‘Stop the Steal’ demonstrations held across the country.


Supporters of President Donald Trump –  and of free and fair elections – organized rallies this past weekend.

Events took place in Washington D.C., Arizona, Texas, Oregon and even California.

“It can be proven, it will be proven, and that’s why it’s important that American’s get out on the street and defend Trump,” stated supporter Eric Hoffman. “And demand recounts, back this fight up to prove the vote fraud.”

Thousands of Dallas, Texas residents protested alleged but apparent voter fraud committed by Democrats in state and federal elections nationwide. Protesters took to the streets to proclaim President Trump’s victory and to shed light on the Democrat Party trying to steal his win.

On Saturday, supporters in Phoenix, Arizona showed up at the Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza to protest election fraud. The demonstration occurred as the Trump campaign launched multiple legal battles regarding voting irregularities. Among their concerns, some supporters of the President have taken issue with results changing after election night.

Protesters allege that mail-in ballots and faulty computer systems allowed Democrats to switch thousands of votes to Joe Biden. They urged the President to keep fighting to ensure a free and fair election.

“Today as we stand together and make our voices heard for democracy and fair elections around the world, we make it known not only to America, but the world that we stand with our President,” stated supporter Debra Gelber.

While most of the events remained orderly and peaceful – a telltale hallmark of Republican and conservative events since the early days of the Tea Party demonstrations – some, including the D.C. march and Sacramento’s ‘Stop the Steal’ rally, turned violent when Antifa thugs showed up to agitate, taunt and engage in violent counter protest.

Meanwhile the President’s personal attorney and “America’s Mayor” Rudy Giuliani doubled down on his rock-ribbed commitment that the President will never concede the election and fully intends to win.

Giuliani tweeted late Sunday that “My team is fighting vigorously on behalf of the President to restore legitimacy and trust in the results of this election and future ones. Systematic fraud, irregularities, and UNLAWFUL conduct erode confidence in our free and fair elections!”

In a recent statement the President’s lawyer also revealed that the Trump camp has filed two lawsuits in Michigan that focus on the unlawful expulsion of Republican poll watchers from the counting process.  Giuliani added, Democrats also failed to signature-match thousands of votes. He said such actions render hundreds-of-thousands of Biden votes illegal.

“We can count now up to 628,000 votes were unlawfully cast that way,” said Giuliani. “And now in Michigan, well over 300,000 and we’ve just began to count, which is part of both cases.”


The President’s attorney has shown affidavits noting that thousands of similar witness testimonies are now part of the court cases that will prove President Trump won the election.

During an interview on Sunday, attorney Sidney Powell said election results in multiple states are “getting ready to overturn.” She cited an overwhelming amount of evidence the President’s legal team has received concerning voter fraud irregularities.

Powell went on to claim she has enough evidence, some even dating back to 2016, to launch a widespread criminal investigation. She specifically noted a member of Joe Biden’s team is also on the board of directors for a software company behind the flawed Dominion voting systems.

“They’re facing an election that was absolutely rigged, we are soaking in information through fire hoses of complicated mathematical alterations to the votes,” stated the attorney. “We have identified the system capability that does it…it does in fact exist, regardless of what the name of it is.”

Powell hopes to reveal all pertaining affidavits and evidence of fraud before the election certification deadline.

Source: OAN

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