Report: Soros-funded St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner convicts only half of murder defendants


SAINT LOUIS, MO- St. Louis prosecutor, Kim Gardner, became a household name for her decision to file charges against Mark and Patricia McCloskey, in addition to her leniency for Black Lives Matter militants. 

Gardner is now creating a different name for herself, as a prosecutor who has one of the lowest conviction rates in murder trials in the country. 

Legal analysis by St. Louis’s KMOV 4 reveals that Gardner ultimately convicted individuals charged with homicides 54% of the time in 2019, and 51% of the time in 2018, Big League Politics reported.

With those figures, Gardner’s conviction record is one of the worse in the nation, and according to KMOV a prosecutor in the Orlando, Florida area as the only other major prosecutor in the country with a comparable conviction rate.

Gardner’s predecessors secured convictions of about 72% of the defendants they charged with homicides, so she is clearly falling very short. 

It is common practice for district and county attorney’s to typically not indict individuals they are not certain they will be able to convict, especially when it comes to murder charges. The nationwide conviction rate for homicide is 70%. 

Despite the fact that no one wants to lose a case, or let a criminal, especially a murder run free, it is also a waste of taxpayer’s dollars to try a defendant and not secure a conviction.

In addition to her horrific conviction rate, Gardner has also angered many police officers, and representatives of Saint Louis’s police union, with her unwillingness to file charges against those individuals involved in this summer’s violent protests and riots. 

Even in situations where the crime was heinous and the evidence was undeniable, such as in the case where a man involved in a car accident opened fire on the other party involved, and it was all caught on camera, Gardner still refused to file charges, releasing the shooter back out onto the streets.

In the summer’s Black Lives Matter riots, Gardner has aroused criticism by releasing every arrested looter and rioter from the city’s jails, dropping charges against them, Big League Politics reported.

Over this past weekend, Gardner was excused from the case against the McCloskey couple, with a judge ruling that Gardner’s promotion of her political charges in campaign emails against the couple made her unfit to charge them. The Judge who is presiding over the case will now have to appoint a special prosecutor. 

Not surprisingly, George Soros was one of Gardner’s main funders for her initial campaign for St. Louis Circuit Attorney, giving her hundreds of thousands of dollars, in an effort to get her elected. 

Law Enforcement Today has reported on Soros’ funding quite often, including the revelation that he dumped huge amounts of money into prosecutors campaigns in an effort to transform “law and order” in America. 

We also recently reported that Democratic Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon, who had a heavy backing from Soros, wants to help illegal criminal aliens avoid deportation. It is estimated that Soros pumped about $1.5 million dollars into Gascon’s campaign. 

Gascon has said in the past that he wanted to incorporate two different forms of the justice system in Los Angeles.  One for the American citizens and one for those illegally in the country. Here is more on that story.

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Already, Democratic Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon made waves as he was sworn into office by ending further death penalty cases and cash bail. 

Now, Gascon created even more waves when he announced he wanted to help illegal aliens, who had been arrested for a crime, from being deported.

Gascon has said in the past that he wanted to incorporate two different forms of the justice system in Los Angeles.  One for the American citizens and one for those illegally in the country.  

Gascon initially brought up the radical notion in October during his campaign.  His office released a plan that would work to help illegal aliens who had been arrested avoid jail time and deportation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Gascon’s idea proposed factoring in “severe collateral consequences in charging decisions, plea negotiations, and use of diversion programs.”  The hope was that by utilizing this scheme, it would keep illegal aliens from any jail time or deportation risks.  He said:

“Local criminal justice actors must be careful not to become part of a pipeline to deportation in a dysfunctional immigration system…the DA must also strive to limit unnecessary exposure to immigration enforcement.”

His plan says:

“Immigration status can have a disproportionate adverse impact on noncitizen defendants because of federal immigration law implications. A core duty of prosecutors is to ensure that the punishment fits the crime.

“As such, it is incumbent upon the prosecutor to be aware of and mitigate collateral consequences, particularly when they are more severe than the punishment for the crime itself.

“Indeed, in Padilla v. Kentucky 130 S.Ct. 1473 (2010), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that immigration consequences of a conviction for immigrants can be profound and warrant consideration by the prosecution as well as the defense.

“An immigration-informed approach includes working with defense attorneys to obtain a defendant’s immigration status–without requiring onerous proof or documentation – and implementing training programs to increase awareness of immigration law, with the goal of equipping prosecutors to exercise discretion in achieving immigration-neutral charges and plea bargaining.

“The basic principle guiding this approach is that the full range of punitive consequences – both direct and collateral–should be roughly equivalent for citizen and noncitizen offenders.

“Prosecutors can charge alternative dispositions that are similar in type of offense with punitive consequences in line with citizen offenders.

“For example, while a single DUI offense can trigger immigration enforcement proceedings, lower-level DUIs, known as a “wet reckless,” have fewer immigration consequences.

“To obtain and evaluate facts of each case, defense attorneys should be permitted to request office hearings to present evidence off the record.”

Gascon also has proposed recently that he plans on reducing “prosecution of low-level, ‘quality of life’ offenses.”  Those may include drug possession, driving without a license, and public urination. 

The rationale behind this is that illegal aliens that are arrested for these crimes, face what he believes are unfair immigration laws. 

The State of California is termed a “sanctuary” state. The local governments do their best to prevent illegal aliens, regardless of reason, from being deported or having any official dealings with ICE. 

One of those local jurisdictions, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, has a very strict policy in which their deputies are forbidden to turn criminal illegal aliens over to ICE regardless of reason.

According to Breitbart, estimates from 2019 show that roughly 100 illegal aliens are released form jail in Los Angeles County every day. 

Federal data has also shown that 8-10 of those criminal illegal aliens that are released in sanctuary city go out to commit additional crimes.

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