Stacey Abrams just rewrote biology with two sentences – so Planned Parenthood revised their website to match


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ATLANTA, GA – Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has built a reputation of opening her mouth and stupid things coming out.

As my new friend, Raven Harrison, says about stupidity, echoing her dad’s words:

“Stupid isn’t hard for the person who is stupid. It’s hard for the people who are around them.”

And Abrams just proved that.

While she still claims that the 2016 Presidential election was rigged and stolen and that she actually won her race for the governor’s mansion in 2020, nothing she has previously said compares to the latest gem she uttered.

Fortunately, it was caught on video and pushed out across the internet, where it will likely be immortalized as one of the dumbest things ever said.

Here is the statement.

“There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks. It is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body.”

Before we dig into the aftermath from the statement, I have to stop and ask a question.

What the actual hell is she talking about?

No heartbeat? Manufactured sound? Men use it to convey their right to control women’s body?

No one actually believes that, right?

We have mountains of pre-natal medical evidence to prove her wrong. Or at least we did. But, with just those two sentences, apparently, we have been proven wrong. And we need to believe her given all her years of experience running ultrasounds as a tax attorney.

Even Planned Parenthood gave in and decided that Abrams, with exactly ZERO years of medical experience, knows better than the thousands upon thousands of obstetricians and ultrasound technicians. They must have arrived at that decision, given that they quietly revised their own website to cover this topic.

As reported by the Washington Examiner:

“Planned Parenthood changed its website without any acknowledgment of modifications to say that under the five- to six-week mark of pregnancy, “a part of the embryo starts to show cardiac activity. It sounds like a heartbeat on an ultrasound, but it’s not a fully-formed heart — it’s the earliest stage of the heart developing.”

The same webpage previously said that “a very basic beating heart and circulatory system develop,” per an archive of the page from July.”

To verify the change, the before- and after-Stacey Adams mouth diarrhea screenshots are shown below.

Stacey Abrams just rewrote biology with two sentences - so Planned Parenthood revised their website to match
Planned Parenthood website screenshot


Stacey Abrams just rewrote biology with two sentences - so Planned Parenthood revised their website to match
Planned Parenthood website archive screenshot


Now, as we dig deeper into the lunacy of Abram’s idiotic ramblings, we also need to be reminded that every last one of us that have argued about vaccine mandates have been called “science deniers” for close to two years.

We have lost jobs, family and friends.

But Abrams can tell the entire world that a 6-week fetal heart beat is a mechanical sound meant to further the patriarchy, and none of the so-called “fact checkers” even blink an eye. In fact, the Washington Post’s own Glenn Kessler tweeted his support of Abrams’ statement, doubling down on the outright lie.

“FWIW, ‘fetal heartbeat’ is a misnomer. The ultrasound picks up electrical activity generated by an embryo. The so-called ‘heartbeat’ sound you hear is created by the ultrasound. Not until 10 weeks can the opening and closing of cardiac valves be detected by a Doppler machine.”

Pradheep Shankar spent seven tweets dismantling both Abrams and Kessler regarding the topic of fetal heartbeats.

You know, it is almost as if Kessler woke up last Thursday thinking “how could I be as wrong as humanly possible and make a giant ass of myself publicly.”

Well, Glenn, backing up Abrams on her attempt to establish herself as a medical expert is a great place to start.

Even funnier than their obvious lack of medical knowledge is the fact that Kessler literally just made the argument for the fact that at 6 weeks, am unborn baby is still a human life. Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter called him out on it.

We have heard from the medical experts on the internet, Abrams and Kessler, but, we have to let the actual experts weigh.

Even the National institute of Health says that a baby’s heart continues to develop and beat starting around week 6.

But, as should be expected, there are those in the medical profession that are going to agree with Abrams. Here are a few doctors to never go to.

Thank God Dr. Megan showed up to remind the common man that they are too stupid to understand what is taking place during the development of baby. Luckily, she referenced NPR as a source for medical expertise.

What are your thoughts on Abrams statement and the lack of fact checkers weighing in on her stupidity? Send us an email or reach out to us via social media to weigh in.

Man charged with billionaire heiress's murder arrested for unsolved rape and kidnapping of ANOTHER woman one year ago

Think this is the only time Abrams has said something controversial that goes against the grain of facts? Then please:


Stacey Abrams suggests Republicans won’t ‘stop men from murdering women of color’

During a recent episode of MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that aired on April 22nd, former politician and Democratic activist Stacey Abrams inferred that voters should align themselves with Democratic politicians when at the ballot box, due to her alleging that Republicans “will not stop men from murdering women of color.”

Abrams made this claim, among a litany of other strange proclamations, by making mention of generalized perceived issues and specified incidents and then tying them to elected officials within the Republican party.

Abrams spoke to address present vulnerabilities in the voting process, and characterizing the recently enacted legislation as some nefarious plot by Republicans to enable voter suppression aimed at minority communities:

“What we saw happen in Georgia in 2020 and again in 2021 has, indeed, led to hysteria from Republicans. But the reaction should not be to hold on to power by diminishing the power of citizenship.

“It should be, ‘Let us evaluate our policies and do our best to convince these voters that they can join us.’ Voters of color are just like any other voter. We will pick the people who will represent us best and deliver for our needs.

“What we have failed to see from Republicans is a willingness to confront that reality and adjust accordingly. So instead, we are seeing voter suppression, which is the coward’s tactic when it comes to winning elections.”

The MSNBC show host, Joy Reid, then made reference to the spa shootings that transpired in the Atlanta area as well as instances of “police brutality,” asking Abrams the following:

“We’ve seen, you know, the Asian American community suffer this horrific attack. You know, obviously, we’ve seen ongoing police brutality issues. There are still cases that are open there.”

“These communities are facing these multiple stressors, right? I’m wondering how you think that winds up intersecting as people like you from Fair Fight and others are coming back and saying to get into the political process?”

Abrams then responded, highlighting that somehow elected officials bear some level of responsibility in the Atlanta spa murders, alleging that if certain officials are in office that it somehow enables or tacitly approves of minority women getting murdered by men:

“One of the most important ways to engage voters, there’s absolutely the responsibility of registration, but it is connecting the dots. It is making certain as we saw with these horrific murders that if we do not have the right people in power, then they will not stop men from murdering women of color.”

For the record, murder is most definitely already illegal in Georgia.

This notion was carried on by Abrams, further alleging that essentially Republicans aren’t taking steps to protect the environment or seem content with instances of police officers committing crime:

“If we do not have the right people in power, they will not take action to protect our environment. If we do not have the right people in power, district attorneys will not charge, and police officers will be left to immunize themselves from accountability for their actions.”

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LET Unity

The state of Georgia has been a hotspot as of late for political bickering, where issues related to the recent enacted voting law have managed to result in at least one Democratic representative being arrested for attempting to interrupt the signing of the bill.

Here’s that previous report from earlier in April.


ATLANTA, GA– According to authorities, a Georgia lawmaker who was arrested after she tried to interrupt Governor Brian Kemp’s (R) signing of a new controversial voting law, could end up facing eight years in prison.

On March 25th, Kemp signed Georgia Senate Bill 202 into law in a ceremony with press and supporters of the bill both in attendance.

On the day of the signing, Georgia representative Park Cannon (D) was arrested after she knocked on the door to the governor’s office while he was delivering his remarks post-signing.

According to, Georgia State Patrol, Cannon was told by officers to stop knocking on the door because of the press conference going on inside and that if she wouldn’t, she would be placed under arrest for obstruction.

Video shows another attempt by Cannon to knock on the door and the officers telling her she was under arrest.

She is then seen taken out of the Capitol and later brought to the Union City Jail where she was charged with obstruction of law enforcement and preventing or disrupting General Assembly sessions or other meetings.

According to a representative for Cannon, she was granted a signature bond and was later released from jail. Sen. Raphael Warnock joined a crowd of supporters at her release and defended her as “an outstanding public servant.”

Attorney Gerald Griggs, who also spoke the jail as Cannon was release, is now representing her and is vowing to “vigorously defend against” the charges. Cannon told reporters:

“I am not afraid to admit that I was afraid of what might happen.”

Both charges are felonies and if convicted, carry a sentence of up to eight years in prison. Her team has announced the establishment of a crowdfunding campaign to support her legal defense. She said:

“As difficult as it is to acknowledge that I am facing eight years on unfounded charges, I believe the governor’s signing into law the most comprehensive voter suppression bill in the country is a far more serious crime.”

She added that being arrested at the governor’s door was “both physically and emotionally” painful. She said:

“The issue at hand: voter suppression in Georgia is alive today, on the first day of April. He has erased decades of sacrifices, incalculable hours of work, marches, prayers, tears even, and as he minimized the deaths of thousands who had paid the ultimate price for the right to vote.”

This is not the first time Cannon has been involved in an exchange at the Capitol. Allegedly a month or so back she was confronted by a Georgia State Patrol trooper during a spontaneous protest against the election measures.

She put her head in front of the bullhorn that a state trooper was using to have the crowd disperse and caused the amplification to feed back into a screech. Another trooper grabbed her by her elbow, encouraging her to move away.

Cannon protested the physical contact and then confronted the trooper regarding the statute he had cited, pointing out that the House was not in session at that moment. She said:

“Session is adjourned, so there is no disrupting of the session. Session is over! That is why all the members are out!”

Cannon said that she wanted a public apology from the trooper who grabbed her by her elbow and she declined to offer a private conversation of the matter. There were no arrests from that incident.

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