‘Soros-funded’ Virginia DA, Youngkin official battle over massive and ‘historic’ crime wave


RICHMOND, VA – A government official with the Virginia Republican Governor’s Office lashed out on Twitter over rising violent crime rates.

And that did not sit well with the Fairfax County Commonwealth Attorney who called the official out. The Twitter spat that ensued was at the very least…entertaining.

A recent Richmond Times-Dispatch analysis showed that murders and non-negligent manslaughter deaths in the state of Virginia in 2020 had risen past levels not seen since 1994 when former Democratic President Bill Clinton was in office.

In response, Virginia Deputy Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security for Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin, Maggie Cleary, took to Twitter to announce her displeasure. She wrote:

“Violent Crime will continue to rise as long as we have #Sorosfunded prosecutors who refuse to do their jobs.”

For whatever reason, the Fairfax County Commonwealth Attorney, Steve Descano, decided to weigh in and argue that Cleary was not correct.

Descano, who quickly claimed he was not financially supported by Soros, said that the murder rate in his area was “75% lower than the entire Commonwealth’s.” He added:

“I’m not a ‘Soros-funded prosecutor’, I’m the CA for Fairfax County – where the murder rate is 75% lower than the entire Commonwealth’s. Maybe @MaggieClearyVA should look at the numbers (especially since she works in public safety) before making such a ridiculous claim.”

Cleary took Descano’s advice to look at the numbers, although not the numbers he was meaning.

She looked up the contributors to his campaign and noted that a large financial donation, for $601,369, had come from a political action committee which is funded by George Soros, the Justice and Public Safety PAC.

In her tweet, she wrote:

“This you @SteveDescano? VPAP makes it easy to show “the numbers.” This Soros group funded two-thirds of your last campaign. I guess they got what they paid for!”

Fox News Digital sought comment on the Twitter spat from Governor Youngkin’s office which directed them to an opinion piece that was authored by the Virginia Attorney General.

In that piece, Jason Miyares specifically went after Descano for refusal to prosecute:

“20 different types of crimes and has instructed his prosecutors to avoid mandatory minimums and drop felonies to misdemeanors whenever possible.”

Attorney General Miyares went on to note how the murder rate, specifically in Fairfax County, has doubled since Descano was elected in 2020.

He also went on to note that Descano refused to prosecute a serial killer who had 88 prior charges and was on probation at the time he was arrested for abduction, breaking, and entering and possession of ammunition.

He wrote:

“Liberal prosecutors such as Descano have created a revolving door that puts criminals back on the streets as quickly as they were picked up and leaves law enforcement overwhelmed. Liberal prosecutors are indeed contributing to a “catch-and-release” program that is putting violent criminals back on our streets, which puts more innocent people at risk.”

Descano went to his own defense and interviewed with 7News, claiming that he did not know that he received campaign donations from a PAC funded by Soros.

He also claimed Cleary’s attack was nothing but anti-Semitic which is akin to Democrats calling Republicans racist for wanting stricter border security. He said:

“When we’re trying to talk about crime and one part of that conversation immediately goes to the conspiracy about a shadowy cabal of foreigners who are pulling strings to destroy American culture. That is not a good faith argument, it’s anti-Semitic.”

Descano then went on to explain that he has allegedly never met with Soros, nor anyone who knows him. He said:

“As a matter of fact, not only have I never met him, I don’t think I’ve ever even talked to anybody who has ever met him.

The fact of the matter is, I got help from an organization because they believed in the message that I was putting out. And I think it’s, quite frankly, really disingenuous to focus on this one funder.”

New plan for police-defunded NYC: Detectives will be posted as 'scarecrows' to deter crime

New plan for police-defunded NYC: Detectives will be posted as ‘scarecrows’ to deter crime

New York, NY- New York City Police Department officials plan on placing already stretched thin detectives to stand watch in high crime areas in an effort to curb soaring crime rates across the city in what a union official calls a ‘scarecrow’ tactic.

New York City is known for its soft on crime policies but this plan seems, at the very least fruitless and even more so a waste of valuable resources.

The detectives primary focus is to solve crimes and put away the suspects responsible to stem future crimes from being committed. If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that criminals don’t stop at one crime- they keep going until they get caught.

Union Leader Speaks Out

In addition to being a gross waste of one of the departments most effective tools, it irresponsible and dangerous.

DEA (Detectives’ Endowment Association) President Paul DiGiacomo told the NY Post:

“The seasoned officers have been forced to trade in their suits for the department’s basic blue uniforms and stand at assigned posts, mostly overnight, the Detectives’ Endowment Association told The Post.”

New plan for police-defunded NYC: Detectives will be posted as 'scarecrows' to deter crime
Courtesy of NYCdetectives.org

He continued:

“Caseloads are as high as 500 per detective in some precinct squads,’’ he said. “Now we are being put into uniform to stand on fixed posts while crime continues to rise.”

DEA President Paul DiGiacomo likened it to ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul.

What police administration is essentially doing is laterally shifting a problem, with no ultimate solution in the end.

It begs to wonder, how much of this plan is political in nature? Are city officials acting desperate so they can prove they ‘tried to fix the problem?’

That’s what Democrat politicians do.

DiGiacomo calls this strategy the ‘scarecrow’ tactic.

He further stated to NY Post:

“Narcotics detectives, Special Victims detectives, homicide detectives, organized-crime detectives are being used as scarecrows instead of being allowed to make the cases that keep criminals off our streets. This is just plain dangerous.”

An officer stands on a post, typically overnight in a high crime area, whose mere presence should allegedly deter crime.

However, it ultimately does little.

Criminals simply adjust their strategy because they still have the need and desire to commit a crime to accomplish a goal- compensation by robbery, gratification by rape, and so on.

Locals Speak Out

Since New York has released its bail reform several years, residents and local business owners have paid the price.

In a statement given by Willy Willie, 48 who works at Brownville Market and Deli, told the NY Post:

“I get up in the morning, and when I leave for work, I’m not sure if I’m going to get back home — somebody just got killed here last week for no reason.”

Willy continued:

“We need more detectives on the streets to stop the crime because it’s gotten unleashed,” he said. “People have no respect, people are killing each other with guns — we need people to feel more secure.”

Another local, Maime Gray also told the NY Post:

“There’s too much going on — too much shooting, the guns especially.” She said, “this is the worst to me because they let people out of jail. That’s what I think … when it started.”

A CBS2 investigation revealed an uptick in violence at school district that defunded police (Twitter).


Rising Crime

Since the bail reform, crime has gone up, the NYPD has been vilified and there seems to be no end in sight.

According to NYPD data:

  • “Major crimes in New York City have skyrocketed 37% so far this year — driven by grand larcenies, auto thefts, burglaries and robberies.
  • Grand larceny has shot up 49% so far this year over last year as of Sunday — from 18,058 to 26,908. Auto theft has spiked by 46.2%, from 4,855 to 7,100.
  • Robbery is up 39.2%, from 6,530 to 9,091, and burglaries increased by 32.9%, from 6,251 to 8,305, the numbers show. 
  • Felonious assault rose by 18.6% and rapes saw an 11% increase so far this year over 2021.”

In too many cases, violent crime has been committed by a suspect who was released from jail awaiting trial, who would have otherwise been sitting in jail.

But city judges cannot use discretion when it comes to keeping suspects behind bars, even in common sense conditions where an arrested suspect has a laundry list for a violent criminal background.

Just how many more residents, visitors and business owners have to be victimized before change occurs.

The solution is clear.

New York City officials need to refund the police and give them the respect they’re due because if not, New York will continue to fall back into the dark ages.


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