YAKIMA, Wa. – Police say they arrested a Washington man on Sunday after he allegedly broke into an elderly woman’s home and slashed her throat and then attacked the officers who responded to the scene.

Authorities have identified the suspect as a 23-year-old Chandler Ford of Yakima County. 

KOMO News in Washington reported that the suspect forced his way into a home early Sunday morning in the 900 block of South 53rd Avenue, where a woman lives with her 80-year-old mother.


23-year-old Chandler Ford allegedly broke into a home armed with a razor. (KEPR News)


Ford, allegedly armed with a razor, immediately encountered the young woman in her bedroom.  

“He was moving toward me like this. He was going, ‘Shh,’ and pointing and moving towards me, and I just screamed and said, ‘No!’ And ran, slammed the bedroom door and ran as fast as I could out the front door,” she said.

She was able to flee the house and attempted to get help from her neighbors, banging on doors continuously, hoping for someone to hear her cries and call the police.

She knew her mother was still inside the home.

The woman said that the next thing she knew, her mother was in front of the home, bleeding from her neck.

“And, then I heard her scream, and he had come up behind her and cut her on her neck,” the younger woman, identified only as Deborah, said. 

Lucky for the two women, someone heard Deborah’s cries and alerted the authorities. Emergency crews quickly descended on the scene.

When police responded, Ford, still armed with the razor, reportedly lashed out and cut one of the  officers across the face. 

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After a brief struggle, the officers were able to take the suspect into custody. The officer who was injured at the scene was identified as Yakima Police Officer J. Miller by a social media post from the Yakima Police chief. Miller was reportedly treated for his injuries and is recovering. 


The elderly woman is expected to survive and police say that the attack was random, which they say is unusual.

“It’s very, very unusual for anybody’s who’s a victim of a violent crime to not at least have some connection to the perpetrator. This is an unusual case,” said Randy Beehler of the Yakima police.


Deborah had some choice words for their attacker.

“How dare you. Why? Why do you have a need to hurt people?” said Deborah. “Now, you’ve gone and ruined your life, and I will pray for you.”

Ford is being held in a Yakima County facility and is awaiting trial. He stands accused of attempted murder, assault and burglary.


Chandler Ford faces attempted murder charges after breaking into a woman’s home and attacking the people that lived there. (KEPR News)



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