St. Louis couple who defended themselves from mob believes President protected them from second attack


ST. LOUIS, MO.- By now we have all heard about the harrowing encounter that St. Louis residents Mark and Patricia McCloskey had with Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters, who broke down a gate surrounding their property and then threatened to kill them. The McCloskey’s defended themselves by arming themselves against the intruders in what has now become a viral video.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, a George Soros-funded hack has been deciding whether or not to pursue charges against the McCloskey’s for defending their home and themselves from a potentially violent mob.

According to Missouri Gov. Brad Parson, President Trump has offered the assistance of the federal government to assist them. Parson spoke to the president earlier this week, according to Bearing Arms. In fact, McCloskey told Fox News Sean Hannity on Tuesday that he believes President Trump intervened behind the scenes when protesters returned to his neighborhood on July 3.

The second night that people came, and the cops were there…I had a source on the ground, and I’ve not been able to confirm it, maybe you can,” Hannity said. “Is it true President Trump sent in people to defend your neighborhood and nobody knew about it?”

“That’s the information we have,” McCloskey responded. “I think we got help from the very top. That night we had cooperation, I think, from the federal government, from the state government, the local police department. That night everybody stood up like champs, but it came from the top down.”

He added, “I can’t express my appreciation enough for everybody involved,” he added.

Earlier Tuesday, McCloskey told Fox’s Tucker Carlson that he expected to get indicted shortly after the original June 28 incident where he and his wife took arms to defend themselves.

Last week, McCloskey and his wife told Hannity that they were getting ready for dinner on their porch when suddenly “300 to 500 people” broke through the gate and began moving toward them.

“ [They said] that they were going to kill us,” Patricia McCloskey said at the time. “They were going to come  in there. They were going to burn down the house. They were going to be living in our house after I was dead, and they were pointing to different rooms and said, ‘That’s going to be my bedroom and that’s going to be the living room and I’m going to be taking a shower in that room.’”

The McCloskey’s insist that they “did nothing wrong” in protecting themselves and their home and said that they are not going to “be intimidated” by officials subjecting them to an investigation.

“They want to indict me. The press has maligned me, and they are trying to socially intimidate us, but we did nothing wrong and we are not going to be intimidated,” he said. “We are not subject to intimidation and we won’t back down.”

McCloskey continued, “It’s been an intimidation campaign, and we are going to fight it.”

In the meantime, at a Tuesday press conference Parson sharply criticized the attempt to prosecute the McCloskey’s.

“The couple had every right to protect their property,” Parson said. “They have the ability to do that as private citizens like everyone else.”

He said that the couple had the right to utilize their second amendment rights in order to protect themselves.

“But what they should not go through is a prosecutor attempting to take their constitutional rights away by plotting charges against them for protecting their property.”

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In showing her true colors, Gardner has refused to pursue charges against people who looted and rioted in St. Louis shortly after the riots became vogue in the country. KSDK reported that Gardner refused to prosecute those arrested during the violent protests and all were released without criminal charges being levied.

For that, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt blasted Garner, citing the fact that a retired police captain David Dorn had been murdered in cold blood, along with other police officers being shot, firefighters being assaulted, and businesses burned to the ground.

“It’s unfathomable that every single person arrested that night has been released,” Schmitt said. “It is stunning.”

Gardner claimed the cases brought forth by the St. Louis PD had “insufficient evidence” and to issue charges would be “unethical.” True definition of a hack politician. However she’s quick to look at levying charges against a couple defending not only their property but their lives. 

In addressing his conversation with President Trump, the governor said that he “understands the situation in Missouri, he understands the situation in St. Louis and how out of control it is for a prosecutor to let violent criminals off and to not do their job and try to attack law-abiding citizens,” while adding that the president told him he would do “everything he could” to help the couple.

It is unknown what President Trump may have done to help the McCloskey’s although it’s possible either the president or someone in the administration reached out to local  law enforcement to assist with getting them some type of protection.

Gardner meanwhile is accusing the governor and president of “inserting politics” into the case, according to the Washington Post. That’s funny. Gardner accusing someone else of “inserting politics’ into the case while she refused to prosecute protesters operating under the guise of Black Lives Matter likely to protect her political hide.

Gardner said that the facts and applicable laws were still under review and that she would “apply them equally, regardless of the people involved”

“It is unbelievable the Governor of the State of Missouri would seek advice from one of the most divisive leaders in our generation to overpower the discretion of a locally elected prosecutor,” Gardner whined in a statement.

Who was inserting politics again?

Gardner of course had immediately accused the McCloskey’s of “trampling the First Amendment rights of “protesters” within mere hours of the incident outside their home. From all appearances, Gardner had her mind made up that there was some type of criminal violation by the McCloskey’s before it was ever determined whether or not a crime may have been committed.

For his part, President Trump told Katie Pavlich of Townhall and Fox News that the incident involving the couple was “disgraceful.”

Meanwhile, KMOV in St. Louis is reporting that St. Louis police have applied for warrants in the McCloskey case, however no charges have yet been filed. Law Enforcement Today will update this when more information becomes available. 

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