Symbolism vs. Substance

The Million Man March on Washington DC (1995): Thousands of men marching and chanting for better lives for young people, symbolism! Instead of marching why didn’t each man take and mentor a child for one year? That would have actually made a difference, substance! 

The professional NFL football players: They knelt down during the most revered patriotic song in American history in order to bring attention to their perceived injustice in the law enforcement arena, symbolism! Why didn’t each of these multi-millionaires donate a couple hundred (tax deductible) thousand dollars to a charitable fund to grow inner-city youth programs, food pantries, libraries and tutors, additional coaches for schools, etc., substance!

School shootings: Politicians in the election cycle are jumping on the mantra, ban assault rifles, symbolism! Why don’t these same politicians demand greater discipline, needed counseling, and corrective mental health services in our schools? Substance!

Commander Paul Bauer was shot and killed by a habitual violent criminal. This person was charged with 32 counts of murder. If found guilty he will face 32 life sentences, ridiculous. Symbolism! Bring back the death penalty for anyone deliberating killing a known police officer. Substance! 

twelve times

Commander Paul Bauer was a 31-year law enforcement veteran. (Photo courtesy Chicago Police Department)

As you see our society is lacking substance and excelling in embellishing symbolism. We’ve turned into spineless wimps that talk a good game but when it’s time to put up or shut up, we walk away. We have become a cowardly society that is afraid of offending anyone, even the most hideous people on earth.

Our politicians are controlled by the current wave of popular crusades instead of concerning themselves with what is moral and just. Our law enforcement leaders are now appointed political figures instead of crime fighting experts. Our youth are pawns of political activists instead of being children acting like children, and enjoying pre-adulthood. Our schools are indoctrination camps for leftwing radicals instead of safe havens where free speech and critical thinking is learned. Our cities are breading grounds for criminals and thugs where gang members are held in higher esteem than police officers.

Get outa jail free card

Cook County Jail where weapons violators appear to have a “Get Outa Jail Free Card.” (Cook County Sheriff’s website)

Symbolism vs. Substance, bring back the 50’s and 60’s when men were men and women were women. Playing football was a sport decided by your parents and your grades and not by a committee. School was a sanctuary where you learned real life skills, not ridiculous studies that were useless in life.

Your parents doled out discipline as they saw fit and teachers did likewise. Marriage was universally accepted as a lifelong commitment between and man and a women in order to rear children. Schools taught reading, writing, and arithmetic, with American history and possibly some religion included. Life skills were more important than theoretical nonsense. Men opened doors for young ladies without being scolded and women were proud of their cooking abilities.

no American Sheriff

Sheriff Vicki Hennessy instituted policies hindering federal authorities. (

Sneaking a beer or a cigarette was a common ritual replaced by shootings and producing babies out of wedlock. The government has replaced fathers as providers for the family and political votes are traded for government handouts. Our courts have taken religion out of school and replaced it with disrespect for everything honorable and righteous.

Trump Justice Department

The Trump Justice Department is suing California over State laws that hinder the mission of ICE. (Photo courtesy DHS)

Has our society failed us or have we failed society?

Larry Casey, police sergeant (ret.), Chicago Police Department, professor of Criminal Justice at Wilbur Wright College