Two middle school students have been arrested on some terrifying charges in Avon Park, Florida.

Police say they are facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder.

The students go to Avon Park Middle School in Highlands County.  The school board released details today, saying they were doing so to prevent false information from circulating.

According to the school district, two students were arrested at Avon Park Middle School on Wednesday.  This, after a teacher told law enforcement about a possible plan to harm others.

School officials say all of the families involved in the incident have been contacted, but they aren’t releasing any more details right now.

A parent whose child was one of the kids targeted spoke to local media about it.  According to that parent, the school said the students who were arrested were girls and had created a hit list of 10 people… including seven girls and three boys.

Also included on the list was information on just how they’d be killed and where the bodies would be buried.

Javier Maldonado is the parent of a child at the school.  According to Maldonado, many parents were made aware of the hit list.

“I mean it’s crazy, a small town and people are getting crazy now days and especially you would think at a high school, but a middle school is pretty tough, right,” said Maldonado.

Andrew Lethbridge works with the Highlands County School system.  He says the threat is being taken extremely seriously.

“Students, adults, we all need to be cognizant that words matter and whether it’s in print or something that we say, it matters and we are held accountable for those words and now more than any time we just have to be cognizant and be very careful of, and threats are going to be investigated thoroughly and consequences could be given out based on what you say,” said Lethbridge.

According to the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office, both students were arrested on charges of Conspiracy to Commit Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping. 

Police are on particularly high alert at schools across the country this week after fears of another Columbine style shooting.

The manhunt for an 18-year-old woman who police said was ‘infatuated’ with the Columbine massacre ended on Wednesday.

Police released a statement Wednesday afternoon stating that the woman had been found dead approximately 60 miles southwest of Denver. She died of an apparent self-inflicted gun shot wound. Schools in the area had been on lockdown and authorities from local departments as well as the FBI were searching for the Miami teenager. 

The FBI tweeted earlier that there was ‘no longer a threat’.


A woman hiking in the area told CBS Denver said she was told to leave after “a naked woman matching the description with a gun was spotted in the area running through the woods.”

The FBI has scheduled a press conference this afternoon. 

“Everything that I’ve heard in briefings does not indicate that she had any assistance or friends in the area, just a fascination with the Columbine area and the horrendous crime that went on there 20 years ago,” said Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Shrader.

According to the report from Fox News, security officials expressed great relief when the hunt concluded. 

“We deal with a lot of threats at Columbine,” said the executive director of security for the Jefferson County school system. “This one felt different. It was different. It certainly got our attention.”

Here’s how it all began…

It’s been nearly 20 years since 2 troubled young men planned and carried out one of the most horrifying events to ever take place inside a school.

And now, two decades later, Columbine is in the news once again.

Middle School Students Arrested, Charged With Kidnapping and Murder Hit List

Columbine was one of more than 20 schools that went into lockdown Tuesday afternoon. (Wikimedia Commons)


Authorities have reported that a massive manhunt is underway to catch a woman who police say is obsessed with the 1999 massacre that took the lives of 13.

18-year-old Sol Pais was identified as the suspect who allegedly made undisclosed threats regarding the school. She is considered armed and extremely dangerous.


Columbine was just one of more than 20 schools to lock its doors for student and faculty safety on Tuesday.  CBS News reported that, “All schools in the Denver vicinity were urged to tighten security because the threat was deemed “credible and general,” said Patricia Billinger, a spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Public Safety.”

Pais is a senior at Miami Beach High School. She reportedly traveled to Colorado from Miami on Monday, where she bought a pump-action shotgun and ammunition. A sheriff’s spokesperson noted that Pais’s threats were generic and not made specific to any particular school. Pais has apparently made comments that were ‘concerning’ in the past. 

Middle School Students Arrested, Charged With Kidnapping and Murder Hit List

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed themselves after taking the lives of 12 classmates and 1 teacher. (Screenshot – Vimeo)


Authorities have warned that the suspect was last seen in the foothills west of Denver and on should not be approached under any circumstances.

Major anniversaries surrounding events such as these usually call for heightened security.

“This has become a massive manhunt … and every law enforcement agency is participating and helping in this effort,” said Dean Phillips, the special agent in charge of the Denver office of the FBI.

Pais’s mental health needs to be evaluated when she is apprehended, said an alert regarding the teenager. Her family is pleading with her to surrender.

“She can, please, come home. I think she’s going to be OK,” a man who claimed to be her father said.

“It’s like a bad dream. We don’t know. We don’t have any ideas,” he said. “I think that maybe she has a mental problem.” Following the lockdown, after school activities were cancelled and students returned to their homes safely.


Law Enforcement Today will continue to bring you up-to-the-minute updates as more information becomes available.


Middle School Students Arrested, Charged With Kidnapping and Murder Hit List