SUGARCREEK, Ohio – FOX 8 News has reported that a police officer in Sugarcreek, Ohio has been rushed to the hospital after a deadly officer involved shooting situation left one suspect dead.

Sugarcreek Police Chief Kevin Kaser confirmed that a suspect was killed in the officer involved shooting that’s currently being investigated.

Chief Kaser addressed the public, noting that the incident happened around 10 a.m. on Wednesday. The officer was reportedly wounded while responding to traffic call behind the TMK Farm Supply store on Second Street NW. Kaser says the suspect was shot and killed during the altercation.

Sugarcreek Police Chief Kevin Kaser asked for prayers for the injured officer. (Fox 8 Broadcast)


Radio transmissions during the incident suggested that the Sugarcreek officer may have been stabbed in the neck during the struggle.  Kaser said he was unable to comment on the details behind that allegation. 

Kaser says they’ve called in BCI to launch an independent investigation into the incident.  

“They’re going to be our forensics on it. What they do is they come out as an outside entity and being state-controlled they will reconstruct the scene for us and they will end up doing the investigation for us,” he says.

Kaser also said there will be a review by the community safety committee following the initial investigation.

“There will be a review after the investigation or during that investigation. That’s where our safety committee becomes involved with the village and then everything else gets reviewed as well as far as protocols go.”


The officer was not yet identified by authorities and will remain unnamed until the family has been properly notified. He has been airlifted to the hospital in a helicopter.

There is no word as of yet on the condition of the officer. BCI officials and state authorities are on the scene.

The investigation is continuing to develop. Law Enforcement Today will bring you live updates as more information is made public.

Another shooting involving an off-duty officer left a Chicago LEO in critical condition early on Wednesday. 

The Chicago Tribune reported that the shooting occurred in the Bronzeville neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago just after 1:30 a.m., just a few blocks from CPD headquarters. The officer was taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center, where he was undergoing emergency surgery, said police spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi.

Authorities are saying he was being followed.

Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said the 25-year-old officer was driving near 37th and Prairie around 1:30 a.m., when he and his female passenger noticed a black Toyota following them. They called 911, and seconds later a gunman in the vehicle following them opened fire, shooting the officer in the head.

“My heart goes out to his young man’s family, and his friends as well,” Johnson said Wednesday morning at Chicago Police Headquarters. “These senseless shootings just have to stop.”


The injured lawman eventually came to a halt after his vehicle crashed into a stop sign, fence and a tree following the shot.

Officers that were working nearby heard the shots and responded to the scene. The investigators also noted that security footage has been recovered that shows part of the incident.

Chicago FOP President Kevin Graham issued a statement following the shooting.

“I would ask everyone to please keep him and his family and the 6th District and the officers of the Chicago Police Department in their thoughts and prayers today, because I think that is what’s going to really get him to pull through,” Graham said.


Johnson was apparently close with the wounded LEO.

“These are the tough days. I worked with his dad for many years as a patrolman in the 6th. I was a patrolman in the 6th for 10 years, and then went back as a commander, so I have a really good relationship with his father,” Superintendent Johnson said. “And then his son comes on the job along with my son, and now they know each other really well, and are working together. So it’s difficult.”


Johnson said the officer was in critical condition, but showing signs of improvement and was responding to stimuli and verbal communication.

Police do not yet have any suspects in custody. Anyone with information is being asked to contact the Area Central detectives at 312-747-8380, or to submit an anonymous tip online at

This is the 6th shooting of an officer in the last 9 days.