Revealed: Surveillance video shows Brooklyn Bridge attackers receiving shipment of baseball bats prior to beating cops


This editorial is brought to you by a former chief of police and staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

NEW YORK, N.Y.- It seems like we can agree that these so-called “grassroots protests” that have sprung up around the country are anything but, and instead are being clearly organized by someone.

While media have downplayed any kind of formalized organization to these protests, the shadow of George Soros and his minions looms large. And surveillance video from outside New York City Hall seems to confirm that.

The video in question appears to show that anti-police protesters, aka rioters received a shipment of baseball bats prior to getting involved in an altercation with New York police on the Brooklyn Bridge Wednesday morning.


The video seems to show a car parked on the street near City Hall, and a man is seen removing six baseball bats from the trunk, according to video footage, the New York Post reported.

According to police sources, the bats were ostensibly delivered so the anarchist troublemakers could confront participants in a “unity” rally proceeding over the Brooklyn Bridge and coming into Manhattan.


Among those participating in the unity rally were clergy, police officers and community activists, the Post reported.

Fox News said that it was unknown if bats were used in a subsequent attack on primarily police officers on the bridge, however police recovered at least one afterward. Police said that a cane was also used in the assault, with one of the anarchists using it to hit police over the head during the melee.

Officials said that four police officers, including Chief of Department Terence Monahan, who is the highest-ranking uniformed officer in the NYPD, along with one civilian were injured. Police said 37 people were arrested during the clash, however it is a pretty fair bet that District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. will have all the charges dismissed because, well that’s how he rolls.

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Meanwhile New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, an ardent supporter of terror groups such as Black Lives Matter while gutting the NYPD’s budget by $1 billion said nothing about the assault. Typical.

The New York Post reported that last Friday, de Blasio made headlines when he said that protests by Black Lives Matter would be able to continue, while permits of other organizations were pulled.

“I’ve said many times—the protests, this  is a particular moment in history where 400 years of oppression, 400 years of racism is being addressed in a very powerful way,” he said. Yes, powerful way, like hitting police officers over the head with bats and canes…powerful. “That can’t compare to anything else.”

The Post reported that de Blasio made the statement after once again stating that it wouldn’t be safe to allow parades and festivals that bring throngs of people to the streets due to the risk of spreading coronavirus. Because, as we all know COVID-19 is a very smart virus, only attacking people in restaurants, gyms and select street events like parades, while smartly avoiding things like riots and protests.

Last Thursday, the city said that events such as street fairs and cultural heritage parades would be banned until at least Sept 30.

“It just made more sense to keep the focus on what is working now, to maximize the space available to people and not have it taken up by large events. Right now, what people are doing, is they’re getting fresh air and recreation the right way, with a lot of devotion to social distancing and face coverings,” the hypocritical mayor said.

“That can’t happen if events are interfering with the way we’ve set things up. It just makes more sense not to have them,” de Blasio said, while ignoring the fact that a vast majority of these events are one-day only.

The Post was told by event organizers that they were extremely frustrated by what is clearly a double standard from de Blasio’s office between their events and the “protests” taking place ad nauseum.

“The mayor is being inconsistent for allowing the protests without people practicing social distancing or wearing masks,” said Angelo Vivolo, who chairs the Columbus Citizens Foundation, the organization that puts on the annual Columbus Day parade in October.

The fate of that event is still unknown, and given the sudden hatred of everything Columbus, that may play into it as well.

“Dr. Fauci said it’s dangerous. I’ve got to believe him,” Vivolo continued, speaking of the nation’s top infections disease “expert,” Dr. Anthony Fauci. “I’m worried there will be some more outbreaks of COVID because protesters aren’t wearing masks and practicing social distancing.”

Bill de Blasio…hypocrite, fraud, and failure.

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