A cop was doing surveillance. Then a gunman fired 8 rounds into his car.

(Photo - ABC 6 News Broadcast Screenshot)

A cop was doing surveillance. Then a gunman fired 8 rounds into his car.

PHILADELPHIA, Penn. – An officer who was conducting surveillance in Philadelphia on Tuesday night was lucky to escape with his life after a suspect opened fire into his unmarked police vehicle, ABC 6 reported.

Incredibly, even though the suspect allegedly fired at least eight rounds during the ambush, the officer was left completely uninjured. 


The gunman fired at least eight rounds into the officer’s unmarked vehicle. (Screenshot – ABC 6 News Broadcast)


According to reports from ABC’s Christie Ileto, the plainclothes officer was sitting in an unmarked Jeep conducting surveillance on Tuesday night when the hooded suspect approached the vehicle and produced a handgun, firing at the driver’s side of the vehicle. They say that the suspect had the hood of his sweatshirt pulled tightly across his face to hide his identity.


Philadelphia Chief Inspector Scott Small said that the unidentified officer was incredibly lucky that he wasn’t injured or killed.

“He was sitting in the driver seat, so he’s very, very lucky that he was not struck by gunfire,” Small said. 

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Now police have formed an all-out manhunt to try and find the suspect, who immediately fled the scene after the attempted shooting.

Chief Inspector Small said officers quickly responded to the area and set up a perimeter, but somehow the suspect managed to evade police custody. 

“This individual slipped away. We don’t know how he got away because we set up a perimeter pretty quickly,” Small said.


Police described the suspect as a 6-foot black male wearing a gray hoodie and blue jeans. Anyone with any information is being urged to call police at 215-686-TIPS.

Authorities reported that they found eight shell casings outside of the vehicle.


“I hope they get the person who did this,” said a woman who lived near the area where the shooting took place. “They need to take these guns and put them in the trash.”

This shooting comes only a month after six Philadelphia police officers were injured during a tense standoff after a gunman opened fire while a warrant was being served.

36-year-old Maurice Hill was arrested and faces multiple counts of attempted murder, aggravated assault, assault on a law enforcement officer and reckless endangering after he allegedly shot six officer during the hostage situation in early August.

Reports surfaced that Hill had been working as a criminal informant in exchange for lessened penalties for his own crimes.


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