Pittsburgh police say one of their own was shot overnight.

Details are just starting to come in, but here’s what we know. 

The shooting happened on Monticello Street in Homewood, which is a Pittsburgh neighborhood, around 1:30 a.m.

According to a spokesperson for the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police , the officer was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

“Police secured the crime scene and detained several people who had gathered for a party near the crime scene for questioning and SWAT was called to search a house,” said Chris Togneri, spokesperson for the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police. 

The officer’s name has not been released, but high-ranking officials with the department are at the hospital with the injured officer.

The SWAT team was called in to search a house in the area.  While police say no arrests have been made yet, local media is reporting that a vehicle was towed from the area around 6:15 a.m. and a number of people wearing handcuffs were loaded into police vehicles.

Police say it was part of securing the crime scene and that they had detained several people who had gathered at a party nearby for questioning.

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In the meantime, police in Henderson, North Carolina are still investigating the shooting of a police officer who was working a murder case.

The shooting happened just after midnight on Thursday morning on Pinkston Street.  It started after police were called to Charles Street around 9 p.m. Wednesday after reports of a shooting.


When officers arrived, they found a person had been shot and was lying in the road. The victim was rushed to the hospital and later died.

Hours later, during that investigation that spread to the area of North Pinkston Street, someone drove by and opened fire.

An officer was hit, who was identified by his father as Brandon Mitchell.  He was rushed to the hospital and is said to be alert and talking after surgery Thursday evening.

Officer Mitchell’s father, Johnny Wayne Mitchell, said Brandon was shot in the shoulder and the bullet remains lodged in his lung and liver.


While he’s expected to be ok, he will need extensive surgery on his shoulder.

Officer Mitchell said all he remembers is trying to get up and realizing he couldn’t move his arm, according to the father.

The 31-year-old officer has been with Henderson Police for six years and was promoted to detective/sergeant three weeks ago.

“Any time the phone rings that late and there’s a shooting involved, your heart just drops,” said Henderson Mayor Eddie Ellington. “To not value the sanctity of life, it’s a sad day to shoot another human being.”

Christopher Henderson lives in the home outside where Mitchell was shot.

“I was laying on the couch right here. And the officer was standing right here with his hands … and as soon as he turned and said ‘OK’, shots just started coming,” Henderson said. “I never been through nothing like that in my life.”

Another man who lives in the area, Ronald Ragland, said he heard about 20 gunshots around midnight.


“I saw them load the policeman up on the back of the truck and pull off,” Ragland said.

As of right now, no information about the shooter has been released.

“It is very disheartening,” Ellington said. “We have so much good going on in Henderson and to cast a shadow over us for isolated incidents and (officer) involved shootings … and I know a lot of the residents over there, and they’re good people. To have to endure those conditions is very sad.”

Henderson PD is being assisted by the SBI, Highway Patrol and the Vance County Sheriff’s Office. 

February 2018 was the last time an officer was shot in Henderson.

During that shooting, the officer hit was serving a narcotics search warrant on Skenes Avenue when they were hit by accused shooter, 58-year-old Wesley Taylor.

The officer fired back at the shooter, hitting and killing him.

Those with any information are asked to contact the Henderson Police Department at (252) 438-4141. 

Also in the news this week… she might only be 17-years-old, but police say she took the life of a police officer and left her friend fighting for her life… and she has to pay for her actions.

Jayona Brown is accused in the death of crashing into and killing a Metro Nashville police officer.

But her attorney says the teen didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

“After the crash, her first concern was for the officer and her passenger,” said attorney Michie Gibson.

Gibson said he visited his client twice inside juvenile detention on Friday, and says she’s “sincerely sorry”.

Here’s what happened.

Anderson, was killed in a crash at 3:05 a.m. on July 4that the intersection of Interstate Dr. & Woodland Street.

According to police, his car was hit by Brown, who was in a Ford Fusion which also had an 18-year-old female passenger.  Brown suffered minor injuries and the passenger suffered life threatening injuries.

Aaron said a different officer tried to stop the Fusion because the car was weaving and had its brights on, but the driver wouldn’t pull over stop. 

That officer looked up the car’s information to see if it had been stolen, according to Aaron. When he realized it wasn’t, he didn’t pursue the vehicle.

In the meantime, Officer Anderson was responding to assist another officer who was handling a pedestrian on the highway and was traveling to East Nashville on Woodland Street.

Spokesperson Kris Mumford said the driver of the Fusion was on Interstate Drive and had a red flashing light… but blew through it and hit Anderson “very, very hard” on the driver’s side.

“The Fusion struck with tremendous impact,” Mumford said. 

That impact pushed the cruiser into a nearby utility pole, causing the vehicle to catch fire.

“The investigation will continue for the next many hours, days. We’ll see the results of it during that time,” Aaron said.  

The two in the vehicle that hit the officer were transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Skyline Medical Center. 

Thursday morning around 8:30 a.m., Aaron said Brown was discharged from Vanderbilt and arrested. 

She will be charged with vehicular homicide by recklessness, evading arrest and driving with a suspended license.  Early reports suggested she might have been intoxicated.  We have not been able to confirm that.

According to Gibson, Jayona Brown snuck out of her house late Wednesday night, took her aunt’s 2016 Ford Fusion and picked up her friend, 18-year-old Antona Eswa. 

“They’re good friends. She was taking her home when the accident happened,” said Gibson. 

Gibson said Brown thought the chase was over and was just trying to do the right thing.

“She had actually planned to pull over at Shoney’s, as my understanding, and she ran a flashing light,” said Gibson.

Officer Anderson’s car caught fire and he died at the scene.  He was a Marine and a proud father and leaves behind a toddler, step-son and a girlfriend.

“Jayona’s mother is devastated,” said Gibson. “Her mother is concerned for the officer’s family and his 18-month-old child, his son.“

Brown’s passenger is still in in critical condition.

It’s not Gibson’s first time with Brown.  He has represented her in juvenile court before, but he couldn’t elaborate on the charges because they are private under state law.

“Her charges were so minor in the past, and I’ve represented so many people, I had to go back in my file to remember what the charges were even about,” Gibson said.

He said she should be convicted of negligence but not vehicular homicide. 

“I’ve done personal injury cases before and negligence can result in consequences where people get hurt and sometimes they get tragically, what happened here, killed. It’s still negligence. You usually don’t go to jail for running a stop sign,” said Gibson.

The state wants to try Brown has an adult.

In the meantime, Anderson’s family is in deep mourning.

“He prayed every day before he went on to his shift… I remember that from when we were together,” Kristen Buell said, “Every day he prayed for safety.”

Buell was his girlfriend and says her family is devastated.

“John and I met the summer of 2016, in August,” she said. 

Not long after came their son, Gavin.

“He wanted nothing more in his life, he always wanted a son,” Buell said.

Gavin is just 18 months old and is said to be a spitting image of his dad.

“He’s already his twin, he looks just like him,” she said, “I already know as he gets older, there’s gonna be so many things that remind me of him, and that’s something I’ll hold onto for a lifetime.”

She said Anderson, a Marine, was a man of incredible dedication.

“It’s hard being…so involved in someone’s life that they’re being put out there for everyone else’s protection,” Buell said. “But, that’s, that’s where his heart was. That’s what he wanted to do. He wanted to serve in Nashville.”

Buell said she’s grateful for the little time Anderson did get to spend with his son.

“I’m happy that for the time that he did get to live,” she said, “He got, he got to be a dad.”

Anderson is normally the midnight shift in the Central Precinct, which encompasses downtown. 

“A very tragic way to start off, what’s supposed to be, a very festive weekend,” Chief Steve Anderson, no relation, said in a statement. “Officer Anderson was a big part of the police department.”

Here’s Chief Anderson’s message from the scene of the accident:

According to Nashville Mayor David Briley, Anderson’s death is a reminder of the daily sacrifices of emergency responders:

“Officer Anderson pledged his life to serve and protect us – a solemn duty that we can sometimes take for granted,” Briley said. “His death today is a stark reminder of that pledge, and his service to our city will be forever remembered.”

Councilman Brett Withers said the loss is devastating… not to mention senseless.

“May God receive Officer John Anderson and walk with his family and friends during this time of loss and sorrow,” Withers said. “And may God watch over the young driver and her passenger as they heal from injuries and come to terms with what happened this morning.”

According to police, Anderson was a member of the Drill and Ceremony Team.  That meant he was often tasked with honoring fallen officers throughout Tennessee. 

“When our city experiences tragedy, we come together as one community to support and lift each other up. I am sure that will happen now. My thoughts are with the family and friends of Officer John Anderson and our entire police force today,” said Briley.


District Attorney Glenn Funk released a statement as well:

“We are heartbroken to learn about Officer John Anderson’s death. Our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Anderson’s family and with the men and women of the Metro Nashville Police Department who put their lives on the line for our safety every day.”

Officer Anderson’s End of Watch was July 4th 2019.

His life mattered.