Suspect accidentally shoots himself while running from the cops


Pennsylvania – There are times when the universe aligns just right to put a stop to the actions of someone trying to commit harm to others. This is one of those times. 

Police in Lancaster, Pennsylvania have their suspect in custody after he allegedly tried to run from officers with a loaded gun in hand. 

According to the report from WKBN News, Lancaster officers responded to a vacant home where a suspect had been trespassing late Saturday afternoon. 

When police encountered the suspect, instead of complying with their commands, he allegedly turned and began trying to flee the scene on foot. 

As he ran, officers say that he attempted to draw his weapon, but during the getaway he only managed to accidentally shoot himself in the foot. 

Police quickly caught up with the suspect and took him into custody. The man was taken to the local hospital to be treated for the wounds, which authorities said were non life-threatening. 

There has been no identification provided to the media as of yet, but police say that no officers were injured during the chase. 

We’re sure that when he leaves the hospital, the suspect will be facing a laundry list of felony charges. 

On Sunday in the Swatara Township of Pennsylvania, authorities say a state trooper was struck by a passing vehicle as the trooper was conducting a traffic stop. Reports indicate that the trooper struck sustained non life-threatening injuries, but the suspect behind the wheel is still at large.

Multiple agencies are on the lookout for the hit-and-run suspect.

At approximately 1:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, Trooper Rene Rios was enacting a traffic stop on the I-283 north. While the trooper was heading toward the stopped vehicle, Rios was struck in the left arm by a Jeep passing by, according to reports.


Police noted that Rios was struck by the Jeep’s passenger-side mirror. The driver of the Jeep fled the scene after striking the trooper.

Rios sustained on minor injuries and was treated at the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. Police described the vehicle as a dark colored, 2011-2016 Jeep Cherokee which is missing its passenger-side mirror housing. The mirror housing was noted as having a chrome or mirror-like finish by police.

Police are requesting that anyone with information about the suspect or vehicle to please contact PSP Harrisburg at 717-671-7500.

Meanwhile, a sheriff’s deputy from Martin County, Florida is fighting for his life after a crash that occurred early on this past Saturday Morning.

The deputy, who is a 20-year veteran for the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, was off-duty at the time when he was injured while administering aid to the driver in an overturned vehicle.

According to the sheriff, the deputy was severely injured due to another car striking the upturned vehicle while the deputy was attempting to help the occupant inside of it.

Deputy Shawn Green is currently at the Lawnwood Hospital after he stopped to assist a driver who was involved in a rollover crash on SR-714, just after 1:30 a.m. on Saturday. Deputy Green, who was off duty at the time of the crash, stopped along Martin Highway when he noticed the overturned vehicle.

Deputy Shawn Green
Deputy Shawn Green


He immediately contacted dispatch and began to help the driver who was inside of the car.

When a Martin County Sheriff’s Office Indiantown unit had arrived on scene where Deputy Green reported the crash, they’d discovered the deputy laying on the roadway with severe injuries.

Sheriff William Snyder with the Martin county Sheriff’s Office noted that while the deputy may have been off the clock officially, he fulfilled an unspoken duty that comes natural to first responders:

“There is no off-the-clock with law enforcement. If we see something, we have a moral obligation to act and that is exactly what Shawn Green did.”

Unfortunately, that calling to help those in need appears to have resulted in Deputy Green being in critical condition.

A second crash had resulted from the first, which preliminary reports say caused the deputy to be struck by the vehicle in which he was assisting the driver of.

Sheriff Snyder provided some insight on what led the deputy to be injured:

“What it looks like to us is when the second vehicle hit the one that was overturned, it spun the overturned vehicle and hit our deputy. Knocked him about 20 yards.”

Deputy Green was immediately flown to the Lawnwood Hospital and was scheduled for six hours of surgery Sunday.

The driver of the second vehicle that was alleged to have caused the deputy’s injuries was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. There are currently no reports on the status of the driver that the deputy was initially assisting.

In the meantime, a police officer in Coldwater, Mississippi is recovering after being shot by a 22-year-old suspect during a traffic stop Saturday.

An unidentified officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle in what was reported to be a “routine” stop.  While dealing with the driver and occupant of that vehicle, an unrelated green truck pulled up next to him.

For reasons not yet known, the driver of the truck got out and approached the officer while holding a knife.

The officer ordered the driver to put the knife down.  Instead, the driver walked back to his truck and pulled out a shotgun.

The officer moved away from the original traffic stop vehicle as the driver of the truck shot at the officer.  The suspect shot twice at the officer, hitting him once in the head. 


The officer shot back and hit the suspect in the torso area.  The suspect got back into his truck and fled the scene, but crashed into a ditch about a quarter of a mile away.  He was then taken into custody without further incident and was transported to the hospital.

District Attorney John Champion praised the officer, saying:

“He moved to the right and I’m of the opinion, and we’ll know more when we talk to him, that the reason he did this was to get those two people [inside of the traffic stop vehicle] out of potential line of fire.

And there was fire and they were not hurt.  From what it appears to me, is that the officer was a target of opportunity because he [the suspect] saw him on the side of the road.”

“Fate was on his [the officer’s] side, continued Champion.  “That’s all I can say. The good Lord wasn’t ready to take him today because the shots were fired at relatively close range.”

The officer was, thankfully, treated for minor wounds and released from the hospital.


Champion also said, “A lot doesn’t happen here and when you see something of this magnitude happen, it really makes you think no place is safe from things like his happening.  It just gives you a better appreciation of what these officers have to face on a day-to-day basis out there on the street.”

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The suspect is still in the hospital recovering from emergency surgery.  Investigators are hoping he survives so they can attempt to find out the motivation for the attack.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation has taken over the officer-involved shooting.

“There really is no routine stop and you have to watch your surroundings, and this the perfect example, it speaks to that,” said Coldwater Police Chief Undra Todd.

No routine stop, indeed.  Even in small towns.


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