Here we go again.

A sitting member of Congress has once again made it clear that she has no business as an American leader – let alone even having an audience of nearly a million followers to spew nonsense and false truths to.

This week, a police officer and three additional civilians became victims after two members of a black supremacist group known as the Black Hebrew Israelites went on a rampage in Jersey City. 

And just two days later, Rashida Tlaib took to her social media soapbox to spread lies and misinformation, blaming the attacks on “white supremacy”.


“This is heartbreaking. White supremacy kills.” Tlaib’s tweet read.

Squad member blames Jersey City shootings on "white supremacy". The shooters were black.

Twitter Screenshot


It didn’t take long for outraged members of the law enforcement community to take notice. Rob O’Donnell, frequent contributor for LET and retired officer, fired back at Tlaib for her blatantly false spread of information.

Tlaib quickly deleted her tweet, but not before we were able to secure a few screenshots for proof.


Tlaib’s original tweet was reposting the names of the victims who were killed in the tragic “war zone”-like gun battle that took place in a kosher market on Tuesday. 

Our guess is that she saw a picture of the victim and assumed he was one of the suspects. We deserve better from our elected leaders. Can you really not take a few minutes to research a topic before blindly spewing false information to hundreds of thousands of Americans?

It’s a blatant case showing that Tlaib is more concerned with pushing a narrative instead of investigating facts. She doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record when it comes to members of law enforcement. 

And Rep. Tlaib wasn’t the only one to royally screw up when it came to the details of the shooting. 

Talk show host Joy Behar also blamed the slaughter on white nationalism while appearing on the daytime television show, The View.

“Yes. You will concede that the nationals — these white nationalists have been let out of their holes,” she said while speaking with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

And while Christie didn’t exactly call her out about her error, he steered the conversation in a more broad overview of the dangers we’re facing as a country.

“Listen,” Christie said. “It’s an awful, divisive time when you are allowing folks to be able to express these kind of views, no matter who they are, no matter what the ethnic, religious bias they have. That’s got no place in this country, never has, and we, all of us who feel that way, need to be speaking out against it and drown their voices out.”

USA Today reported about the motivation behind the killings. 

“We believe the suspects held views that reflected hatred of the Jewish people as well as law enforcement,” New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said at a press briefing.

According to the Hudson County Prosecutors, the incident, described as a “shootout,” lasted for at least an hour along a major road in Jersey City. A number of agencies responded to the scene, including local police, including a SWAT team, state police and federal agents. A spokesman for the A.T.F. said the agency was treating the incident as an “active shooter” situation as of 1:45 p.m. Witnesses in the area described the incident as a “war zone.”

Former NYPD Commissioner and Brothers Before Others member Bernie Kerik spoke with Law Enforcement Today about his police officer son’s role in taking out the armed suspects.

“I could not be more proud of not only my son, but the Jersey City detectives that were with him when they killed the suspects, as well as every first responder involved.”

Squad member blames Jersey City shootings on "white supremacy". The shooters were black.

Joe and Bernie Kerik (Provided to LET)


Kerik’s son Joe is a police officer in Newark and a member of a federal task force, according to sources.

During the gunbattle, Joe Kerik and a number of other officers smashed open the door of the bodega in an armored vehicle and stormed the shop, shooting and killing the suspects inside.


Bernie Kerik asked for prayers during the difficult time for the fallen officer.

“My prayers go out to the family of Detective Joseph Seals,” he said.

The area where the shooting occurred is a commercial district, and beside the school, has stores, a kosher supermarket and a hair stylist. It lies adjacent to a residential district.

Squad member blames Jersey City shootings on "white supremacy". The shooters were black.

Sgt. Marjorie Jordan risked everything entering the line of fire to pull her partner to safety after he was shot in the shoulder. (Social Media Screenshot)


Jersey City, New Jersey’s second-largest city, is located just across the Hudson River from New York City.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said in a statement, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the men and women of the Jersey City Police Department, especially with the officers shot during this standoff, and with the residents and schoolchildren currently under lockdown. I have every confidence in our law enforcement professionals to ensure the safety of the community and resolve this situation.”

A steady stream of gunshots could be heard in the vicinity just before 2 p.m. For over an hour, loud exchanges of gunfire could be heard in the Greenville neighborhood of Jersey City. Police and media helicopters circled the scene as police officers filled the streets.

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Squad member blames Jersey City shootings on "white supremacy". The shooters were black.


Police fanned out in every direction as they went door to door getting residents and business owners out of harm’s way to safety.  

Jersey City resident James Scott said he was nearby when he heard gunfire.

“I was on the corner of Martin Luther King. Next thing you know there was shots fired. We all ducked to the ground. I got out of here,” he said.

Residents who were cleared from their homes watched from behind a barricade as SWAT officers, bomb squads and heavily armed police officers filled the neighborhood.

“I heard this constant shooting, and it kept going on for about 15 minutes,” said Willy McDonald, age 67. He said that by the time he got outside, there were police everywhere. “There had to be at least 8 of them,” he said.

McDonald continued, “This is one of the biggest gunfights I’ve seen in a while. And I’ve been in Vietnam.”

The New Jersey State PBA, in a tweet said, “We need a lot of prayers right now for Jersey City officers. Keep all those involved in your thoughts.”


O’Donnell commented about the sacrifices made by cops every single day.

“This is what the American police officer does day in and day out to protect themselves, each other, and the communities they serve,” he told LET. “This is what America needs to see, not the false rhetoric and narratives of those wishing to keep us divided.”


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