WINDHAM, Ohio – An Ohio Superintendent of Schools is facing jail time after being accused of having sexual relations with a student.

According to reports, 35-year-old Laura Amero allegedly had sex with a 16-year-old student in 2017, and attempted to have a sexual relationship with another male student between 2015 and 2017.

The Windham Superintendent was put on administrative leave earlier in the month.  


Amero is facing two counts of attempted sexual assault, two counts of sexual battery and two counts of intimidation to a crime victim.

Reports indicated that the intimidation charges came as a result of an incident on March 28th, 2019. The Windham Board of Education President Darryl McGuire said that he believes that police brought the matter to the administration’s attention, though Windham police have yet to make a public statement concerning the investigation. 

Amero is scheduled for arraignment on Monday in Portage County Court.

Amero was placed on administrative leave following a complaint. She now faces criminal charges. (Portage County Sheriff’s Office)


So, why do some teachers and administrators sleep with their students?

Maybe they had psychological problems to begin with. Emotional development can be a huge part of the circumstances.

They connect better with kids and see themselves at a similar intellectual level. The students share emotions, thoughts, and strive to high academic levels which often impress instructors. We see that as a normal response to teaching but teachers who prey see it at a deeper level and more personalized.  Extra praise and over the top attention might be a warning signal where a student has drawn the affections of their teacher. This could be held secret for quite some time before a teacher decides to cross the line.

Why do some teachers decide to pursue relationships with their students? (Adobe Stock)


There are some perpetrators who groom children so this is their secret and it becomes a thrill or a “game.” This secret creates a special bond in which the child and teacher feel they are in love. They sneak around because they are both aware of the consequences but do not want to jeopardize their romance. Part of that is thrilling and makes the scope of the relationship more euphoric.

They plan a future. This is a very distorted reality.

Is it different when it is male teacher? Yes, probably. They still have some of the same mindset, but are generally more authoritarian. Male instructors engage in a more aggressive perpetration, whereas the females are generally more passive. The grooming consists of extra attention, flirting, perhaps texts, letters, private chats, and meetings. After the rapport is solid, there are no sexual boundaries.