An angry, dangerous mob surrounded people who visited the White House. Is this what the future of America looks like? (Op-ed)


WASHINGTON, DC – The fourth and final night of the Republican National Convention was held outdoors on the White House Lawn. On that night, President Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination for re-election as president.

Hundreds were in attendance. As might be expected, invited guests and their significant others dressed up for the formal occasion.

After the convention concluded with a stirring display of fireworks, attendees had to make their way home or to their hotels. One of those hotels was the InterContinental Willard, located on Pennsylvania Boulevard, across the street from the White House grounds.

To get from the White House to the Willard, visitors had to walk about a block to the entrance of the hotel. But to do that, they had to walk a gauntlet of what the media have described as “protesters.”

They weren’t protesters. They were an angry, dangerous mob.

Prior to the conclusion of festivities on the White House lawn, a large mob gathered outside the gates. The people in the mob were packed as densely as commuters on a New York City bus at rush hour before the era of COVID-related proximity restrictions.

The mob was comprised of what appeared to be young adults, mostly between 20-30 years old. The slogans they chanted – “Black Lives Matter!” – and comments heard in videos posted to the internet make it possible to identify the Marxist group Black Lives Matter and the anarchist group Antifa as heavily represented among the mob.

To describe them as “unruly” is an understatement.

When RNC attendees attempted to leave the White House, they were confronted by what had to appear from their perspective to be an endless sea of angry faces. Regardless, they had to leave the White House and get to their hotel, so the brave souls exited, immediately plunging into a writhing mass of frightening lunacy.

And at first, attendees were left to face the mob alone.

Imagine the scene. You have just left the White House, a guest at an inspiring and prestigious event. You are dressed up, as is your spouse. It is a late summer’s evening, so you are not wearing heavy clothing. Many of the women wore sleeveless dresses and jewelry. You exit the grounds and are immediately confronted by hundreds of people who surround you on all sides.

As you struggle to walk the single block to your hotel, they threaten your life and your dignity. They are relentless. They shout, they swear, they dishonor every ancestor they ever had. They are a disgrace to every American.

The police took notice of the maltreatment suffered by Trump’s guests as they tried to leave the White House grounds. The police discussed the situation, then set up long rows of law enforcement officers with bicycles to create makeshift barricades.

Despite this precaution, the mob pressed in until the guests were nearly in physical contact with police on one side while the mob physically pressed against the police on the other.

It got to the point where police had to escort guests from the White House all the way to their hotel. That is the picture but it hardly tells the full story.

On Thursday night, I watched this scene unfolding live. I saw a pro-Trump Democrat, Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones, and his wife, both black, as they attempted to cross a street. The mob surrounded them and hurled abuse at both. Jones’ wife cringed while trying to stay strong.

Jones did his best to ignore their taunts.

The mob shouted:

“Are you a black Trump supporter?”


“Breonna Taylor! Say her name!”

References to Breonna Taylor were common among members of the mob, who somehow seemed to think that Taylor was some kind of martyr for getting caught in the middle of a crossfire between police and a drug dealer she was in business with after the drug dealer opened fire on police, wounding one officer in the leg. 

Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and his wife also tried to run the gauntlet. Because of how dangerous the situation had become, they were forced to wait until law enforcement arrived in sufficient numbers to escort them to their hotel.

While the Pauls waited for a police escort, they were surrounded by the mob. The mob did not hold back in the threats or abuse they shouted at both.

Never mind that Paul survived an attempted slaughter of Republican senators a couple of years ago. On that occasion, insane Bernie Sanders supporter James T. Hodgkinson opened fire with an assault rifle on Republican senators practicing for a charity baseball game.

Paul also survived an unprovoked attack by a neighbor, who tackled him while he was mowing his lawn. That attack resulted in six broken ribs and the removal of part of one of his lungs.

Those attacks had to be on Paul’s mind and his wife’s, as they stood there waiting for protection.

As Breitbart reported, many other event attendees were likewise abused by the mob.

RNC National Committeeman Chris Ager and his wife were among those accosted during one of the earlier incidents before police decided to escort attendees to their hotels. Breitbart’s Aug. 28 post shows a video of a woman in a black balaclava, screaming profanities at Ager and his wife.

The video shows Ager respond:

“You should watch your language.”

The woman answers by screaming the f-word over and over. She then demands that Ager answer her impertinent questions.

Talk show host Dan Bongino and his wife were also accosted. United States Rep. Brian Mast (R-Fla.) – who lost both his legs while serving in our country in Iraq – WalkAway founder Brandon Straka and others were all accosted.

One elderly man was knocked to the sidewalk in front of his wife, then verbal abuse rained down on him as he bled from a gash in his head. Members of the mob took videos of their criminal abuse and posted them on the internet as if proud of their sickening behavior.

Out of many terrible images, the one that sticks in my mind most is of Rand Paul’s wife, head down, trembling, nowhere to go. She looked terrified. She knew that at least two attempts had been made on her husband’s life, one of which left him permanently damaged. She was now surrounded by a horrific mob screaming angry threats in their faces.

If that mob had made the slightest attempt to murder Paul and his wife at that moment, the police would not have been able to stop them.

The Pauls had to know that. 

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LET Unity

At every moment, as I paged through the dozens of videos of the event, I saw mostly middle-aged or elderly people in a situation they couldn’t possibly get out of if the mob decided to carry out any of their threats.

From the perspective of those people, there is no question in my mind that they were in fear for their lives. I was in fear for their lives. I trembled as I watched, my flight-or-fight instincts kicking in as I watched them surrounded, abused, and helpless before an ever-larger, ever-more-menacing, ugly and despicable mob.

Even I felt intimidated by those mobs as I sat, safe in my bed, watching events as they unfolded on my iPad. Because I knew those same crowds would have treated me no different, because I am also a Republican.

The mob’s goal was to intimidate and provoke a response. They succeeded at the intimidation, not so much at provoking a response. A couple of times, they crossed the line, such as when they knocked the elderly man to the ground, but for the most part, they did everything short of actual deadly assault. 

An interesting characteristic of mobs, one that was amply displayed in this incident, is that a mob doesn’t need a deadly weapon to commit deadly acts of violence. A mob can be a deadly weapon all by itself.

My opinion is that any attack made by a mob should be considered “assault with a deadly weapon.” If a mob has sufficient numbers, no one can defend against it.

Mike Tyson armed with an assault rifle in each hand couldn’t hold off a mob of “unarmed” lunatics like the ones in that crowd. Surrounded on all sides, he might get off a few shots but he’d be taken down quickly by people from all the angles he can’t cover, and could easily be killed by them regardless of his fighting prowess. 

Rand Paul and his wife, Vernon Jones and his wife, Don Bongino and his wife, and all the other guests were not Mike Tyson. They were good people, past the prime of their lives, not armed, not prepared to do battle, and they were surrounded by unreasoning, hate-filled, antagonistic, degenerate, death-minded anarchists who threatened to kill them.

If any of the RNC attendees had pulled out a concealed weapon and fired it, a fair argument could be made that it was self-defense and they were in reasonable fear for their lives.

The security arrangements made for RNC guests were clearly inadequate. The bigger problem is the pretense that the mob who threatened attendees constituted any form of “peaceful protest.” The lack of overt deadly violence does not make a protest “peaceful.” And this mob, from all appearances, was a hair-trigger away from becoming an army of savage blood-thirsty animals.

Pretending that the mob doesn’t represent a clear and present danger just because we believe that their strategy is to provoke a response from the police is a dangerous gamble. 

It is obvious that the mob had no regard for the law. They were in violation of several laws on multiple occasions due to the way they abused RNC guests and disturbed the peace with their horns, shouts, obstruction of traffic, refusal to obey lawful orders from law enforcement, and so on.

They didn’t care.

They knew they wouldn’t be arrested, or at least, few of them would be, because they knew the police had been told to hold back. Elected officials didn’t want any incident to be blamed on law enforcement. And that gave the mob all the leash they needed to do their best threaten lawmakers and their spouses.

And yet, by worrying so much about the possibility of a false accusation of excessive law enforcement, authority is ceded to the mob. Appearances, in this case, matter much less than circumstances. 

The spectacle created by the maniacal mob was revolting the way raw sewage and decaying corpses inspire instinctive uncontrollable vomiting. It was frightening the same way any animal alone on a plain might feel when surrounded by hundreds of predators.

Someone in Washington, D.C. decided it was acceptable to harass, threaten, frighten, and intimidate RNC attendees. That person, or persons, prevented an adequate response to the mob, adequate security for guests, and appropriate charging and prosecution of people in the mob responsible for abusive behavior. Someone told the police to hold back.

Maybe it was a political calculation.

Maybe someone felt it was more dangerous to respond to the mob than to endure the mob.

Maybe it was corruption.

Maybe the Democrat mayor of the city, Muriel Bowser, thought it would be fun or politically advantageous to intimidate members of the RNC and their wives.

Whatever the reason was, it was wrong. No one should be forced to deal with what those attendees went through. No mob should be allowed unfettered access to victims. 

The mobs seen around our country have proven to be so dangerous that they must be stopped like the cancer they are. More than that, their organizers and enablers must be removed and punished also, wherever they are and whoever they might be.

This is as true of the BLM organizers who tell other mob members where to meet, as the people who deliver truckloads of bricks for the mobs to throw, the political action committees that pay for them to be bused from location to location, and the people who finance the PACS.

The whole tree is rotten and must be cut down.

When do we want it? NOW!

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