‘What Are You Gonna Do?’ Man fires guns, runs over police officer and injures K-9


GARLAND, TX – It appears that suspects are getting all the more bold with the ongoing anti-police sentiment that has become an almost mainstream viewpoint to adopt.

In Texas, a man was captured on video running over a police officer while trying to avoid arrest after reportedly firing two guns in the air at local convenience store in Garland.

Video captured of the Garland Police officer getting run over shows the suspect, who was identified as 29-year-old Gabriel Cobarrubias, rapidly pulling out of a parking space situated in front of a convenience store with the vehicle’s doors wide open.

The incident started around 9:30 p.m. on June 29th, at the intersection of Glenfield Drive and South First Street.

A convenience store employee contacted police alleging that Cobarrubias had become irate when he was asked by the employee to move his vehicle, as the manner in which Cobarrubias parked his car was blocking another customer’s vehicle.

When Cobarrubias was asked to move his red Infiniti, the suspect allegedly revealed two handguns and discharged them in the air while reportedly yelling:

“What are you gonna do?”

'What Are You Gonna Do?' Man fires guns, runs over police officer and injures K-9
Gabriel Cobarrubias – Garland Police Department

By the time officers had arrived on scene, they witnessed Cobarrubias’ vehicle in the parking lot with the engine running, but the suspect was nowhere to be seen initially.

Shortly thereafter, officers observed Cobarrubias exiting the convenience store, and officers issued verbal commands for Cobarrubias to surrender as they were informed that he was armed when contacted. Cobarrubias allegedly ignored the officers’ commands, and instead retreated back inside of the convenience store.

Cobarrubias exited the store once again while making haste toward his vehicle.

Considering that police were still unaware as to where the suspect was concealing his weapons, police ordered Cobarrubias to step away from his vehicle. The suspect was said to have ignored that directive from officers as well, and continued to make his way into the car.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

One of the officers present tried to extract Cobarrubias from the vehicle by way of the driver’s side door. At this point, the contents of the video showcase that the officer was dragged through the parking lot, eventually running over the officer’s leg in the process. The open passenger’s side door also struck the other officer at the scene.

Police helicopters helped track down Cobarrubias, who was said to have made his way into a residential area and stopped his vehicle in an ally located in the 2000 block of Merrimac Trail.

The suspect appeared to be making his way into the back door of a home, but then diverted over to a field nearby. A K-9 unit was deployed by the Garland Police to the area where Cobarrubias attempted to flee from authorities.

With the combined efforts of the helicopter and the K-9 unit, Cobarrubias was eventually located in a drainage pipe and was taken into custody. Police say that during his arrest, Cobarrubias allegedly assaulted the police dog.

Authorities were said to have located the guns allegedly used during the display at the convenience store earlier in then, one of which was found in the backyard of a home located on Merrimac Trail.

Regarding the officers injured during the encounter with Cobarrubias, the officer who was run over was said to have suffered a fractured tailbone and some several abrasions. That officer was treated at a local hospital and was subsequently released.

As for the second officer, he was reported as only having minor injuries to the knee and hip from being hit by the suspect’s car door.

When investigators took Cobarrubias into custody, it was later found out that he had active warrants related to a burglary in Dallas County.

On top of the previous warrant, Cobarrubias is now being held under charges of aggravated assault against a police officer, discharge of firearms in certain municipalities, and unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.

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