” Shea said.

“When you have instances where witnesses and victims will be afraid to call the police, that is a real problem and needs to be fixed…this is something that affects all New Yorkers.”

As of Jan 1, prosecutors must request criminal history reports from anyone who may act as a witness in a criminal case. This includes firefighters, emergency medical technicians, nurses, or anyone else who had contact with a victim or defendant in a criminal case.

Some fire departments in New York are objecting to that new requirement, saying it is an invasion of privacy.

The law will require that any criminal history information be turned over to defense counsel within 15 days of an arrest.

Of course, first responders and medical personnel are among the first people who have contact with crime victims and defendants, so naturally they will be adversely affected.

In order to request a criminal history report, police will need to obtain personal information such as dates of birth, home addresses and phone numbers from potential witnesses. This has raised concern among first responders and other potential witnesses, fearing that the information will fall into the wrong hands.

In Warren County, one fire department has made the decision not to release personal addresses and phone numbers of its members. Other fire departments are weighing their options. In addition, Glens Falls Hospital will only provide the hospital’s address and telephone number, according to officials with Warren County.

The coordinator for emergency services in Warren County, Brian LaFlure has said that first responders there are angry about what they deem to be an invasion of privacy.

Since many fire departments across New York are volunteer departments, it will create more work for them, and will require dedicating resources to track down information for any personnel who may have been at an emergency scene.

“They’re very upset about it,” LaFlure said. “Some fire departments have taken the stance that they will give out names and that’s it.”

The new requirements, passed by state legislators who are more interested in “feel good reform” than practical solutions have been widely panned by emergency services personnel, town and city leaders, and district attorneys who believe that they will place a substantial burden on resources.

As typically happens, this is yet another unfunded mandate passed on without additional funding from the state.

In one case, leaders of the Chester Fire Department were contacted by the Warren Cunty District Attorney’s Office to provide information for firefighters who responded to the scene of a police pursuit that ended up in a crash in their community where someone died.

The suspect in the case was arrested, and now the prosecution is seeking to obtain background on all the firefighters who responded, numbering more than a dozen. They were unaware of the new procedures and were caught off guard when the information was requested.

Chester Fire Capt. Ralph Bartlett, a retired Warren County sheriff’s sergeant, said he was both surprised and concerned when he learned about the change in state law when New York State Police contacted the department looking for personal information for the firefighters at the Sept 26 accident scene.

Department members discussed the issue, and decided that only names, ranks and the fire station’s address will be released. With that said, the department was researching its legal obligations and will cooperate as needed to make sure the criminal cases are not damaged based on opposition to the policy.

“This is going to create a lot of work,” Bartlett said. “We’re going to have to track who goes on every call and create a document for it.”

The most ridiculous thing about the new law is that most of those subjected to the background check will never be called to testify, yet their information will still be released.

Chester is not the only fire department trying to decide on how to comply with the new law. Both the Bolton and Queensbury Central fire departments’ firefighters are also weighing their options regarding turning over personal information.

At a county fire commissioners meeting, other departments in Warren County asked for copies of the Chester Fire Department’s policy.

Bartlett also said that he had contacted the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York, which was attempting to research options for fire departments under the new law.

For his part, Warren County District Attorney Jason Carusone understands the objections being raised by the fire departments.

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Justice: NYC mayor being sued for billion over rape, murder of an elderly woman by an illegal immigrant


He said that while his office is legally obligated to turn over what information it can compile about potential witnesses, those witnesses are not required to cooperate with his agency in providing the information.

“There is nothing in the law that says a witness has to give their address or date of birth,” he said.

Right, until some liberal judge decides that not providing the information is contempt of court and ends up locking up a volunteer firefighter. One can easily see where this can go off the rails.

The big change with this new incarnation of the law is before, only witnesses who were definitely going to be called to testify at a trial or hearing required a background check. Now, it addresses potential witnesses.

So even a tow truck driver who responds to an accident scene could be identified as a “witness” and have their personal information exposed to a criminal defendant.

“The consequence of it was never felt because they generally wouldn’t have to testify, and we wouldn’t have had to turn it over unless they were being called to testify,” said Tony Jordan, Washington County District Attorney. “There is some anxiety about it. Understandably, people are concerned.

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