Statues honoring fallen police officers and firefighters vandalized, cover in paint


CALGARY, ALBERTA – In a strange turn of events, even cities in Canada’s Alberta cannot escape the anti-police sentiment sweeping across the world.

Reportedly, statues paying homage to police and firefighters in Calgary were vandalized recently, in the country where they host the most progressive of elected leaders – Justin Trudeau.

The vandalized statues in question were said to be stationed outside of Calgary’s City Hall, which police say were splashed with red and yellow paint at some point during the afternoon of July 3rd.

It’s rather curious as to why there would be severe disdain toward police in Canada, since they have an average of about 25-26 fatal encounters with suspects every year. Those aren’t just the number of “unarmed” suspect scenarios – that’s every type of suspect encounter that turns fatal.

Both of the statues in question had red paint seemingly splashed about the bodies of the firefighter and officer displayed, while yellow paint was applied on the likes of their badges and hats.

Calgary police Supt. Ryan Jepson thought the vandalism to be “disgusting”:

“It’s as disgusting as it would be if a memorial site was desecrated anywhere. So, it’s unfortunate that it happened and I understand that it’s likely out of some frustration from some community members. That is not OK. It doesn’t solve anything.”

Jason Kenney, the Premier of Alberta, referred to those who were responsible for these acts as “low lifes”, making mention that this was yet another attempt at “cancel culture”:

“Defacing statues honouring our police and firefighters is contemptible. Shame on the low lifes responsible. Albertans honour those who risk their lives to protect us. The cancel culture effort to defame and deface our front line heroes must end.”

Public information officer from the Calgary Fire Department, Carol Henke, was both upset and also seemingly confused as to why someone would even target a memorial pertaining to firefighters:

“The statue and the monument, they are there to represent what we do as emergency responders. Firefighters, we’re in service to Calgarians, to help them in their time of need. For someone to deface it like that, it’s just really hurtful. It’s really hurtful.”

Calgary’s Ward 2 City Councillor Joe Magliocca admonished the vandalism, stating the following on Twitter:

“This disgraceful act of vandalism should not be tolerated in our City. Those responsible should be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible. Calgarians will always support our heroes at the @CalgaryPolice and @CGYFireFighters!”

Another of Calgary’s Councillors, for Ward 6, referred to the memorials defaced as ones meant to honor “true heroes” that died in the line of duty:

“Our first responders are Calgary’s true heroes.  The statues outside City Hall were placed there to memorialize the brave men and women who have fallen in the line of duty.”

Overall, the general sentiments expressed online by both citizens and elected officials within Calgary seem to be that of contempt against whomever committed the acts of vandalism against the monuments.

Supt. Jepson noted that the vandalism will be investigated thoroughly in an effort to identify the vandal(s) responsible.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

As noted earlier, this incident took place in what one would consider to be a modern-progressive’s paradise – minuscule fatal encounters with police, a politically correct Prime Minister, and of course, massive gun bans. 

For those residing north of the United States, you’re likely quite savvy to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ban of 1,500 “assault weapons”.

Apparently, some of those “assault weapons” happened to include numerous bolt action rifles, which are typically a hunting staple.

While certain people feel as though that Trudeau’s recent gun ban doesn’t go far enough, there are others who note that the ban is egregious and pointless.

Trudeau made a statement about his move to ban what he considered to be “assault weapons”:

“We have long been committed to strengthening gun control in this country. Including, banning military style assault weapons. There is no need in Canada for guns designed to kill the largest amount of people in the shortest amount of time.”

Those delivered words by the prime minister were meant to console those feeling the pain after a gunman killed 22 people within a period of 13 hours on April 18th of this year.

According to Toronto Sun columnist Brian Lilley, the banning of “assault weapons” that are legally owned isn’t a solution to incidents like the Nova Scotia massacre:

“Neither the Prime Minister’s words nor the actions he is about to take will help with any of that. The massacre in Nova Scotia was carried out by a man who never had a gun [license] but had a stash of illegal weapons — one traced to Canada, the others from the United States.”

Lilley further explained that the existence of new laws surrounding guns aren’t going to inhibit people looking to commit crime with guns in Canada:

“The gun violence we see in our streets is similarly carried out mostly by gang members who don’t follow the law, smuggle guns from the U.S. and don’t bother with things like [licenses].”

What’s all the more curious in this ban on “assault weapons” in Canada is the existence of certain bolt action rifles on the list of banned firearms.

They’re certainly not automatic weapons – in fact – they’re not even semi-automatic. The way those weapons operate is by loading one single round at a time.

According to the National Post, one of the listed model of firearms banned is the Barret M99. The Barret M99 is a long-range, single shot bolt action rifle.

There were numerous others pointed out in the National Post article like the SIG 50, Odessa Patriot 50, the Mitchells Mausers M93 Black Arrow Target, and other various bolt action rifles.

From what the National Post reported on the ban by Trudeau, the news outlet was perplexed why bolt action rifles were honed in on, while they’re statistically less lethal than certain semi-automatic weapons that didn’t make the list of banned firearms.

Even Lilley from the Toronto Sun also mentioned that rifles aren’t the biggest threat to Canadians in his recent article:

“Taking rifles used for target shooting by licensed gun owners won’t stop the violence committed by gangs who used smuggled handguns to protect their drug trade.”

The constant clamoring about “assault weapons”, especially the AR-15 styled weapons, has Lilley genuinely confused:

“There are more than 83,000 AR-15 type rifles in Canada. This is a rifle that has been legal in Canada for more than 40 years and, despite its notoriety in the U.S., has no history as a crime gun in Canada.”

The way that Lilley sees this move, it’s less about the safety of Canadians, and more about Trudeau finding a way to achieve his agenda while avoiding the standard approach of legislation:

“This is not about safety; it is the Trudeau Liberals using hundreds of millions of tax dollars to enact their agenda and they are doing it without Parliamentary oversight. There will be no bill to debate, no votes to be had.”

Whether one agrees with the notion of gun control and weapons bans to a certain extent, it is odd that there would exist a list that includes bolt action rifles in an “assault weapons” ban move.


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