HARVEY, Ill. – A Harvey police officer shot a man who subsequently struck the officer with a police car he had commandeered, a city spokesman said.

The shooting occurred at 4:38 p.m. on Wednesday near 148th and Dixie Highway, reported Chicago Tribune.

The incident began when two officers who were on the scene in the area heard what happened to be a crash around the corner, Harvey spokesman Sean Howard said.

As a result, they saw two vehicles had been involved in a head-on collision. However, three occupants from one of the cars began to flee, Howard said.

One officer tended to people in one of the vehicles while the other officer pursued the fleeing individuals, according to Howard.

During that chase, the officer exited his police unit and tried to apprehend one of the suspects, but the man escaped.

Consequently, the suspect then got into the officer’s vehicle, which led to the shooting, wounding the suspect. In the process, the suspect lost control of the police vehicle and it flipped. The officer was hit by the police SUV as he was shooting, and he suffered an injury to his foot, Howard said.


(Screenshot of video by Armando Sanchez/Chicago Tribune)

Other officers on the scene captured the two other individuals who fled, according to police.

Howard indicated the officer with the injured foot would be all right. Moreover, the suspect who took control of the officer’s vehicle is expected to survive, as he does not have life-threatening injuries.