Sub-Machine Gun Stolen From FBI Agent’s Car


SAN FRANCISCO – The FBI announced Friday that a sub-machine gun was stolen out of an agent’s car earlier this month outside San Francisco, reported Fox News.

The San Francisco Chronicle described the gun as a Heckler & Koch MP5 10 mm. The report said an ammunition magazine and bulletproof vest were also taken from the special agent’s vehicle.

The items were stolen from the vehicle on the evening of Jan. 8 or the morning of Jan. 9 in either Concord, Orinda, or Lafayette, according to a brief statement released Friday by the FBI’s field office in San Francisco.

It was unclear how the weapon was stored in the car, which was parked in Contra Costa County.

The FBI is being assisted by the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office to “locate and recover items in the interest of public safety,” according to the statement. Anyone with information is urged to contact the FBI at (415) 553-7400 or online at

Beginning Jan 1, the law in California changed. Depending upon the variables, this could be a violation of law, LET previously reported.

That is because Senate Bill 869 requires anyone — including police and people with concealed weapon permits — leaving a gun in a vehicle to lock it in the trunk or in a container out of plain sight. Otherwise, they will face a $1,000 fine. Police won’t face sanctions during exigent circumstances.

This was a law that Gov. Jerry Brown promoted and signed into statute. The security measure was among four gun bills the Democratic governor signed and it is one of the half dozen gun control measures recently approved in the state.

State Democrat, Sen. Jerry Hill said his bill expands those covered by the law because “several handguns have been stolen out of police vehicles and used in deadly crimes.”

Opponents argued the new law simply created violations aimed at good citizens and peace officers. It does nothing to enhance punishment for the suspect using a firearm to commit a crime.

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