Soros operative openly hopes for America to be overthrown and conquered by foreign powers


The following editorial content is written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today

USA- Are you as sick of hearing about George Soros as we are writing about him?

The problem is, Soros has his paws all over everything that is wrong in this country, between pouring his money into getting radicals elected to district attorney’s offices, bail funds, Black Lives Matter and financially backing the anarchist’s riots taking place across the country.

All of this has been widely reported, except by the mainstream media who denies it. Now, a veteran Soros operative is letting it be known on social media that he hopes a foreign invader overthrows the United States and takes over.

The operative, who describes himself as a “queer atheist” declared as much on his Twitter account.

Zack Ford, the operative is the press secretary for the Alliance for Justice, which is a left-wing special interest group funded in part by the Soros network under the Open Society Foundations. Billionaire Warren Buffett is also a benefactor, as is the Ford Foundation and others.

You know, foundations which have been tied into the so-called New World Order.

Ford previously wrote for ThinkProgress, which crashed and burned last year.

In his post, Ford said:

“Anybody else feeling like this would be a great time for the U.S. to be conquered? Like not a violent war, just a really peaceful takeover—more like an intervention by all the other friendly democracies out there who’ve been watching what’s been going on here.”  

First of all, it’s absolutely hilarious that this social justice warrior clown thinks Americans would just sit back and allow a foreign “democracy” to walk in and take over.

Maybe wussbags like him would sit there and allow themselves to be subjugated, but most Americans who vote with a “R” next to their name would have none of it. We would venture to think that those in our military might also have a bit to say about it. But we digress.

That isn’t to say the United States isn’t ripe for the taking. It just wouldn’t be from the outside, but from the inside. We’ll get to that in a bit.

Here is how Ford thinks such a takeover would take place:

“United States, do you know why we brought you here today? Your Constitution was built on a foundation of inequality, all your branches of government have been co-opted by minority rule, and you’re endangering the whole world with your ineptness…

“In short, you’re toxic, and we’re just not putting up with it anymore. We’re here to give you a fresh start, a nice little make over, and something more resembling the much better forms of democracy we’ve figured out since you got it all started back in 1619—I mean 1776.”

This is where the clown lost what little credibility he had. He buys into the fantasy “1619 Project,” the “brainchild” of Nikole Hannah-Jones, who apparently flunked history yet managed to get a job with the New York Times Magazine.

Her shtick is that the United States didn’t have its beginnings as a country in 1776, but rather in 1619. Why do you ask? Because that is when the first slaves were brought to the North American continent. See what she did there?

Where does this genius get this from? Well Hannah-Jones asserts (without facts to back her tripe up) that the colonists who settled in what would become the United States did so because they believed that gaining independence from Britain would allow slavery to flourish unabated.

So, her contention is that slaves were brought to the US in 1619 and over 150 years later, the colonists fought for independence from Britain to keep the slaves they had brought. Enough about the 1619 Project…it isn’t worth the time, nor the space to speak to it further.

Ford continued:

“We’re just such a hot mess, and it sounds so much easier to fix things if we just got a full reboot instead of trying to make work everything as we have it now. These are my uplifting dystopian thoughts for the day,” he wrote.

Could Ford get his way? Well, if Soros and his puppets in the Democrat party get their way, it is possible. The wheels are already in motion to try to screw with the November election, from mass mail-in ballots to ballot harvesting.

Democrats have already put the wheels in motion to throw the election into chaos with anything other than a Biden landslide. The Biden campaign has already retained over 600 lawyers to litigate the election.

If you thought Florida in 2000 was a clusterf*ck, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

According to Big League Politics, there are organizations such as the Transition Integrity Project which exists solely for the purpose of gaslighting public officials, and engineering an anti-Trump operation which will take place after the election no matter the outcome.

They say:

“A Soros-backed “election integrity group is setting the stage for a revolution against President Donald Trump after November’s election.

The Transition Integrity Project (TIP), an organization featuring a bipartisan group of Trump haters, is claiming that President Donald Trump will cause violence if he disputes the upcoming election results. They are running simulations that they claim indicate that Trump and his supporters will create mayhem.”

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LET Unity

Law Enforcement Today recently reported that groups have been “war gaming” scenarios in which Trump wins, yet Biden refuses to concede. The “war games” examine various scenarios including one in which the military becomes involved in the election outcome.

The TIP was set up by Rosa Brooks, who is a professor of law and policy at Georgetown University, who said:

“All our scenarios ended in both street-level violence and political impasse. The law is essentially…it’s almost helpless against a president who’s willing to ignore it.”

Who exactly is Brooks? According to Revolver, she is an operative of Soros with ties to the Open Society Institute. She also served as Special Counsel to the President at that organization in New York between 2006-2007.

Brooks says that, “…state governors, attorneys general, legislative leaders and secretaries of state need to think through these issues now, and understand the electoral system and relevant laws no, and not wait until Election Day to think about everything that could go wrong.”

Revolver believes that the TIP group may indeed be the organization that will put forth a so-called “color revolution” in order to get the president out of office no matter what the electorate says. For those not aware, a color revolution, it is basically regime change.

According to Conservative Daily News, the term “color revolution” started in the 1980’s and was used typically to refer to CIA led regime change operations in other countries. However, the same strategies could possibly be used in the United States to foment change in the government no matter the outcome of an election.

What we have seen in the United States since the end of May, under the guise of the death of George Floyd really don’t have all that much to do with that incident at all. The fuse was set long before the death of Floyd and that made a convenient flashpoint.

All one needs to do is look at the Black Lives Matter manifesto (since scrubbed clean) and watch and listen to Antifa and it’s clear what the end game is…to fundamentally transform the country. And in Joe Biden, the revolutionaries have a convenient dupe.

A “color revolution” contains seven pillars. They are:

  1. A semi-autocratic rather than a fully autocratic regime.
  2. An unpopular incumbent
  3. A united and organized opposition
  4. An ability quickly to drive home the point that voting results were falsified
  5. Compliant independent media to inform citizens about the falsified votes
  6. A political opposition capable of mobilizing tens of thousands or more demonstrators to protest electoral fraud, and
  7. Divisions among the regime’s coercive forces (Division among police and military).

Look at those seven pillars. Is there any doubt, whatsoever that those seven pillars currently exist?

  1. President Trump has been painted as a Nazi, fascist; tried to bait Trump into using federal troops in riot-torn cities outside of his authority; tried to bait him into issuing national mask mandate, also outside of his authority
  2. This one goes without saying; they have been portraying the president as the devil since he announced his candidacy in 2015
  3. See Antifa/BLM- One Antifa leader said, “The ultimate vision is to…for people to break with their comfort and come into the streets day after day, night after night into the hundreds of thousands, into the millions and not leave until they have to stop down.
  4. Mail-in balloting, ballot harvesting, courts allowing ballots to be counted well after election day, no voter ID; this is why Biden’s campaign hired 600 lawyers.
  5. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post…need we say more?
  6. BLM, Antifa, unions and others organizing protests and, in many cases, violent riots.
  7. Defund/neutralize the police, demonize and demoralize law enforcement; Obama purged the general ranks and replaced them with men who saw the military only for profit.

Buckle up people. The self-described “queer atheist” may seem harmless, but the ideology he represents is not. The next few months promise to be very interesting indeed.

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