Southern Poverty Law Center: ‘Because of equality, we’re no longer monitoring black hate groups’


NEW ORLEANS, LA- There are apparently “bad” hate groups and there are “good” hate groups.

For example, a group like Oath Keepers, comprised in large numbers by former law enforcement, military and first responders is a “bad” hate group.

However the Nation of Islam, led by anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan is a “good” hate group.

At least if you’re the bizarrely-named Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) that is.

The SPLC claims to be dedicated to fighting hate.

Well, not all hate apparently just some hate, according to FrontPage Mag’s Daniel Greenfield. Time was, when the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King was the leading civil rights icon, he was looking for equality for black Americans, the equal opportunity to live the American dream and take advantage of all that America has to offer.

Well, that whole “equality” thing is now a thing of the past. Now, it’s all about “equity.” It is important to understand the difference between equality and equity. Equality is about equal opportunity, to have the same options that everyone else has.

Now equity is another bird altogether. Equity means that everyone ends up in the same place, no matter how much effort they put into it. There’s another word for it…communism.

The SPLC has now gotten into the whole equity thing. In the name of equity, Greenfield tells us. The SPLC said it will no longer include the black nationalist hate groups category in its listing of hate groups.

That means the aforementioned Nation of Islam will no longer be considered by the SPLC to be designated as a hate group.

According to the group, it was shutting down it’s listing of (formerly) black hate groups after “doing the internal work of anti-racism,” saying that “the hate is not equal.” In other words, some kinds of “hate” is more acceptable than other kinds of “hate.”

Of course, as Greenfield notes not many people take the SPLC seriously anyway, and noted the way had already been paved, especially after they let Cory “Spartacus” Booker and Kamala “Look Out For The Ice Joe!”

Harris had pressured the FBI to stop monitoring black nationalist hate groups a few years back. That of course came before a number of anti-Semitic attacks by members of the Black Hebrew Israelites hate group, who will also no longer be listed by the SPLC.

Greenfield notes that despite those attacks, left-wing media and far-left Democrat activists continue to pressure the FBI to look the other way from focusing on black supremacist and nationalist hate groups.

For some reason, the SPLC is used as a resource by law enforcement, media, and social media platforms in deciding what qualifies as a hate group, despite the fact the group has literally zero credibility.

In probably a stark example of how ridiculous this group is, they make the excuse that black nationalist hate groups “are not made up of only black individuals.”

“We reject federal law enforcement’s false and misleading contention regarding threats from black separatists,” the SPLC statement reads.

In other words, some separatists are ok, while white ones, well they’re dangerous. In fact, their statement excuses black separatism.

“Black separatism was born out of valid anger against very real historical and systemic oppression,” the SPLC said.

Greenfield cites Elijah Muhammad’s Message to the Blackman in America, in which the Nation of Islam leader said that separatism was needed because whites are racially inferior “devils” and that “separation must come between god’s people and the devil.” Not much hate in that statement.

Muhammed also slammed Dr. King, saying, “Reverend King has made it clear that he never wants the black man to rule, because he knows it will be ‘just as dangerous as white supremacy,’” he said. “This shows that all black people should disregard anything that a man like that says.”

Dr. King had said, “We must never substitute a doctrine of black supremacy for white supremacy. For the doctrine of black supremacy is as dangerous as white supremacy.”

Greenfield notes rightfully that Democrats, the media, and the SPLC have adopted Muhammed’s position of Dr. King’s, thus rejecting that black supremacism is wrong.

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For his part, Booker has claimed that black nationalist violence doesn’t exist, while claiming the fantasy of cops hunting down black men and the “systemic racism” he says permeates America.

“You said both ends of the spectrum, as if there actually is a movement of black identity extremism: it’s almost creating this reality,” Booker railed at the head of the FBI.

While Booker notes that the SPLC doesn’t appear ready to go full-blown crazy like Booker, who denies the violence of groups such as the Black Liberation Army, the Black Hebrew Israelites, including a terror attack in Jersey City, New Jersey last year, the murder of five Dallas police officers a few years ago, and many other incidents.

Greenfield notes the hypocrisy of violence by groups such as Black Lives Matter and their description as “mostly peaceful,’ however says the new mandate by SPLC doesn’t appear to go that far.

SPLC does acknowledge violence by “some black nationalists” against Jewish communities, however says “those are fueled by antisemitism (sp), not separatism.”

Black nationalist groups will still be classified under anti-Semitism and homophobia, but not grouped by race. However as Greenfield reminds us, racial separatism and anti-Semitism are symptoms of the racist beliefs of black nationalism.

Other than skin color, the basic tenets of white nationalism and black nationalism are one in the same. In fact, Greenfield says that the Nation of Islam and other black nationalist groups have worked with the KKK and Neo-Nazis in the past  because their beliefs are basically the same.

Greenfield says that white supremacists and black supremacists have the same basic beliefs and have the same “apartheid state goals. The only difference is that the Southern Poverty Law Center excuses one and attacks the other.”

The basic theology of the Nation of Islam teaches that white people descended from blacks and that over the course of hundreds of years, derived from a so-called “mad scientist” named Yakub, who through breeding was able to have white people created over time, as they theology describes “an all-pale white race of people” who were “made by nature a liar and a murderer.”

According to black nationalists, White people, Asians and Indians, as well as most black people are illegitimate races, with white people, the least black being the most evil.

Greenfield posits the question: If that’s not racial supremacism, what is?

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