How to STEAL a Non-Profit Organization

Ok, you can’t steal a non-profit organization because it’s owned by the community. Yet this is how a person with a criminal history managed to pull it off.

Step One

Post a 25-year-old picture of yourself on LinkedIn and put P.A. behind your name to portray yourself as something other than what you are. It’s not even illegal.

Step Two

Find some poor unsuspecting LEO who has been mentoring kids for 18 years and has a passion to stop law enforcement murders and change public perception of officers.

Step Three

Advise you know how to do all the paperwork needed to form a non-profit organization and obtain a 501(c)(3) status and all the rules and laws because you’re a P.A., and allegedly a successful business owner.

Step Four

Get access to the bank accounts, Facebook, Google and anything else you can get your slimy hands on.


It’s so easy! And the best part is no one can stop you because you were invited in. Just like opening the door to a conman.

I saw this so many times when the elderly were victimized by hucksters claiming to be grandchildren pleading for “bail money” while reportedly sitting in a Mexican jail.

Senior citizens would come in to the department crying and upset. Sadly, we as the law enforcement agency had to inform them there as little we could do other than file a crime report.


Well I’m not crying but I want to WARN my fellow Americans about the dangers of wolves out there and the steps you can take to protect yourself from these predators.


Do a background check. Believe it or not the criminals will lie. They may have been arrested several times and will use aliases. Especially if they have been previously married multiple times. The system does not always pick it up. In all likelihood, this is a contributing factor to their divorce and estrangement from their families.

2. References

Speak to their references. Now some of these people are tricky and will have some help in the computer field. They seem legitimate but they are also sneaky crooks. They will make up charges and fees for Internet mumbo jumbo and have alliances with the first conman. This is how they got my domain name. The best part is they used my money to make the purchase.

And it’s a hopeless position to be in.

Funny thing is this guy is a vender for a sheriff’s office, which is another reason I trusted him.


3. Passwords

Keep all access and passwords to yourself. Once the con artists have your passwords they can lock you out of everything including your bank accounts and claim you’re the one breaking the law.

4. Professional Help

Hire real lawyers and P.A.’s. At least they are licensed and you may speak to references.


Remember, doing the right thing is always the right thing! I hope this helps prevent someone from victimization and being taken advantage by crooks.

God Bless,

Sgt Frank, the REAL Founder of Adopt a Cop USA