LAYTON, Utah – A Subway shop in Layton, Utah has filed a lawsuit against the Layton City Police Department after police waited two months to publicly exonerate their employee.

In August 2016, Layton officers accused 18-year-old Tanis Ukena of drugging an officer’s lemonade with methamphetamine and the psychoactive compound in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.

The officer reported feeling impaired after consuming the beverage and had the sugary drink tested with an ion scanner test – which showed the presence of the drugs. However, the test can have a false-positive. After subsequent tests of the lemonade, as well as of the officer’s blood and urine, there was no evidence found of the drugs.

Ukena had been arrested and was awaiting trial in Davis County Jail for a second-degree felony for two months. When the subsequent test results were concluded with negative results, the Subway employee was cleared of all charges.

According to the The Salt Lake Tribune, the lawsuit by the Subway location against police alleges that the Layton City Police Department told reporters that an officer had been drugged “before it knew whether any crime had been committed, and before it knew whether anyone had in fact been poisoned.”

The franchise owners, Dallas Buttars and Kristin Myers, say that their business dropped 30 percent and that they lost around $300,000 due to the claims made by police.

“My life has been changed forever. It will never be the same,” Myers told the The Associated Press. “[We’re] always going to be known as the store that drugged the cop.”

The officer who claimed that his drink had been laced with drugs still works for the Layton PD. Ukena is currently serving in a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Utica, New York.

It is unknown what caused the officer to experience the reported effects.

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