New Mexico Admin Office of Courts wants to eliminate all court fees for violators and instead bill taxpayers


Sante Fe, NM: The New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts, or AOC, is proposing to eliminate a variety of fees associated with traffic offenses and misdemeanor fines, essentially passing on the loss of revenue to law-abiding taxpayers.

AOC is requesting that lawmakers make up the loss of 16 million dollars from the general fund.

Are you okay with paying for people who broke the law?

Critics of the court system’s fees claim that those who are already financially burdened are just led into a deeper hole after being slapped with a variety of fees from their wrongdoing. These people whose fines are imposed on may be led into committing more crimes to pay for past fines.

New Mexico Admin Office of Courts wants to eliminate all court fees for violators and instead bill taxpayers
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According to the Albuquerque Journal, it stated:

“They argue that court fees place an added burden on people who can ill afford to pay and can even cause some to commit crimes to pay their court costs.”

The column continued:

Critics also say that some people spend time in jail to satisfy court fees, contributing to jail overcrowding in New Mexico.”

Artie Pepin, the Director for the Administrative Office of the Court wrote a letter to legislators making an argument for the need to eliminate these miscellaneous fees that ‘trap the poor in a cycle of debt.’

In the letter, he stated:

“In addition to the impact that these fees have on economically distressed communities, they are also an inefficient way to fund important programs.”

He continued:

“Fee revenue varies from year to year, leaving government programs that rely on fees uncertain about revenue and scrambling to adjust when fee revenue declines. These programs merit general fund recurring appropriations.”

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The programs include a variety of services such as witness and jury fees, court related programs, drug courts, victim compensation, administrative fees, and so on.

In total, New Mexico collects a total 19 different fees from criminal and traffic violations, which bring in approximately 16 million dollars.

However, the AOC’s request to use general funds to pay for what fines and misdemeanors would usually cover has critics of its own.

Rep. Bill Rehm calls these fees ‘users fees’ and are appropriate to the system. He believes that people who are assessed fines are ‘using’ the criminal justice system should pay for it.

According to the Albuquerque journal:

“What they’re saying is that law abiding citizens would have to pay’ for the criminal wrongdoing of others, Rehm said Friday. People who legitimately can’t afford court fees can work out payment plans or perform community service, he said.”

New Mexico Admin Office of Courts wants to eliminate all court fees for violators and instead bill taxpayers
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Community service is a valuable tool that can provide useful services that would otherwise be expensive to contract, such as area beautification projects.

The deputy director of the AOC, Jennifer Albright, is optimistic and truly believes, perhaps naively, that legislators are open to finding alternative ways to provide additional funding.

According to the column:

“That revenue is very unstable and it has continuously gone down,” Albright said of court fee revenue. Collecting fees also puts an administrative burden on the courts, requiring costly staff time and resources, she said.”

She further argues that eliminating the costs alleviates any difficult decisions judges must make when deciding whether to send someone to jail over unpaid fines or not.

Albright also believes that sending a person to jail to payoff any unpaid fines cancel out the costs required to house, feed and provide security for these individuals when incarcerated- hence financially pointless.

Federal judge rules against New Jersey, finally allowing retired LEOs to carry concealed weapons

However, there are fears that eliminating court fees collected by the system may enable further negative behavior.

The inherent lesson attached to having fines imposed for violations is to stop doing the negative act. It is a simple action/ consequence scenario that, if eliminated, would lead to further violations and a less refined community.

Furthermore, and most importantly, the uncollected fines imposed fall on the backs of law- abiding citizens who have learned the valuable life lesson of simple action- consequence.

It all goes back to one simple fact- don’t do bad things and bad things won’t happen.

New Mexico Admin Office of Courts wants to eliminate all court fees for violators and instead bill taxpayers

Talk about waste of taxpayer money.

Former New York Governor demands taxpayers fund his private legal defense over sexual harassment claims

Posted August 13, 2022

ALBANY, NY – Disgraced Democratic hero, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, apparently believes the taxpayers of New York should be paying for his legal defense against a sexual harassment claim…and is now suing to make them pay for it.

Those in Camp Cuomo believe that the former governor should not have to pay any of his legal fees while the court drama plays out on claims he sexually harassed multiple women while in office.

The belief stems from the state law which allows public employees to utilize taxpayer funds to pay for all legal defenses while acting within the scope of their duties. The lawsuit that was recently filed in Manhattan claims:

“A state officer is entitled to a defense in any civil action arising out of any alleged act or omission which occurred or is alleged in the complaint to have occurred while the employee was acting within the scope of his public employment or duties.”

The lawsuit was filed by Cuomo’s attorneys after New York Attorney General Letitia James denied the request to use the funds in April.

The reason AG James denied the request, according to her spokeswoman, is their belief that “sexually harassing” someone is not in the governor’s job description. The spokeswoman reported:

“Andrew Cuomo is trying to force New Yorkers to pay his legal bills because he believes sexual harassment was within his ‘scope of employment’ as governor. Sexually harassing young women who work for you is not part of anyone’s job description.

“Taxpayers should not have to pony up for legal bills that could reach millions of dollars so Mr. Cuomo’s lawyer can attack survivors of his abuse.”

Cuomo was forced to resign after numerous women came forward alleging sexual harassment, including a New York State Trooper who was assigned to his security detail. After the completion of the sexual harassment investigation, AG James reported:

“The independent investigation has concluded that Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women and in doing so violated federal and state law.”

The move for the funds comes after the lawsuit filed by the Trooper who alleged she was groped by Cumo as she worked for him as part of his security detail.

The Trooper, who has not been officially named, is seeking an undisclosed amount of civil damages to help her deal with the “severe mental anguish and emotional distress” she endured as a result of allegedly being victimized by Cuomo.

Cuomo’s issues began in August of 2021 when eleven women reported they had been sexually harassed or groped by him at some point while he was governor.

AG James initiated an investigation which, according to her, found proof that he did commit several acts of sexual harassment, something Camp Cuomo still denies, calling it political theatre.

Rich Azzopardi, a spokesman for Cuomo, argued that claim in a recent statement which read, in part:

“The report has been reviewed by five separate district attorneys and every single one has declined to move forward based on it – it was nothing more than a political document and holds no legal weight. Their political games continue.”

New Mexico Admin Office of Courts wants to eliminate all court fees for violators and instead bill taxpayers

Afghanistan is STILL costing American dollars.
One year after botched withdrawal, Biden team still sending billions of taxpayers dollars to Afghanistan

Posted July 26, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. – According to reports, Judicial Watch has revealed that the Biden administration is still sending billions of United States taxpayer dollars to Afghanistan.

Not only is the administration sending money overseas nearly one year after the botched withdrawal, but they refuse to give access to auditors to investigate exactly what has been going on.

In the last two decades, the United States as spent nearly $146 billion on Afghanistan reconstruction and it seems billions more continue to be spent by the Biden administration, who are blocking federal auditors from conducting their congressionally mandated job of investigation where the money is going.

When Biden forced the U.S. military to surrender to the Taliban terrorists in August of 2021, he also armed the Taliban with nearly $80 billion in U.S. weapons and left thousands of Americans stranded, fending for themselves.

Instead of destroying the equipment before leaving Afghanistan, the Biden administration decided to leave it all to the Taliban, thus giving them more power.

A more complete list of what was left behind was created with public information and help from other intelligence sources. Below is the list of just some of the left behind equipment that is now controlled by the Taliban:

2,000 armored vehicles, including Humvees and MRAP’s;
75,989 total vehicles: FMTV, M35, Ford Rangers, Ford F350, Ford Vans, Toyota Pickups, armored security vehicles, etc.;
45 UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters;
50 MD530G Scout Attack choppers;
ScanEagle military drones;
30 military version cessnas;
4 C-130s;
29 Brazilian made A-29 super Tocano ground attack aircraft;
208+ aircraft total; and
At least 600,000+ small arms M16, M29, SAWs, M24 sniper systems, 50 calibers, 1,395 M203 grenade launchers, M134 mini gun, 20mm Gatling guns and ammunition.


According to Judicial Watch:

“For months the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) has been trying to investigate the abrupt collapse of the U.S.-backed government in Afghanistan, if the State Department is complying with laws and regulations prohibiting the transfer of funds to the Taliban, and ongoing humanitarian programs supporting the Afghan people.”

It seems that the State Department and its offshoot, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), refuse to cooperate as required by law.

The sudden refusal to cooperate is particularly surprising after more than a decade of cooperation. Head of SIGAR, John F. Sopko, writes:

“Billions of dollars have been spent in Afghanistan and billions more continue to be spent. Congress and American taxpayers deserve to know why the Afghan government collapsed after all that assistance, where the money went, and how taxpayer money is now being spent in Afghanistan.”

Sopko added:

“The fact that the State and USAID would obstruct such oversight work, particularly after the Taliban’s seizure of governmental power in Afghanistan, is unprecedented. Given the express prohibition against State and USAID officials preventing SIGAR from conducting its oversight work, it is also illegal.”

Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan was the worst surrender in United States history.

It may have also been the worst foreign policy move in United States history and is yet another example of the purposeful destruction of the United States under Joe Biden.

Reportedly, USAID has a controversial past and has been allegedly connected to illegals being transported to the United States. It is just one of the many organizations that need to be fully audited under the Biden administration.

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