Student changes political affiliation because she’s dating cop: “I vote for a different kind of Blue now.”


Today, I registered to vote as an Independent.

I have been a devout Democrat my entire life, but with the political climate being what it is, and having fallen in love with a police officer and realized how utterly wrong I once was to subscribe to BLM’s propaganda, I am no longer proud to be a blue voter. (Well, I’m still blue, but a different kind of blue.)

Why? Not only are many people, especially of my generation, getting unbelievably out of hand with their histrionics and radical views, but first and foremost… I don’t like hypocrites.

For the record, I still consider myself left-leaning on most other social issues.

I believe in equality—not to be confused with exceptionalism, which many people seem to call for nowadays, especially in “criminal justice reform”—and I try to analyze the facts, make sure I’m well-informed, and think through my views on issues rather than jumping on the emotional train to insanity.

When it comes to law enforcement, however, I am constantly flabbergasted by the insane hypocrisy demonstrated by so many liberals nowadays.

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Student changes political affiliation because she's dating cop: "I vote for a different kind of Blue now."

First is the fact that liberals rail against blaming one group, particularly Muslims, for the actions of a few (which I agree with), yet blame all police officers for the actions of a few.

They lecture us not to jump to conclusions, generalize, and stereotype; they chastise us for making assumptions that certain groups of people are dangerous or violent. And then they blatantly shout to the world that all police officers are violent, power hungry, militant, fascist monsters.

It baffles me, it confuses me, and it angers me.

My case manager from the dean’s office at my university once told me that ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ are dangerously overused and loaded terms today.

Bleeding heart liberals love to claim that things make them feel unsafe (a lot of times, they simply dislike a dissenting opinion), and religiously preach love, peace, and acceptance. They posit that you should never threaten to harm anyone or make them feel unsafe, especially when they’ve done nothing to you personally.

It’s very curious, then, that they so quickly turn around and make artwork and write articles supporting murder of police.

Despite emphasizing the importance of respect for one another, anti-law enforcement proponents proudly and blatantly propagate the “fuck the police” message. They go on about implicit biases and claim the media twists things around in the right’s favor, but trying to find an article about a law enforcement issue that isn’t blatantly pitted against the police is a nearly impossible task.

Lives are not valued equally anymore. While any shooting should be considered a tragedy, some lives now matter more while blue lives matter less. I wrote in the past that fear is not a one-sided issue, yet liberals continue to paint themselves as the long-suffering group more deserving of empathy.

They will say:

“You killed a member of our marginalized group? Expect lawsuits, vigils, protests, death threats, and revenge.”

But then they’ll turn around the second something happens to an officer and essentially say:

“We killed a member of your marginalized group? Who cares, let’s burn a thin blue line flag and deface your memorial.”

It’s disgusting, sad, and true. Imagine if someone painted over a memorial of a hero of color with the message “black lives don’t exist.”

The media would explode, liberals would stampede—and rightfully so, because that is utterly disrespectful and wrong.

Imagine if that memorial was vandalized not once, but twice, despite respectful requests to leave it intact. But somehow it’s acceptable for the converse to occur, for a memorial in honor of a LEO who gave her life wanting to do good to be desecrated with hate.

How? How is this acceptable? Nothing infuriates and distresses me more than watching these double standards play out.

If you flip the script in any law enforcement scenario with a minority group, the BLM rallies and breaking news stories and lawsuits flash before your eyes.

Imagine if a person of color was attempting to help a dying altruistic civilian, and nearby cops were jeering and shouting that all people of color should be shot.

Imagine if the face of a black individual who had been shot and killed was put on a T-shirt with the positively revolting quote, “one down, many more to go.”

The thing is, I believe wholeheartedly that racism exists. I’m not denying that hate crimes occur against people of color, and that those hate crimes are wrong. I certainly don’t discourage supporting marginalized groups.

However, it makes me sick to witness the battle between anti-law enforcement and police officers/police supporters unfold, in which the former is the aggressor and the latter are intimidated into silence. Liberals form a protective wall around victims of racism, but go on the offense and willingly—sometimes gleefully—launch violent verbal, emotional, and sometimes physical attacks on law enforcement.

And they don’t see it. Radical liberals, the media, and all anti-police people do not see it.

They don’t see the double standards. They don’t see how convoluted it is to preach peace and then ruthlessly attack good Americans who joined the police force to do good. They don’t see the corruptness of their mindsets—or maybe they do and they just don’t care.

I will forever be astounded by the hypocrisy that comes from some of these anti-law enforcement advocates. They cry out, “Don’t stereotype! Don’t make assumptions about a group of people based on a demographic! Don’t marginalize others! Don’t profile anybody as violent or aggressive!” but do they hear themselves when they open their mouths?

Radical leftists are literally out to kill cops for their occupations, and nobody bats an eye, because somehow it’s okay to threaten and support murder—we can just plaster over it with rainbows and diversity and activists talking about how important peace and love are in this world.

Police are dehumanized in the eyes of the media and liberals: There’s law enforcement, and then there’s other humans. It’s violence between humans that’s a no-no; apparently violence between humans and so-called militarized police officers doesn’t count.

Exceptionalism and hypocrisy is all I’ve come to expect of some radical liberals in my generation.

Almost two years ago now, I yelled at my boyfriend for voting (or not voting) based on the candidate’s view on law enforcement. While I still believe in gathering all the facts and coming to a thoroughly deliberated decision based on objective truth and reason, I understand now.

This is his livelihood, and if he is my future, it is mine as well. The same holds true for police officers and their loved ones across the country.

I wish I could be more optimistic. I wish I could believe that miraculously, these BLM-happy liberals will come to see the errors of their ways and relations with law enforcement will smooth over.

Change doesn’t happen without self-awareness, and it gravely concerns me that there is such a lack of it nowadays.

At the end of the day, the most we can do is shower our LEOs in love and support and pray that they stay safe always. It may not be much when it comes to effecting social change at a broad level, but to our blue families, it means the world.

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