RICHFIELD, Minn. – A suspect was killed in an officer involved shooting on Saturday night after he led police on a chase from Edina to Richfield and then allegedly approached officers armed with a knife, the Star Tribune reported.

And he broadcasted the whole thing via live video on Facebook. 

Edina Police say that the incident began when officers attempted to stop the suspect, who was later identified as Brian J. Quinones, for running through a red light.


Brian Quinones can be seen singing along with the music while fleeing from police officers (Facebook Live Screenshot)


The officers began their pursuit of Quinones as he continued to run through intersections through much of the southwest metro area, eventually drawing the officers across town lines and over into Richfield. 

It wasn’t until after the chase was over that police realized their suspect had been broadcasting video of the pursuit live to Facebook. The video reportedly showed Quinones driving and looking into his rearview mirror multiple times as red and blue lights flash in the background. Amazingly, Quinones appeared to be quite calm during the pursuit. He even seems to be bobbing his head and singing along to the music on the car speakers while he flees. 


Richfield officers joined in the chase and eventually police were able to force the suspect’s vehicle to stop near E. 77th Street and Chicago Avenue.

Police say that once the car was no longer moving, Quinones jumped out of the vehicle. Officers say he was holding a knife in his hand. 

“Drop the knife! Drop the knife!” the officers screamed.

But Quinones continued to advance on the officers, leaving them no choice but to utilize deadly force. Officers fire at least seven rounds during the burst of gunfire. There’s a short pause, then another four shots.

“Shots fired, shots fired!” the dispatch audio picks up moments later. 

Quinones fell to the ground and was pronounced dead from his injuries. Investigators say that his phone continued to record for another 97 minutes as police worked the scene.

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Quinones’ body was covered with a sheet while investigators worked on detailing the shooting. His white sneakers stuck out from underneath the sheet, and as onlookers were drawn to the commotion, they began to get angry.

Video recorded at the scene shows angry residents screaming at police officers as they attempt to form a line to protect the crime scene.


Bystanders screamed at the police for using deadly force on the knife-wielding suspect.

Quinones had apparently written, “So sorry” in a post to Facebook just before the live video was broadcasted. 

The investigation into the fatal shooting is now being conducted by the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, the Star Tribune confirmed. 

The departments released a joint statement on Saturday night. 

“The Edina and Richfield Police Departments express our thoughts and prayers to all those involved in this tragic incident.”

No officers reported any injuries from the deadly shooting. We will not be posting a link to the graphic video, though it had still not been taken down as of the publishing of this article.


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