‘Second in line’ Pelosi says we may have to ‘fumigate’ President Trump him out of White House


WASHINGTON, DC – Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a message for President Trump: There is no way that he will be left in office after the election. 

She said:

“The fact is: Whether he knows it yet or not, he will be leaving.” 

Pelosi’s comments seem to come after President Trump gave Fox News Sunday in an interview the same answer he gave when he was running in the 2016 election regarding his acceptance of the results of the election:

“Look you – I have to see.  No, I’m not going to just say ‘yes.’  I’m not going to say ‘no.’  And I didn’t last time, either.” 

Pelosi furthered voiced her displeasure, saying in an MSNBC interview:

“There is a process.  It has nothing to do with if the certain occupant of the White House doesn’t feel like moving and has to be fumigated out of there because the presidency is the presidency.” 

Pelosi feels that President Trump will not be reelected due to the recent poling which claims Joe Biden leading. However, the President and his team also pointed to him trailing in all of the polls leading up to the 2016 election. 

In an interview with “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski, Pelosi said:

“Just because he might not want to move out of the White house doesn’t mean we won’t have an inauguration ceremony to inaugurate a duly elected President of the United States. 

“And you know, I’m second in line to the presidency.  Just last week I had my regular continuation of government briefing.  This might interest you because I say to them, this is never going to happen, God willing it never will, but there is a process….It’s not geography or location so, so much for him. 

“I wouldn’t spend so much time on it that’s a victory for him because then we’re not talking about your first, more important subject, which is, what are we going to do to stop this vicious virus that is making an assault on our health, again, our lives, our livelihood and life of our democracy.” 

Why Pelosi felt it necessary to point out that she becomes the President should something happen to both the President and Vice President is not clear.

Fears of voter fraud may be one of the reasons that President Trump is reluctant to say that he will go with the results of the election. 

Reports out of numerous states of mail-in and ballot harvesting fraud are rising.  Recently, Law Enforcement Today published an article giving one example of potential fraud in Michigan.  In that case, the Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF)  found that voter data had a large amount of registered voters that should be long dead, one born in 1823, or way too young to be voting. 

They also found that Detroit had more registered voters than actual citizens.  Also, the information showed that roughly 5,000 voters were flagged for potentially registering up to three times for the same election. 

In addition to the case out of Michigan, another article furnished by Law Enforcement Today has President Trump offering up several examples of voter fraud during a press conference in April.  The examples given were nine people who were charged in Rio Grand Valley of Texas for vote harvesting mail-in ballots and another one in New York that had been stealing and submitting ballots. 

In California, mail-in ballots will be sent to all registered voters in the state, supposedly to keep people at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, PILF was able to find that there are still more than 23,000 deceased people listed as registered voters, leading some to believe that all of those votes will be fraudulently tallied. 

Of course, how can we forget the incident out of Georgia, where a cat, who has been dead for 12 years, received a voter registration card in the mail.

PILF President J. Christian Adams stated:

“California has a history of demonstrating that automation in voting processes will cause errors.  Auto-mailing to active registrants won’t protect the state from sending ballots to dead and duplicated registrants – especially those who’ve shown and acknowledged willingness to take advantage of extra votes.” 

And in Paterson, NJ, four people were charged with harvesting ballots from people and potentially changing their vote.  In that particular case, Councilman-Elect Mendez was criminally charged with second-degree election fraud, among five other crimes.   

The prosecutors allege that Mendez handled ballots which he knew or should have known to be “false, fictitious, or fraudulent, in that he knew the person for whom the application was procured was not eligible to vote in the election district identified on the application,” according to authorities.

Given these examples of voter fraud that are occurring throughout the United States, perhaps President Trump is correct in waiting until the election is said and done before he gives his seal of approval.

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Here’s more on mail-in voting.

Dig Deeper: California court brief suggests as many as 23,000 dead registered voters could be sent main-in ballots

SACRAMENTO, CA – What party do the dead vote for?

Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a bill into law that supposedly will send mail-in ballots to all registered voters in California for the November 2020 Presidential election. This law also allows county officials to count any ballots within 17 days of the election.

The reason for the mail-in ballots is allegedly due to the threat of the COVID-19 to the people of California. The order mandates mail-in ballots to be sent, but it also states there must be in-person voting available as well.

Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) says the mail-in ballot law will send ballots to more than 23,000 deceased registered voters and 2,000 duplicate registrants.

In the last three elections 1,525 voter registrants voted twice from the same address, as well as 280 voter registrants who voted twice in two different California counties in 2016.

PILF President J. Christian Adams stated:

“California has a history of demonstrating that automation in voting processes will cause errors. Auto-mailings to active registrants won’t protect the state from sending ballots to dead and duplicated registrants – especially those who’ve shown an acknowledged willingness to take advantage of extra votes.”

Former Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Judicial Watch, a watchdog group, are suing Governor Newsom because of his May 8 executive order giving California officials authority to send out mail-in ballots to all California registered voters.

So, what does this mean? Breitbart News reports that Eric Eggers, the Director of Government Accountability Institute Research said that “it is fair to assume many illegal aliens in California will obtain mail-in ballots for this year’s general election.”

California’s voter registration rate in the past has measured over 100 percent, meaning there are more registered voters on voter rolls than those authorized to vote in California.

Breitbart further reports that the lawsuit by Judicial Watch reason for the lawsuit is with the state that California is in regarding mail-in ballots, there is risk of legal challenges when the election is over which can hurt voters and candidates – specifically those in congressional districts with more than one county, where votes may have been cast legally and others under the alleged unlawful system.   

Judicial Watch’s lawsuit refers to the U.S. Constitution which states that the state legislatures control how members of Congress are elected including the Electoral College. The lawsuit states:

“The United States Constitution sets forth the authority to regulate federal elections. With respect to congressional elections, the Constitution provides:

The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.

U.S. CONST. art. I, § 4 (“Elections Clause”).

  1. With respect to the appointment of presidential electors, the Constitution provides:

Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.

U.S. CONST. art. II, § 1 (“Electors Clause”).
17. Neither Defendant is a “Legislature” as required under the Elections Clause or Electors Clause.”

According to Breitbart, Judicial Watch has had success in lawsuits with mailings in California before.

Mail-in ballots “may have been destroyed” in postal truck fire in New Jersey. Well that’s convenient. (Op-ed)

MORRIS COUNTY, NJ – What could ever go wrong with mail-in voting?

Ballots addressed to 91 homes in Morris County New Jersey may have been destroyed in a mail truck fore on Saturday. 

“At the time of the fire, the truck contained mail for a total of 91 addresses on six streets remaining on the route,” said George Flood, spokesperson for the Northeast region of the U.S. Postal Service. 

“We notified residents at the 91 addresses involved. In addition, we alerted Morris County Board of Elections to enable eligible residents to receive replacement vote-by-mail ballots.”

It is important to know that in the context of this report the post office said the ballots MAY have been destroyed. The post office did not say they had been destroyed. 

Ballots are sent by first class mail in New Jersey, unless they are going overseas, in which case they are sent by Air Mail. 

First class mail is not tracked so there would be no way to know if people at these addresses had already received their ballots, thus enabling them to call and request additional ballots at will.  Interesting.

It gets better.

The signature on the ballots is visual matched to the signature on file, a method which caused 9.6% of mail in ballots to be rejected in 31 municipalities that held elections on May 12. 

So, there is a possibility that duplicate ballots might be caught, but there is also a possibility that they wouldn’t or that alternate names could be assigned (such as a dead relative or a household pet).

Fortunately, ballot harvesting is illegal in New Jersey, but one still has to wonder, how secure is a mail-in election?

What if these ballots weren’t on their way to the voters, but were on their way back from the voters? 

Would those votes have been counted?  Would people cry voter suppression then when these very same people are the ones saying not allowing this insecure practice is voter suppression now?

Voting is the right and even the duty of each and every citizen and mail-in voting leaves this process open to massive opportunity for fraud.  From duplicate voting, to people who are not citizens voting in elections, to people turning in ballots from people now deceased, there are just too many ways to circumvent the system when checks and balances are removed.

Voting should be in person with a state issued identification card with legitimate out of area travel or deployment and medical emergencies the only exceptions. 

It is not voter suppression if the state issues a photo voter ID to people not able to afford or obtain a driver’s license.  It is not voter suppression because someone cannot get to the polls because there are many ways to get to the polls.  There are volunteers who drive people to the polls in virtually every hamlet in the United States.  If someone can get out to get groceries or to go to a bar they can get to the polls.

There is far too much screaming that, “It’s not fair,” to allow another mechanism for any type of fraud to be perpetrated on the American People. 

There were no injuries to the person in this accident.  That’s the good news. 

The people – however – may not have been so fortunate.

Let’s not forget what happened when President Trump raised concerns about it on Twitter last month.

Of all the nonsense, fake news, and demonstrably false claims hurled by the infamous “blue checkmarks” on Twitter, the company decided to add a fact-checking link to President Donald Trump’s tweet about his concerns over mass mail-in ballots.

'Second in line' Pelosi says we may have to 'fumigate' President Trump him out of White House

Here’s the text from the two tweets that Twitter decided to “fact check”:

“There is NO WAY (ZERO!) that Mail-In Ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent. Mail boxes will be robbed, ballots will be forged & even illegally printed out & fraudulently signed.

“The Governor of California is sending Ballots to millions of people, anyone living in the state, no matter who they are or how they got there, will get one. That will be followed up with professionals telling all of these people, many of whom have never even thought of voting before, how, and for whom, to vote. This will be a Rigged Election. No way!”

So, when one clicks on the links that say “Get the facts about mail-in ballots,” Twitter users aren’t greeted with any “facts” per se.

Instead, they’re shown an enlarged image of President Trump that says “Trump makes unsubstantiated claim that mail-in ballots will lead to voter fraud.”

'Second in line' Pelosi says we may have to 'fumigate' President Trump him out of White House

Below said image, which doesn’t actually provide any facts at all about mail-in ballots, Twitter Safety posted their own tweet that says the following:

“We added a label to two [of Donald Trump’s] Tweets about California’s vote-by-mail plans as part of our efforts to enforce our civic integrity policy. We believe those Tweets could confuse voters about what they need to do to receive a ballot and participate in the election process.”

Interestingly enough, there isn’t much about President Trump’s online postings that could “confuse voters” about how to obtain a mail-in ballot at all.

Scrolling further down the series of articles and tweets that Twitter provides in their linked response, there was an op-ed styled “analysis” by CNN that was one of the pieces of “proof” that Trump’s tweeted opinion was requiring a fact check.

The CNN article written by Chris Cillizza showcased as one of two fact checking articles by Twitter stated the following about the sitting president:

“[President Trump] cannot accept losing in any way, shape or form. And when faced with defeat or setback, he insists that the rules were broken, that something nefarious happened — although he never says exactly what.”

While the article pointed to some statistics related to previous instances of voter fraud that allege voting by mail hasn’t historically led to instances of massive fraud, the article went on to allege the motivations of the president’s tweets.

Ergo, the article is no longer a barometer of determining fact versus fiction, but, rather, it’s an opinion article.

Furthermore, we’re already seeing people receive multiple mail-in ballots at their home addresses. One user on Twitter posted that they received five ballots already, four of which were for previous residents.

'Second in line' Pelosi says we may have to 'fumigate' President Trump him out of White House

What seems most absurd in this “fact checking” fiasco is that President Trump wasn’t making claims as a genuine statement of fact – he was voicing concerns over the potential issues related to wide-scale mail-in ballots being sent out. Voicing concerns over the possibility of something coming to fruition is not something worthy of a fact check.

What’s all the more unique is that even the New York Times is celebrating that Donald Trump has gotten a “fact check” marker for his mail-in ballot tweets in an article titled “Twitter Refutes Inaccuracies in Trump’s Tweets About Mail-In Voting.”

Obviously, the New York Times easily forgets that they published an article back in 2012 that warned about the dangers of mass mail-in ballots titled “Error and Fraud at Issue as Absentee Voting Rises.”

While the New York Times is now saying that the President is putting out “false and threatening posts” in their May 26th article about mail-in ballots, they had the following to say about mail-in voting in 2012:

“Votes cast by mail are less likely to be counted, more likely to be compromised and more likely to be contested than those cast in a voting booth, statistics show. Election officials reject almost 2 percent of ballots cast by mail, double the rate for in-person voting.”

Also, it’s far from surprising that Twitter would decide to hone in on tweets aimed at citing the possible fraud that can taint the process of mail-in ballots, as they have partnered with Vote Early Day 2020. The Vote Early Day 2020 organization happens to be huge proponents of things like mail-in ballots.

Needless to say, the bias is apparent in Twitter at this point. There is so much more that is worthy of “fact checking” on Twitter than worries about fraud related to mail-in ballots.

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