Statistics show Biden administration, mainstream media, Democrats lying about criminals crossing border

US-MEXICO BORDER - Despite constant bloviating from the White House and their complicit media, arrests of non-citizen criminals invading our southern border are poised to reach an eight-year high, according to Newsweek

Since Joe Biden was elected and took office in January 2021, the number of criminals crossing the border has exponentially increased compared with the Trump presidency. 

According to the Washington Examiner, in FY-2023, over 15,000 illegal aliens with criminal convictions were caught at the southern border crossing into the U.S, which set a record. That number will likely fall based on statistics for this fiscal year, which doesn’t end until September 30. Thus far this year, there have been 13,130 arrests, an average of 1,092 per month. Unless something unusual happens, this year will shatter last year’s number.

In comparison, in the final fiscal year of the Trump presidency–2019-2020–only 2,438 non-citizens were arrested by Border Patrol in connection with a crime, while that number spiked to 10,763 in 2021. 

In FY 21-22, that number jumped to 12,028. All of this is according to data gathered by Customs and Border Protection (CBP). 

Those numbers show that despite claims made by the Biden administration that border crossings are down, statistics don’t back that up, showing a “significant increase in the number of foreign criminals entering the United States,” Newsweek reported. 

The invasion at the southern border has become an important election year issue, as high-profile murders of young women have dominated the news cycle over the past several months. More recently, 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray was raped and savagely murdered by illegal aliens in Houston. 

Last month, a 13-year-old was raped in broad daylight at Kissena Park in Queens by a man who threatened her with a “large, machete-style knife.” The description of the suspect, who remains at large, has the appearance of a foreign national. 

In another case, an illegal alien from Turkey is accused of raping a 15-year-old New York girl in Albany, New York in May after threatening her with a pipe. Sakir Akkan, 21, was initially arrested by CBP agents in November 2023 at the US-Mexico border in California, but was released and ended up living in Troy, New York, an Albany suburb. 

The border, along with the struggling economy, are set to be big issues in November’s election. Voters were asked if they thought Biden or former President Trump was better able to handle the border issue; only 28% said Biden, while 50% preferred Trump. 

The Trump campaign has seized on Biden’s porous border, with his national press secretary last week telling Newsweek: “Joe Biden’s open border has allowed tens of millions of illegal criminals to invade our country and create a new wave of migrant crime in every state. On day one, President Trump will secure the border and empower local law enforcement to arrest criminals and deport illegal aliens.” 

Meanwhile, wanna be presidential candidate Gavin Newsom (D-CA) posted on X and disputed there is an issue at the southern border: “Trump said the southern border is the most dangerous place in the world. FACT CHECK: It’s not,” he said.

Newsom may actually be correct. Every city and town is now the most dangerous place in the world, thanks to Biden’s open border policies. The statistics show that despite claims from the administration, Congressional Democrats, and their media handlers, that the border is secure, that is in fact a lie. And with every day that goes by, more victims, including some as young as 12-years-old, are paying the price. 

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Biden and Mayorkas should be charged as Accessories in every one of these horrific crimes committed by illegal aliens !!!

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