Suspect accused of brutally raping and mutilating a girl has been arrested (wait until you see his criminal history)


ORANGE COUNTY, FL – The Florida man who has been on the run since allegedly brutally raping and mutilating a woman in Orlando, has finally been arrested.

On Thursday, December 15th, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) tweeted a photo of 54-year-old Bruce Whitehead being arrested. On social media, OCSO wrote:

“Brutal rapist Bruce Whitehead is in OCSO custody, thanks to a top at 7 a.m. today from an observant resident! Whitehead raped and tried to murder a woman on Dec. 10. Thank you to our community members and media partners for making sure his face was everywhere.”

OCSO said that the arrest was made at Landstar Blvd. and Weatherbeed Rd. A resident living in the Meadow Woods subdivision called in a tip to 911, stating that they saw him in the area.

The 911 call came in just after 7 a.m. and Whitehead was in custody within 15 minutes. Residents were shocked to learn that he was right under their noses. Resident Nick Sivgia said:

“That’s really crazy. It’s literally in our backyard. It’s such a nice neighborhood, nothing happens here.”

People in the neighborhood were Whitehead was arrested said that they are glad he is now behind bars. Clyde Sales said:

“We don’t need that. We don’t need that anywhere. Children and families live here. He doesn’t need to be here. Absolutely not!”

Cpl. Evan Avila with OCSO Sex Crimes Unit called Whitehead a monster, said that he mutilated a woman, and told reporters that this was a “particularly horrific” attack.

According to an arrest affidavit from OCSO, the victim was standing near the intersection of Sand Lake Road and South Orange Blossom Trail with her friends when Whitehead approached her, told her he was an artist and offered her $850 to paint her for an hour.

The victim then got into Whitehead’s car and he drove her to the Highland Lakes Center shopping plaza. The report said that Whitehead forced the victim out of the car holding a knife to her chin and told her to lie down in the backseat.

Whitehead then drove the victim to a parking lot in Pine Hills, pulled her out of the car, and walked her to a wooded area. The report states that is when he allegedly cut her clothes off and mutilated the woman’s body.

The affidavit says that after sexually battering her, Whitehead began to stab the victim in the chest several times. The girl fought him off by kicking him in the chest and face and ran away for help.

News of the alleged battery spread rather quickly around Whitehead’s old neighborhood. Resident of his old neighborhood, Ronald Schneider Jr., said:

“I didn’t want to believe the situation because I didn’t know if it was true or whatnot.”

Authorities said that Whitehead served 20 years on a 40-year sentence for a similar crime in North Florida. His criminal history includes spending time in a state prison from 2015 to 2017.

Court records show that there is a potential third victim tied to Whitehead. According to court transcripts, in 1986 a woman reported that Whitehead had raped her, but pleaded guilty to aggravated battery and only served 35 days.

A week after he was released, while on probation, he kidnapped another woman at knifepoint in Jacksonville. He reportedly assaulted her and stabbed her 25 times.

He has been in state custody for nearly his whole adult life after serving 20 years as part of a plea deal to the 1986 rape and attempted murder. He was then designated a “sexually violent predator” and spent 15 more years in custody.

Court transcripts from a 2009 trial about whether Whitehead should be designated a sexually violent predator paint a picture of Whitehead’s 1986 crime, prison experience and even his childhood. He testified he was sexually abused as a child by two people.

Court records also reveal that Whitehead testified that he had fantasies about rape and murder from a young age and that he had an issue with drinking.

In 2009, a psychiatrist testified that it was his opinion that Whitehead “is one of the most dangerous and violent individuals I’ve ever evaluated.”

The psychiatrist also said Whitehead had been kicked out of sex offender treatment in prison multiple times including for propositioning the therapist.

For this current incident, Whitehead is facing new charges including sexual battery, armed kidnapping and attempted murder. These charges come months after Whitehead was released from state custody when doctors said he no longer posed a risk.

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