Our mainstream media and progressive elected leaders love to push the story that racist white police officers are killing minorities at an alarming rate.

But is that actually the case?

A recent study just proved that actually, no, it’s not. 

Politician's controversial proposal would override Supreme Court on police use of force

Screenshot from dashcam footage of officer involved shooting in Wethersfield, CT. (Wethersfield Police)


NationalInterest.org just reported that after spending more than 1,500 hours comparing data concerning the race of officers and suspects involved in fatal shootings throughout the United States in 2015.

“Our database includes 917 fatal shootings by on-duty police officers in 2015 from over 650 different police departments,” the researchers said. 

Their overall question: Is it true that a black person killed in a police shooting was more likely to be shot by white police officers?

They started by gathering all of the information behind each of the shootings. 

“The initial list was developed from lists of fatal shootings compiled by news organizations such as The Washington Post and The Guardian,” they said. “We then contacted all police departments listed in the original lists and asked them to report on the race of every officer involved in a shooting. If follow-up calls were unsuccessful, we searched news reports to uncover officer information.”


Pasadena officers with their guns drawn in response to an armed gang member. (Pasadena Police Department)


It was also necessary to compile the statistics behind racial makeup of police across the country. 

“73% of all police officers are white, 12% are Hispanic and 12% are black,” the study found. “By comparison, 79% of officers involved in shootings in 2015 were white, 12% were Hispanic and 6% were black.”

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They said that of those who were fatally shot, 55% were white, 27% were black and 19% were Hispanic. The researches said that if the original narrative were true, they would have expected to see that fatal shootings of minorities would be more likely to have been committed by a white officer.


“This is not what we found,” the study noted. “In contrast, when all the officers that fired at a civilian were black, a person was 2.0 times more likely to be black than when all the officers who fired were white. When all the officers that fired at a civilian were Hispanic, a person was 9.0 times more likely to be Hispanic than when all the officers who fired were white.”

They also want readers to be sure to know that those stats don’t mean that the black or Hispanic officers were racially biased. 

“Cities with larger populations of nonwhite civilians also have a higher proportion of nonwhite officers,” the report noted. “Once these factors were taken into account, black and Hispanic officers were no longer more likely to shoot black or Hispanic citizens.”

The group dug deeper to look for additional factors that could contribute to findings behind the data. When they did so, they found that there was one factor that could predict the race of the person who was fatally shot — violent crime.


The study showed that race has a lot less to do with officer involved shootings than the media says. (Flickr)


According to their findings, the race of the group who tended to be responsible for the most violent crime in an area were typically those who were fatally shot.

“In counties where whites committed a higher percentage of homicides, a person fatally shot by the police was 3.5 times more likely to be white,” the report said. “In counties where blacks committed a higher percentage of violent crime, a person fatally shot by the police was 3.7 times more likely to be black. And in counties where Hispanics committed a higher percentage of violent crime, a person fatally shot by the police was 3.3 times more likely to be Hispanic.”

Seems like the cops are doing their jobs. 

Last year, presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren stated that the entire criminal justice system was racist throughout.


Since then, she’s doubled down on her divineness and attacks on law enforcement, helping fuel the polarization of our nation’s attitude toward police.

Seems like her claims might be officially busted. 

The full results of the study can be read here.


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