GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. – A suspended police lieutenant of Glynn County is dead after allegedly killing his estranged wife and her boyfriend in McIntosh County before leading police on a chase back to his home in Glynn County, sources confirmed Friday morning.

The sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said Robert “Corey” Sasser shot and killed his estranged wife, Katie Kettles, and her boyfriend, John Hall, in the Tolomato neighborhood in McIntosh County at around 9 p.m. Thursday. He then led police on what was described as a slow-speed chase, not reaching more than 60 mph, back to his Glynn County home in the Hunter’s Point neighborhood.

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Suspended police lieutenant Robert “Corey” Sasser is dead. His cause of death is unclear. However, he is accused of killing his estranged wife and her boyfriend. (Glynn County Sheriff’s Office)

It is unclear how Sasser died, if he shot himself or if he was shot in the confrontation in McIntosh County, reported The Brunswick News.

Sasser was arrested in May after confronting his estranged wife at her home in Glynn County, allegedly grabbing her when she tried to keep him from entering her house. He was charged with Simple Battery and Criminal Trespass, both under the Family Violence Act, according to Fox28Media.

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He later forced a standoff with police in the woods off U.S. 341 in western Glynn County when police tried to arrest him for allegedly possessing a gun against court orders regarding his release on bond.

After that incident, Glynn County Magistrate Judge Flay Cabiness granted him bond, but told Sasser he must leave Glynn County that day. He was to live with a sister in Theordore, Ala. He was to return only for court appearances, and then only after advance notice.

According to The Brunswick News, Sasser was one of two county police officers involved in the controversial 2010 shooting of Caroline Small, which led to her death a week later. A Glynn County grand jury chose not to pursue criminal charges against Sasser and fellow officer Todd Simpson, who died of cancer in 2016.

Authorities plan to hold a press conference later today.