Woman claiming to be in Army threatens martial law on U.S. citizens, warns not to “become the enemy”


The following contains editorial content written by a current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

Last week, the weak, impaired, cognitively lost “president” of the United States once again overstepped his Constitutional authority when he announced a vaccination mandate for all businesses which employ 100 or more people, or a weekly COVID test under the same auspices. This is for a virus that is once again on the decline.

Biden claims that this will affect some 80 million people (although some estimates place it much higher). Biden’s dictate does not make exceptions for those who have already gotten COVID and now have natural immunity.

Clearly, he is trying to provoke people—there can be no other explanation.

Recently, a woman who claims to be in the military service by the name “Bronson” released a TikTok video in which she said that American people must “submit” or they “will become the enemy” in an impending “martial law” scenario.



“Understand that if active-duty military actually get deployed within the United States, that weapon is not just pointed at other people, other countries. It is pointed at you. If you do not get in your house when I tell you to, you become the enemy. Martial Law!” she said.

This lunatic’s TikTok account may be found under the handle @nuggets-n-chicken, and she has posted a number of other videos doubling down on what she said. If this unhinged nut is truly in the military, she needs to be out of there yesterday. Also…bring it on! 

This woman may indeed be a legend in her own mind, trying to compensate for something. Big League Politics has previously reported on the fact that women have difficulty passing the combat fitness test, despite the standards being lowered while the institution of the military is downgraded in order to compensate them.

“Almost half of female soldiers have failed the weakened Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) in the first half of 2020, according to data that was released Monday.

In comparison, only seven percent of male soldiers failed the ACFT throughout the year. This is another stake through the heart of the left’s equality lie.”

This is of course all part and parcel of the new “woke” military, embodied in the words of frauds such as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley and feckless Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

Who knows if this woman is actually in the Army and if she is whether or not she knows her ass from a hole in the ground. However if this is the mindset by some of those in the military, we have entered truly dangerous times.

The military hasn’t been deployed into American communities on a widespread basis since the Civil War. Fortunately for us as Americans (as opposed to the weaklings in the once-again prison colony of Australia), we have the Second Amendment.

Despite Biden’s previous comments about “F-16s and nuclear weapons,” it is unlikely the military would implement such drastic measures under a martial law scenario.

Clearly weapons have improved exponentially since the Civil War but the thought that the American people would roll over and play dead if Biden decided to deploy the military doesn’t take history into account.

For example, in that Civil War, as reported by Politicrossing, the South was not exactly a formidable foe at the onset of the War Between the States. The South had “very few resources, no treasury, no navy, and no organized military in comparison to the North.”

In addition, the infrastructure of the South was far inferior to the North when speaking to railways, seaports, transportation and industry.” Yet, the South was able to battle the North for around four years.

As Politicrossing points out, “people dedicated to defending their freedoms, their families, and their way of life are not easily defeated.”

Look at the recent history of the military.

This is no knock on the men and women who serve in our military, who are clearly skilled and dedicated overall.

But the United States hasn’t won a “war” since 1945. It was the politicians who caused us to “lose” (or “tie”) the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the War on Terror.

Also, you need to take a look at who owns the guns. According to a Gallup Crime Poll conducted last Sept 30- Oct 15, it showed that 50% of Republicans, 45% of Conservatives, 48% of rural residents and 45% of men are self-described as gun owners.

According to Guns.com last year, the United States has 434 million privately owned guns, including 20 million AR-15s. TruthAboutGuns says according to the ATF, some 120 million Americans owned guns as of 2019, a number which has gone up significantly in the past two years.

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What does that mean? Any type of martial law isn’t going to be easy, nor will a lot of people go willingly.

This is why the globalist cabal who are desperately trying to undermine our country and the American way of life has been hesitant to make a direct move outside of armed conflict.

Instead, they have attacked our culture, influencing the media, corporations, politicians, our higher education system and now have rotated down to our public schools and more recently our military.

What has been the result? Bureaucrats such as Anthony Fauci have convinced roughly 50% of Americans that they must wear a face mask for “protection” despite all scientific evidence indicated they are not particularly effective.

They have convinced that same 50% that even though they may be vaccinated, the unvaccinated are still a threat to them which begs the question—if vaccinations work, what do the vaccinated have to fear from the unvaccinated? Nobody to the left of center asks that question because they have been scared into submission.

Every business on every street in America has “Help Wanted” signs in the windows because they can’t get Americans to come to work, people who have become accustomed to receiving monthly government handout checks and who would rather sit home playing video games and eating Hot Pockets than being productive members of society.

Meanwhile, those same politicians have further convinced a significant percentage of Americans that cops are the bad guys and that even though crime is skyrocketing, and police are being defunded, you don’t need firearms to protect yourself. One half believes everything Joe Biden and the Democrats tell them without using even a small percentage of their brain cells to see exactly what is being done to them.

On the other hand, there is a large percentage of liberty and freedom-loving Americans whose eyes are wide open to what exactly is going on in our country.

They see open borders, “refugees” being flown in from a country that houses and supports terror, Afghanistan, without being vetted and they see a president who is more concerned about chocolate chip ice cream than national security.

This is the half of the country who question people such as Fauci, who question why masks are necessary if vaccines work, who question draconian emergency orders outside the scope of our representative Republic.

It is this half that will not lie down if someone such as this alleged Army brat decides to go on her power trip.

As the writer of the Politicrossing article wrote, Generation X is likely the last generation of Americans who didn’t have to bow to woke ideology, who were allowed to think and act like adults not spoiled adolescents and knew what it was like to be free. That generation saw us attacked on September 11, 2001, and cried instead of justifying the extremists that pulled it off.

Generation X remember that you could have political disagreements with people and not have it devolve into arguments, physical altercations or God forbid deadly violence. You didn’t have to “toe the politically correct line” and risk losing your job, your college scholarship, or your family and friends because you had a difference of opinion. You could breathe a little.

Now, “thanks” to social media, people can dig into your tweets or Facebook posts or whatever from when you were a young and impressionable teenager and “dox” you costing you everything for what used to be called teenage wanderlust.

For 100 years, progressives have been waiting for this moment, a time when America is ripe for the picking, when there are enough people who don’t realize just how good they’ve got it and are willing to sacrifice everything for what they deem to be safety and security.

As the beacon of freedom and liberty in the world, people have been gunning for the United States for a long time. It took a while for everything to be in place, for the Marxists to take control of the culture, education, and politics. That time appears to either be here or fast approaching.

When that time comes, things will not go as smoothly as some people believe it will. There is still an extremely significant portion of the American populations who believe in the wonderful nation left for us by our founding fathers, which was defended by patriotic Americans who sacrificed with their blood, some their lives, and which has provided more opportunity for its people than any nation ever created.

This past Saturday, we remembered that spirit embodied in those who sacrificed everything on September 11, 2001, to help their fellow man. It didn’t matter what color, ethnicity, race, age, or religion they were.

That is the America which was created for us. That was the America that men and women gave their lives to protect and defend. That was the America where men and women are free to be who and what they want to be, no matter what.

Martial law? Try it.

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