Syracuse University professor: ‘ Police are unnecessary, inept, lethal, violent’ who ‘need to go down’


SYRACUSE, NY- The violent riots taking place across the US have given college professors the opportunity to share their radical agendas with immunity. This is especially true for Syracuse University professor Biko Mandela Gray who uses social media to relentlessly attack law enforcement officers.

Gray, an Assistant Professor of Religion at SU, took to Twitter on Wednesday to share his views on law enforcement officers saying:

I think I should clarify for people where I personally stand:

1) Police are unnecessary, inept, lethal, violent, corrupt, myopic, and often abusive. This doesn’t apply to some; it applies to all of them.  

2) they are this way bc they are trained and employed to be this way.

He continued the unhinged rant by calling officers worthless and assuring viewers that his stances are solidified:

“3) They are worthless, and they don’t even solve the crimes on the books.  

4) I will no longer compromise on this position. No one should ever ask me where I stand regarding cops. If you didn’t know before, now you do.

As if this wasn’t enough he then called for the destruction of law enforcement departments and claimed that people who support the police need to “go down.” 

Of course, this is not the first time Gray has posted something so egregious and bigoted. The most common targets of his hateful rhetoric are white people who, according to him, are diseased:

“Whiteness is a disease. Is a plague unto itself. Wherever it is, you can be assured that death and violence will follow. It’s parasitic. It’s vampiric. It’s offers nothing but takes everything. To be white is to embody this parasitic disposition.”

Gray followed this up a couple of weeks later by doubling down and claiming “the white mind is a twisted thing.”

The comments made by Gray allude to the far larger issue of indoctrination that plagues college campuses in the US. Professors guilty of pushing a bias agenda and using their authority to spread false information rarely face consequences.

This was true in Gray’s case when he took Twitter in June to complain about being “lectured” by university officials:

“After someone got a hold of my tweets, they sent them to my dean, who lectured me—a scholar of race and religion—about how “diversity and inclusion means including EVERYONE.” #BlackintheIvory”

It seems that the “lecture” didn’t do much to change Gray’s opinion as his attack of law enforcement officers and whiteness came months after. It would be a shame if his superiors were notified of his social media presence again.

Authors note: As of the date of publication I have a Equal Opportunity case open against Gray for tweets that directly target myself and a piece I wrote for The Federalist. The tweets posted by Gray also incited SU students to harass me online. The details and progress of this case have been largely withheld from me and to my knowledge Gray has not been reprimanded.

It is doubtful that Gray will face consequences for his words that target myself and law enforcement officers.

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LET Unity

Universities and their employees are often found to be pushing a bias agenda, here is another example:

LANCASTER, PA – An alleged rioter who was arrested and criminally charged with arson, vandalism and more is receiving backup from the president and students of the expensive college that she attends.

Franklin and Marshall College staff and students are promoting a fundraiser to help bail Kathryn Patterson, 20, out Lancaster County Prison, where she was being held in lieu of $1 million bail.

On Thursday, the creators of the page posted an update:

Good Morning,

We have good news to report (if you haven’t heard already) Kat, Taylor, Alexa, and Dylan have all had their bail lowered and will be released today on an unsecured bond. We want to thank everyone for their generosity and urge you all to continue to keep them and their families in your thoughts as this process is not over.

Protest. Donate. Act

In Unity Lies Strength.



Patterson was one of 13 people arrested by police and accused of participating in the riots that took place in Lancaster Sunday evening into Monday morning. 

The riots occurred after Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters claimed that a knife-wielding man was a victim of police brutality. As we reported, a man with a criminal history of stabbing people attempted to stab a Lancaster police officer with a large knife on Sept. 13.

Police were called for a report of an in-progress domestic disturbance when Ricardo Munoz lunged at the responding officer while brandishing a knife over his head.

Bodycam footage shows Munoz charging out the door of a home, knife in hand, and chasing the police officer who is forced to draw his firearm and fatally shoot the suspect.

Police initially stated that Munoz was armed with a knife at the time of the shooting and promised to release bodycam footage, which they did at 11 p.m., but it wasn’t fast enough for BLM protest organizers who quickly claimed that Munoz was a victim of police brutality.

In 2019, Munoz reportedly stabbed four people after a fight, according to CBS 21. The four stabbing victims were found inside and around the home.

A 16-year-old male was found in the back of the property, with multiple stab wounds to his face, right thigh, left ankle and right side of his torso.

A 22-year-old woman suffered a slash wound to one of her hands, a 26-year-old man suffered a slash injury to his head and another 26-year-old man was stabbed in his arm.

Despite Munoz’s extensive criminal history, and a lack of information from the investigation, BLM protesters took to the streets of Lancaster on Sunday night to protest the shooting, and rioters damaged police vehicles and set fires.



In a Sept. 14 press release, Lancaster police noted:

“The disorder outside the Police station escalated as suspects continued to throw items at Police Officers as well as cause damage to the Police station, a parked vehicle and the front of the US Post Office building.

“We have also been receiving calls all morning from downtown business owners as they discovered damage from vandalism to their businesses. Officers continued the use of chemical munitions in efforts to disperse the rioters as the suspects piled street signs, trash cans, a metal dumpster, a metal bike rack, pieces of plywood and a wooden pallet at the intersection of N. Prince St. and W. Chestnut St.

“The suspects filled the dumpster with additional trash bags, as well as the wood, and set the contents on fire. Officers made a total of (8) arrests (The updated total is 12 adults and 1 juvenile) related to the arson/riot outside of the Police station.

“The arrests were made at approximately 0300 hrs. and shortly thereafter. All suspects arrested were transported to the Lancaster Bureau of Police station for processing and to be held for arraignment. (4) of the (8) suspects are from outside of Lancaster County. (2) of the suspects were armed with handguns during the protest and riot.

“Those handguns were recovered by Officers after the arrests. (Only Montague was charged with an offense related to illegal possession of firearm).”




Patterson, of Mercersburg, was charged by the Lancaster Bureau of Police with felony arson, felony vandalism, felony riot, failure to disperse, obstructing highways and other public passages, disorderly conduct, and defiant trespass with additional counts of criminal conspiracy.



According to The Other McCain, Patterson is reported to be a junior at Franklin and Marshall College, an expensive, private liberal arts college in Lancaster where it costs over $75,000 per year to attend.




The arrested suspect is also a Kappa Delta sorority member and an “ally” of the campus-based Black Student Union (BSU), according to an Instagram post by the F&M Black Student Union:

“On Sunday 09/13/2020 Lancaster PD shot and killed Ricardo Munoz. During the protest that evening Lancaster PD detained Kathryn Patterson.

“Kat is a student at Franklin and Marshall College where she is an ally of BSU, a medic for Green Dreamz and a member of Kappa Delta Sorority.

“Kat was providing medical attention to injured demonstrators and has now been wrongfully accused of crimes she could not possibly commit.

“We as members of the Black Student Union and Kappa Delta Sorority, have created this fund to raise money for Kat and her family.”



A GoFundMe account titled “Help BSU’s Ally Kat Patterson” shows Ashani Williams is organizing the fundraiser on behalf of Laura Patterson.

In a Sept. 16 “good morning” update posted on the fundraiser, “Kat” Patterson is identified as an activist:

“We can announce that Kat was finally able to speak with her dad for 6 minutes last night! She has heard about all the support that has gone her way and she cannot express how grateful she is to every single donor and supporter.

“We, also, want to thank everyone who has offered legal advice thus far and we will share that with her family. We would like to spread the word about the GoFundMe pages for Taylor Enterline and Alexa Wise.

“Taylor and Kat are activists and friends who were arrested together. Alexa Wise, a Black Trans Activist was also arrested and is currently being housed in a male section of the prison. We want to bring awareness to Taylor and Alexa and urge you all to support them and their families.

“Protest. Donate. Act.

“In Unity Lies Strength.”

Patterson received further support and praise via Franklin and Marshall College’s 16th president, Barbara K. Altmann.

In a Sept. 16 Instagram post, Altmann addressed students:

“Our community is hurting. We are all processing and trying to contextualize the death of Ricardo Muñoz in Lancaster city this past weekend. Regardless of the ultimate outcome of this investigation, we all mourn the loss of the life of Mr. Muñoz.

“For many, this is a reminder of the deeply challenged relationship between BIPOC and law enforcement. We are shaken as a campus and city. We find ourselves asking questions and trying to understand the moment. These are questions we all should grapple with.

“On a community-level, we are also processing the impact that the past few nights of activism have had on a member of our own family. As you are likely aware, F&M student Kat Patterson was arrested Sunday night at the protests. We have read the allegations against her, as reported in the LNP.

“We stand by our students’ constitutional right to protest. And affirm a presumption of innocence. Senior staff has been in close contact with the family and will continue to do so as we focus on her well-being. Thank you, students, for creating a GoFundMe page to assist Kat and her family; many of us in our community will be contributing.

“F&M’s senior staff will continue to work with students, faculty and professional staff, on campus and studying remotely, to support and encourage programs, courses and workshops on these social justice issues.

“We recognize that many are feeling unsafe, including within our own community. This must change. We encourage everyone to be part of this effort and support one another.

“We have all been heartened by the persistent and dedicated activism demonstrated by our community, especially by you – our students. Thank you for that. Together, we know we will persevere to a better tomorrow.”

The post was signed, “With hope for our future, Barbara K. Altmann, President, on behalf of senior staff.”

Before Patterson was arrested, she was showcased on Sept. 8 in the college’s Kappa Delta Instagram page, where she allegedly said:

“I decided to join KD because I wanted to surround myself with strong, passionate, like-minded women. Not only have I met some of the most supportive and intelligent people in my life, but I have also had the opportunity to grow exponentially as a person because of what KD has pushed me to accomplish.

“Every day, the women in KD inspire me to pursue my dreams and change the world, and I love them for that.”

Then on Sept. 15, Kappa Delta mentioned the GoFundMe account in a post, which now has comments that have been limited:

“Monday morning, our Eta Lambda sister Kat Patterson was protesting the wrongful murder of Ricardo Munoz in downtown Lancaster.

“Kat was working as a medic to help protestors, and was wrongfully arrested on excessive charges. The Black Student Union of Franklin & Marshall College has set up a Go Fund Me page that will go solely to Kat’s bail.

“Click the link in our bio to give to the fund, and please share her story. Eta Lambda stands in solidarity with Kat, and we give our full support to our sister.”

So far, $54,000 have been raised from 1,186 people who donated to her bailout fund.

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