Suspects Pose as Employees Following Murder


DETROIT – Police say two suspects wanted for murdering a gas station attendant had the audacity to pose as employees at the station following the heinous crime.

The Detroit Police Department released surveillance video of two suspects wanted in the murder of a man who was found inside of a burning gas station on 6 Mile.

Police released the video of the suspects on Thursday, more than two weeks after the man was found dead inside the gas station, reported Fox 2 in Detroit.

Police said the two who committed the crime continued on as if they worked at the gas station. One of the men even appears to have smiled on camera according to the report.

“It appears that . . . there was some type of smirk. Some type of joke. There was joking around after the victim was shot,” Commander Marlon Wilson said. “Those two individuals were very brazen. Very violent. So we need to do everything we can to get them off the streets.”

Detroit police said the suspects actually served customers while the victim was mortally wounded, lying behind the counter.

Following the murder, (and serving customers), police said the suspects stole money from the store before setting it on fire.

“The two subjects appear to be talking to some witnesses and actually serving witnesses as if they were employees of the gas station. So it’s important if anyone came in between 4:00 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. that they get in contact with the homicide division,” Wilson said.

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