A recent promotional effort for an upcoming appearance of Dinesh D’Souza at a New York University has been somewhat thwarted by an ambiguously-gendered student at the university.  And it was caught on video (below).

The character featured in the video, which beckons memories of “It’s Pat”, can be seen engaging in what they described as “civil disobedience”; but is it? Or is this just another example of babies who outgrew their highchairs and bibs?

According to report released by Campus Reform, a leftist student at the University of Buffalo was recently caught ripping down posters for a campus lecture by conservative commentator and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza that occurred earlier this month.

D’Souza, who makes regular appearances on Fox News and campuses all throughout the United States, is certainly no stranger to having various forms of protest geared against him making public speeches.

This notion is cemented further by the article published by The Dartmouth Jack o’ Lantern, predating an appearance he made earlier this year at Dartmouth, titled “Eight Ways to Protest the Dinesh D’Souza Talk, One for Each Month He Spent in Prison”.

D’Souza was hosted on campus by the Young Americans for Freedom student organization, which is commonly abbreviated as YAF.

D’Souza spent the time of the event speaking about the ills of socialism and how the far left wants to violate the privacy and economic rights of American citizens. These are topics he covers frequently on campuses which often creates a flurry within the anti-republican groups within colleges.

University at Buffalo student Jake Zane caught an unnamed student ripping down posters for the event. He immediately took out his phone and began filming.

The hair-tie toting, practically painted on jeans wearing man (or woman?) on the video captured stated:

“You see, this is civil disobedience.”

The student smugly says later in the video as he/she tears down the posters:

“I’m just picking up some litter.”

Zane, who serves as the vice president of the University at Buffalo College Republicans, says that the student called the Young Americans for Freedom, “alt-right” while ripping down the posters promoting the event.

Zane engaged with the individual at certain points of the video, at one point stating:

“Any time we put up posters, we constantly have to battle to keep them up. People tear them down. People draw on them.”

During portions of the video while the vandal was removing the posters on camera, Zane can be heard mocking the cited act of “civil disobedience” toward the individual by sarcastically comparing them to the likes of Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi.

While for most that comparison would incite a chuckle or two, but make no mistake, folks of that ilk on campuses honestly consider themselves to be of that caliber when reflecting on their cadenced chants accusing anyone who is white and straight as some kind of bad guy.

As if college campuses weren’t perceived nutty enough from the earlier described scenario, earlier in the month, Breitbart News had also reported that a student at the University of Wisconsin was found defacing the office of a campus student organization. The act that was caught on camera showed the female student placing printed signs that read “Donald Trump is…,” “racist,” “sexist,” and “bigot” on the windows of the organization’s office.

All the while, in a not-so-surprising revelation, the student identified as Jasmine Kiah was also playing the song “FTD” by YG and Nipsey Hussle while playing arts and crafts on the UW – Madison College Republican student office.

When reached for comment by the student-ran newspaper, Kiah stated:

“I’ve been here for four years and all four years I’ve experienced racism, I’ve seen homophobia, transphobia, I’ve seen people not treated fairly, class institutional racism all of that stuff. Everything that you could imagine, I’ve seen.”

Well, if it’s not students tearing down flyers then its students placing up singular-worded signage that is inflammatory and also libel in most cases. It’s only a matter of time before a GoFundMe crops up asking for donations to stock up on more soy milk in order to re-strengthen their vigor to carry on fighting the “fascists”.

Our team members at Law Enforcement Today are no strangers to this time of censorship.  Back in September, protestors threatened a pro-police event that our national spokesman was the speaker at… then got scared off by Bikers for Trump.

The threats started with this lovely email.

“We heard you people are coming to our campus.  We plan on being there in force to let you know it’s time your Nazi party disarms.  Welcome to the University of Arizona.  We are your nightmare, pigs.”

The threats started coming in a few weeks earlier, when they found out that our National Spokesman was speaking at the University of Arizona.

Organizers of the event, which took place at the Tucson University Park Hotel, said the idea of a protest over an event in support of the law enforcement community and the 100 Club of Arizona was just ridiculous.

“Protesting law enforcement is comparable to taking the front door off your home.   You’re inviting crime and potential harm to you and your family,” said Chris King, First Vice Chairman, Pima County Republican Party. 

And yet the threats kept coming.  Like this one,  from someone who claimed to be with Antifa:

“We are the future of this country.  We also have much more training than you know.  We have the ability to make Portland events look like a calm walk in the park.  I hope that you are ready for us at your little ‘No Snowflakes Allowed’ event.”

Message after message poured in, warning us that the protestors would come out in full force.

So who exactly showed up?  The very groups that the protestors are terrified of.  When Bikers for Trump, Patriot Riders and Riders USA heard that Antifa and other “social justice warrior” groups were planning on coming out to wave signs and scream at the police, they knew it was an event that couldn’t be missed.

“We are usually the definition of ‘The Silent Majority'” said one rider, who asked that his name be held.  “We are the hidden warriors silently watching the six of our law enforcement officers.  We are usually silent and we are always ready.”

Dozens of riders showed up, preparing to stand guard at the entrances and exits to protect all of the attendees.  Not surprisingly, when Antifa found out that the bikers were showing up, they bailed.

“This happens quite a bit,” said another ride.  “They make threats of anarchy and violence and try and be bullies.  Until they meet people who are bigger and tougher than them… who have a helluva lot less to lose.  Most of us are veterans or well-trained patriotic Americans.  We will not let anarchy rule and they know that… say they often bail when they find out we will be there.”

King says ironically, law enforcement was ready to protect everyone at the event… including those who are there to protest the police.

When asked whether he was concerned about protestors, Kyle Reyes, our National Spokesman, just laughed.

We asked him again.  He laughed harder.

“See you there, kids…” he said.

The event itself was built around showcasing both the need for the 2nd Amendment as well as the support for those who help protect it.

“The Supreme Court has affirmed that police do not have an affirmative duty to protect citizens not in their custody.  This provides for basis for our constitutional carry in Arizona as we are personally responsible to protect ourselves,” said King.

The group felt it was important to show that although there’s often a created divide between police and politicians… the people stand behind law enforcement.

“In Tucson, over the last 15 years we have lost one third of our police department due to mismanagement and mis-prioritization of funds by our city council.  We want to show the elected officials that we support our law enforcement personnel.”

Apparently that support is what’s got these protestors up in arms.

“When you bring together ur little CBP people and sheriffs and ‘patriots’ into one room like you people are planning on doing, you give the middle finger to our peoples.  We are going to be so loud and in such force at your thing that maybe you will start listening to us and stop kicking our families of the country and start welcoming black lives and stop killing black people and give up your guns because police shouldn’t have them anyway because they are killing us with them,” said one activist in an email.

Oh.  Ok.  We’ll work on that whole “disarming the police” thing.

At the sold-out event, the evening started out with Reyes immediately sparking some powerful emotions in the attendees.  

He played this video, A Tribute To Fallen Officers, produced by our team in conjunction with Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) that lead into National Police Week.

In the second half of the video, as you watch the countless faces of the fallen from 2018 flash by, Reyes shared some powerful numbers.

“2018.  Total Line of Duty Deaths: 164.”

“2019 to date – Total Line of Duty Deaths: 85.”

“Verified suicides of law enforcement in 2018 – 167.”

“2019 to date – 141.”

As the video ended, the only sound in the room were quiet sobs.

“I need you to feel that emptiness,” Reyes said.  “I need you to feel that hurt.  I need you to feel that pain.  Because just ONE is too many.  And we are losing hundreds.  Now let’s talk about how we’re going to fix that.”

Did you know that Law Enforcement Today has a private new home for those who support emergency responders and veterans?  It’s called LET Unity, and it’s where we share the untold stories of those patriotic Americans.  Every penny gets reinvested into giving these heroes a voice.  Check it out today.

In March, a group of University of Arizona student activists filmed themselves confronting, harassing and relentlessly stalking two Border Patrol agents who had been invited on campus to participate in a job fair.

Shortly after the incident, charges were filed against these students, not only for breaking the University of Arizona code of conduct, but for their unlawful behavior that violated the state of Arizona’s statute of disorderly conduct. (ARS) 13-2904.

But the Pima County Attorney’s office later dropped the charges, after a group of instructors and professors demanded in a letter to the University of Arizona Police Department drop the charges against the student activists. You can read the story here.

Ms. LaWall, according to local residents, is well-known in this city for her ineffective leadership.  She was stripped of her position as legal counsel for RICO expenditures in November of 2017, because of her connection with questionable expenditures, after an audit was conducted and rampant misuse of the funds was discovered.  

She also boasts a close relationship with open border champion and U.S. Representative Raul Grijalva, whose office was recently outed for its cover-up of a sexual misconduct complaint in 2015.

***The video of signs being ripped down is below***

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