Revealed: Big tech billionaires using ‘under the radar’ super PAC to launch anti-Trump ads


MENLO PARK, CA – Wealthy donors who made their money from big tech have donated millions to a Democratic super political action committee that “has purposefully stayed under the radar” and is spending the funds on anti-Trump television ads.


Vox’s Recode reported that Silicon Valley’s biggest donors to the super political action committee (PAC) Future Forward USA Action, which was created in 2018, include billionaires Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, Twilio founder Jeff Lawson and longtime Google CEO Eric Schmidt.


Future Forward’s size and strategy is becoming more public and plans to report to the Federal Election Commission that it raised $66 million in the 45 days between Sept. 1 and Oct. 15.


Donations from that time period include $21 million from Moskovitz; $6 million from Lawson and his wife, Erica; $5 million from crypto trader Sam Bankman-Fried; and three-quarters of a million more from Schmidt, according to Vox Recode.

In addition, it was reported that $29 million of the October money came from the super PAC’s affiliated nonprofit that isn’t required to disclose its donors:

“The super PAC, called Future Forward, has remained under the radar but is spending more than $100 million on television and digital in the final month of the campaign — more than any other group — on behalf of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden outside of the Biden campaign itself.

“And it has been leading a separate, previously unreported $28 million proposed campaign to elect a Democrat to the US Senate from Texas.”

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Future Forward does not contain much information on its website, and Vox Recode notes:

“Despite that windfall, the group has intentionally adopted a low profile, especially relative to other pro-Biden super PACs. It maintains a bare-bones website.

“Despite spending more than any other outside group in the homestretch, this is the first detailed article about it.


“The group is also not limiting its ambitions to the presidential race. In a ‘confidential’ four-page memo circulated to major donors last week and obtained by Recode, Future Forward and four other Democratic outside groups — Senate Majority PAC, the Strategic Victory Fund, Way to Win, and Mind the Gap — planned $28 million in advertising to boost MJ Hegar, the Democrat challenging Texas Sen. John Cornyn in an uphill race.

“$10 million of that money was expected to come from a Senate Majority PAC, according to the memo, while another $18 million needed to be raised as of last week for the groups to pull the trigger.

“Since that memo, Senate Majority PAC announced an $8.6 million campaign — it made no mention of the rest of the big-donor cavalry joining them. The memo stated that Future Forward was raising the rest to implement the home run play, which began with a buy worth a few million dollars in the state on Tuesday.”

Business Insider reported that tech leaders are not the only ones funding groups supporting Biden:

“Tech leaders aren’t the only ones reported to be funding a Biden win. A Wired report earlier this month found that employees at Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google’s parent company Alphabet, Microsoft, and Oracle have poured $4.8 million into support for Biden to win since 2019.

“That’s 20 times as much as tech workers have donated to President Trump.

“It’s no secret that Silicon Valley has long leaned left, though some tech execs have come out in support of President Trump.”

On Sept. 29, we reported that the managing director of a Democrat super PAC launched a disturbing attack on Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Haitian children. Here is that story.

The managing director of a political action committee that is heavily funding Democratic candidates to land seats within the Senate this year happens to be one of the ones launching an unwarranted attack against Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s adopted children.

The PAC in question is NextGen America, and the man who is questioning the legitimacy of Judge Barrett’s adopted children is their managing director, John Lee Brougher.

After launching a Twitter attack against the judge, Brougher has since protected his Twitter account from non-followers being able to read these tweets. However, prior to said protecting of the account, Brougher wrote the following:

“As an adoptee, I need to know more about the circumstances of how Amy Coney Barrett came to adopt her children, and the treatment of them since. Transracial adoption is fraught with trauma and potential for harm, and everything I see here is deeply concerning.”

The mentioning of “transracial adoption” comes from the fact that two of Judge Barrett’s children were adopted from Haiti. But it’s unclear what exactly is “deeply concerning” about someone white adopting a child that is black (or vice versa).

Still, the language Brougher used seemed to channel an anecdotal op-ed written by JS Lee.

Furthermore, Brougher doesn’t “need to know more about the circumstances of how Amy Coney Barrett came to adopt her children” – it’s honestly none of his business.

But that didn’t stop him, nor former Democrat staffer Dana Houle from speculating about the judge’s family.

Also, Dan Houle’s Twitter account has been magically set to protected mode since Republicans lambasted the two of them for their horrid comments.

Brougher’s dealings in the political realm, via his role in NextGen America, is also attempting to grab some high-stakes Senate seats in battleground areas. The Super PAC happens to be funded by billionaire Tom Steyer.

The name Steyer might sound familiar since he was among those vying for the Democratic presidential nomination during the primaries this year.

Obviously, Steyer lost during the primaries – but that doesn’t mean his money disappeared and thus his influence for the race to the White House and other elected positions throughout the country.

Through NextGen America, several Democratic senators had benefited in some form from the activities enacted by the Super PAC.

Aside from current Democratic senators, NextGen America is said to be financially backing senate candidates like Theresa Greenfield in Iowa, Sara Gideon in Maine, and Mark Kelly in Arizona.

Furthermore, all of the current senators and prospective ones benefiting from NextGen America’s endeavors have been strangely silent on the attack Brougher waged against Judge Barrett’s blended family.

When Senator Tom Cotton spoke about the disparaging remarks levied by Brougher – and the deafening silence coming from those behooving from the Super Pac – he had the following to say:

“This disgusting, racist attack on Judge Barrett’s family, launched by the leader of a major Democratic dark money organization, is despicable. Every liberal politician who’s been a beneficiary of this group’s spending should condemn these vile comments without delay.”

Former Kansas Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp also commented on the egregious comments stemming from Brougher. Huelskamp, who also happens to have adopted children from Haiti, was particularly disturbed that someone would try to proclaim that blended families are somehow a bad thing:

“These are high-ranking Democrat Party officials who are going after her adopted children and suggesting they were somehow illegitimately taken from Haiti and somehow because she has a transracial family somehow they don’t like that.”

Huelskamp noted that instead of criticizing Judge Barrett’s diverse family, these figures should be “cheering” them on:

“They should be cheering on a family, a couple, that’s opened their home to two children from Haiti, including a special needs child, but this is despicable conduct that’s going on. It’s what you’d expect from the left.”

He too said that these various Democratic senators, and hopefuls, should be responding to this sort of rhetoric flung by NextGen America’s managing director:

“[NextGen America is] shoveling all this money to these candidates, and they all—all—should have to respond to the fact they’re attacking this woman for being a strong woman of faith as well as for having adopted kids and has a special needs child.”

So much for the party of tolerance.

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