Study: Nearly half of young Democrats prefer other countries to America. Cop: Okay, so leave.


Pew Research released a new poll, revealing that 47 percent of young Democrats believe that other countries are better than the United States. Not only that, but many of the young Americans surveyed admit that they wouldn’t mind other countries developing militaries as powerful as ours.

According to Breitbart, Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents under the age of 30, nearly half, 47 percent, say that there are other countries that are better than the U.S. Meanwhile, just 20 percent of Democrats age 50 and over agree with this sentiment.

“Democrats have become more likely to say there are other countries that are better than the U.S.,” says Pew Research. “In telephone surveys, the share of Democrats saying this is higher than at any point since the question was first asked by Pew Research Center in 2011, and there has been a corresponding decline in the share saying the U.S. stands above other nations.”

To those in that 47 percent, I must ask: “What’s so much better about these other countries?”

Study: Nearly half of young Democrats prefer other countries to America. Cop: Okay, so leave.


We have more personal freedoms and liberties than any other nation.

As law enforcement, we take better care of our citizens than the cops in many other places.

These “the grass is greener” people could always go to North Korea. Their movements are very limited. They are not allowed to loiter in parks and all their movements and activities must be supported by a valid reason. Sexual relationships between non-married couples are prohibited. The government’s “Dating Police” are tasked to ensure no such relationships occur. North Korea also has a strict fashion code, for example women are not allowed to wear pants and men should cut their hair every 15 days.

Violations are punishable by forced labor for a certain period of time. I can promise you that I will never show up at your house to arrest you for those types of “offenses.”

Study: Nearly half of young Democrats prefer other countries to America. Cop: Okay, so leave.


Perhaps you could relocate to Dubai, where you will be arrested for calling people names on social media. You can also be arrested for witnessing a fight.

Let’s move you to Abu Dhabi, where reporting that you have been gang-raped gets you locked up for having sex outside of marriage. You don’t have to be a resident of Abu Dhabi for these charges. One couple discovered they were going to have a baby while vacationing there. They were arrested.

Maybe Australia will be better. Well, maybe not. Swearing is what’s called a ‘summary offence’ in these places, meaning that if you’re arrested and charged,your case could be heard by a magistrate or a judge, not a jury. And they don’t take it lightly, either: in both Queensland and Victoria, being found guilty of offensive language could land you in prison for up to six months.

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But yeah, tell me again how hard you have it in the US, where you complain that I pulled you over for doing 75 in a 55 and act like you are a victim.

Tell me again how I am harassing you when I ask you to step out of your vehicle because it smells like weed and I saw you throw a baggie out the window.

Remind me about that time you were driving with a busted headlight and illegally tinted windows and ran a red light, but me pulling you over makes me a racist.  

Whine, snivel and cry about the time you called me to your house because your husband got abusive and then you assaulted me when I tried to take him to jail. 

Hold a press conference complaining about police brutality when your son points a gun at me and he gets shot.

Please continue to opine on social media about how I am a cop because it is the only job I could get, and how much better off I would be had I gone to college and been brainwashed by leftist ideology.



While we are on the topic of you being an idiot, let’s talk about the other aspect of the survey. 

The study also noted that young Americans are “more likely to say it would be acceptable if another country became as militarily powerful as the U.S.”

I must ask, as a veteran, what are you freaking talking about?

While I am not a fan of being the world’s babysitter, I do believe that it would be problematic if there were a military force equal to, or stronger, than our own.

What if it were one of the countries that are currently run by tyrannical regimes? Would you still be as excited about it if Iran, Palestine or North Korea were the country that exceled at military might?

According to Pew Research, 61 percent say that the United States should maintain its status as a military superpower. More than half, 55 percent of Democrats under the age of 30 admit that they would find it acceptable if other nation’s militaries became as powerful as the United States.

We have the greatest fighting force on the planet. The U.S.has a near monopoly on aircraft carriers, one of the greatest symbols of military power. Its carriers are about equal in number to those of the rest of the world combined. American carriers are more technologically advanced than virtually all others.

We spend more annually in defense budget spending than the next 10 nations combined.

Our special operations community is arguably the most elite collection of military capabilities.

And while we have bases located all over the world, we would never allow other nations to operate installations on American soil.

So, aside from some other nation providing 95 percent of the funding and troop staffing for the un and NATO, I’m going to need someone to walk me through why another equal military power would be a good thing.

Finally, we have people that are trying to influence our nation with their ideology, without the backing of military might. Do not think for one minute that our freedoms and our way of life would stay intact if some of those trying to impact our nation had an equal or superior force.

Wake up. This nation and everything she stands for is worth fighting for. Solet’s continue making America the greatest nation. There is nothing wrong with loving your country and believing it is the best.

Try it sometime.


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