PHILADELPHIA (AP) – In a case of swift justice, a man fleeing authorities was taken out with the trash . . . literally!

Officials say a man tried to flee from what is described as a Philadelphia-prison-halfway-house. His method of evasion was by hiding in a dumpster. While he is not the first crook to try to evade authorities in this manner, he was not expecting what happened next.

Consequently while hiding, the “escapee” was apparently taken out with the trash. As a result, a rescue effort had to be launched in order to free him from a garbage truck.

Some might refer to it as irony, or swift justice.

NBC 10 reports it took firefighters almost two hours to remove the bags of trash and free the man from the truck’s compactor section Monday morning.

Officials at The Kintock Group house say the man hid in the bin outside the facility. The trash was collected around 5:30 a.m. Therefore, the receptacle was emptied into truck at that time . . . bad guy and all.

The man has been taken to a hospital. There’s no word on his condition, but he could be seen moving his arms on a stretcher after the rescue.


Man hiding from authorities in trash bin was subsequently loaded into garbage truck. As a result, he had to be rescued by firefighters and transported to the hospital.

The halfway house serves as an interim stop before offenders re-enter the general population.

It’s not clear how rescuers knew the man was stuck.

No other details were released.

How do you think the man was discovered? Do you think he shouted in distress as he was “emptied” into the truck? If so, what do you think were the words that he used?

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