Here’s your “bail reform”: Suspect accused of attempting to kidnap boy posts bond, gets released from jail


ORANGE COUNTY, FL — A male suspect accused of attempting to lure and kidnap a young boy posted bond and was then released from jail.

According to a report by FOX 35 Orlando, Vinh Nguyen, 37, attempted to lure and kidnap a boy on April 11 as the child was walking to school near the intersection of Semoran Boulevard and Dahlia Drive in East Orange County.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office’s arrest affidavit, the victim was walking to school. He reported that a white vehicle pulled up and that the male driver honked the horn at him and waved.

The male suspect exited the vehicle and asked the child if he wanted a ride to school.

The child replied, “No, thank you.”

The suspect, who had seen the boy walking at least five times prior to this incident, then put his arm around the shoulders of the victim and asked him where his school was. The suspect then pinched the child’s cheeks, telling him how cute he was.

The suspect then offered to take him to school again and the child again refused. The child then continued walking to school and the vehicle left the parking lot. The victim last saw the vehicle waiting for the stop light at Dahlia Drive and Semoran Boulevard.

The arrest affidavit further noted the child spoke with someone at his school about the incident:

“Orlando Police Department (OPD) was initially contacted about the incident. OPD determined the crime occurred in Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) jurisdiction and notified OCSO.

“I, Detective David Foro responded and did a walkthrough of the scene with the child and several cameras were located in the area. One of the cameras captured the suspect approaching and touching the child just as he described.

“In the video, the suspect can be seen walking in the path of the child, and placing his hands on the child’s face, which prevented the child to continue on his path. As the child moved and tried to continue walking, the suspect placed his hands on his head and reached under his backpack, trying to make contact with the child’s buttocks. 

“A second video showed the suspect with his arm over the child’s shoulder, walking down the sidewalk.

“Once they passed the parked vehicle, the suspect moved his arms and walked towards his vehicle by himself. 

“Another video was found of the vehicle driving down the street, and parking in the parking lot of the plaza. The vehicle appeared to be a Toyota Rav4, white in color, with a roof rack and white spare tire cover.

“The suspect is described as a heavy set white male, possibly Hispanic, approximately 30-years-old, 5’03” to 5’04”, with tattoos on his forearms possibly of a dragon.

“The suspect has dark hair with blond tips. He was wearing a dark puffy jacket, dark shorts, and blue or black and white tennis shoes.

“The child’s shirt was collected by forensics for processing. His face was swabbed for touch DNA.”

Nguyen reportedly was released from the Orange County jail after successfully posting bond.

After being released from jail at 11:02 a.m. on April 13, he walked to a car that was waiting to pick him up, but would not respond to questions from reporters.

A woman who was in the car waiting for him also did not respond to reporters’ questions, according to the same report.

Nguyen was given a $3,250 bond on charges of false imprisonment, luring or enticing a child and battery, according to FOX 35 Orlando.

The suspect allegedly told deputies that the boy reminded him of his brother who reportedly died years earlier.

According to the FOX 35 report, he told deputies that he did not understand why approaching the boy and doing what he allegedly did was wrong.

When asked what he would have done if the child got into his SUV, the suspect told deputies that he would have given the boy a ride to school, the report stated.

Authorities are concerned that there may be more victims. Another parent told deputies that the man allegedly walked up to a 13-year-old child last year and offered that child a ride to school.

The arrest affidavit noted the suspect was allegedly involved in a similar incident last year:

“A media release was made and OCSO received information that the suspect in the video had offered a 13-year-old child a ride last year. The information led to 423 Delicata Drive, Orlando, Florida, where the defendant, Vinh Nguyen, resides. Nguyen’s picture appears to be the same person as the person who attempted to lure the child into his vehicle.

“A photo lineup was presented to the victim, who identified Nguyen. Nguyen was located at his residence 423 Delicata Drive, Orlando, Florida. In the driveway was a white Toyota Rav4. Nguyen was placed under arrest and transported to Orange County Sheriff’s Operations, 2500 W. Colonial Drive Orlando, Florida.

“Detective Corporal Tew and I conducted a recorded interview of Nguyen. He was read his Miranda Warnings which he stated he understood. While speaking to Nguyen, I noticed he had dragon tattoos on both forearms. This matched the victim’s description of the tattoos.

“I asked Nguyen to describe his whereabouts from April 11, 2022. He stated that in the morning he took his dog to a park. He stated he was driving a white Toyota Rav4, and he took Dahlia Drive to Semoran Boulevard. Without being directly questioned on the incident with the child, Nguyen asked if this was about that incident.

 “Nguyen stated he had seen the victim about 5 or 6 times prior to the incident while he was walking to school. The victim reminded him of his younger brother, who passed away at the age of 10. He stated he stopped and offered the victim a ride to school.

“He also admitted to telling him he was cute and placing his hands on the child’s face. Nguyen admitted he is attracted to both males and females, but not children.

“I played Nguyen the video surveillance of the incident. He confirmed that he is the subject in the video, and we walked through the video and I asked him to describe what he was doing in each section. Nguyen’s statements matched what the victim described.

“Nguyen consented to providing DNA standards. These were collected and his tattoos were photographed.

“Nguyen stated several times that he did not know what he did was wrong. When asked what he would have done with the child had he accepted his offer for a ride, Nguyen said he would have put the child in the car and drove him to school.”

Neighbors described the man as quiet and someone who kept to himself. One neighbor, Joseph Dancy, told FOX 35 Orlando:

“That was very shocking because like I said, he stayed to himself. That’s it.”

Another neighbor, Carl Elmond, said:

“It’s just crazy. I don’t think that’s okay at all. It’s some serious stuff, right there.”

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