ARKANSAS – An Arkansas State Police corporal received a heartfelt and surprising sendoff on his last radio call before retirement.

On Tuesday, Cpl. Roy Martin retired from the highway patrol after 31 years serving in Arkansas. As is tradition, Martin gave his final “10-7” – code for “out of service” – and “10-42” – code for “ending tour of duty” – on the radio.

But, to his surprise, Martin’s son, Arkansas State Police Cpl. Bill Martin, answered his father’s final radio call, reported Fox News.

“Attention all units,” the younger Martin said. “It is a great pleasure to announce, after 31 years of dedicated service, my dad, Cpl. Roy Martin, of the Arkansas Highway Police, Badge No. 420, is retiring and given his final 10-7. It is my honor, Cpl. Roy Martin, to acknowledge your 10-7, to the greatest man I know … Myself, Kim and Amy are proud of you. We love you, Dad.”

Afterward, the elder Martin, who was overcome with emotion when he heard his son’s voice on the radio, could only respond: “Y’all be careful out there.”

The Arkansas State Police posted a video of the two men from their cruiser cameras on its Facebook page, writing: “If you come from a law enforcement family, you always have an understanding of the bond it brings. If you don’t here is your proof.”

We’d like to thank the Arkansas State Police for sharing this touching moment with the public.