“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!”  A quote from the original Ghostbuster film that I always found so amusing.  Thinking about it today, it’s a very accurate description of what is happening in our country. 

An officer is struggling to arrest an offender and his supervisor stands by and does nothing to help.

Tact Officers in Chicago’s 015th District (a historically crime-ridden neighborhood) are surrounded by local citizens as they arrest a man.  The good citizens impress upon the officers that they are armed and will shoot the police officers.  In the confusion, the handcuffed arrestee escapes.

Anti-Police activist groups consult with Municipality in police officer contract negotiations. Additionally, they contribute to a federally mandated consent decree for the Chicago police department while the officers have no input at all. 

A California University claims armed campus police are bad for the student’s mental health while at the same time, Michigan University reports an active shooter on campus.


UC students claimed that all threats should be able to be handled with ‘non-lethal tactics.’ (Pixabay)

When did we fall down Alice’s rabbit hole?  When did logic go out the window with common sense? Perhaps I am nothing more than a grumpy old retired guy, but I don’t see any logic to the people behind these events. How can they not see they are cutting off their own nose to spite their face?  Perhaps they assume they will be able to replace the current people in power, but if that is what happens there will be nothing to have power over. 

What used to be called the silent majority is now the invisible majority too.  The media sold out a long time ago to the politicians and public leaders who are leading this death spiral.  They no longer report a story – they create one.  The damage has been done.

So, what happens now?  While departments find it more difficult to find new officers there will always be those who step up to protect those who need protection. The problem will be maintaining this group of heroic officers.  If the municipalities and departments don’t protect and look after their officers, it will come back to bite them.  If departments look to diminish pensions and medical benefits, they will see officers leaving after a few years to pursue other careers.  If the departmentsallow supervisors to move up the ranks who have never shown the moral fortitude to do what is right, they will find that they no longer have an effective police force. 

If the people of the communities continue to heap abuse and insults on their officers, they’ll find there’s no one to help them when they need help.   If they continue to put outrageous restrictions on officers, they will find their police departments are ineffective. 


Black Lives Matter. (Pixabay)

Imagine an Italian restaurant where the Chef is required to prepare all the traditional dishes that have made Italian food so delicious.  The problemis that there’s a group of people who know nothing about cooking, demanding that the chef can’t use garlic, oregano, basil, or olive oil.  Salt and pepper are allowed, but only with supervision from an administrator who has no cooking experience.  I’m sure the chefs would try their best, but with those restrictions, it won’t be long until they’re out of business.  Of course, the group giving the restrictions is very loud and have the media in their pocket.

Who’s to blame?  Well,the owners of the restaurant who caved to a group of people who didn’t understand what it took to make good Italian food, of course.  The group assumed they knew better than the professional chefs.  Of course, you know that the online review will blame the chef for the bad food.

                  Perhaps that is a little simple, but it seems the people who are in charge need it a little simple or they won’t understand.  They have trouble seeing past their own agenda and seeing what it is doing to their communities and country.

Stay safe everyone, run low and zigzag.


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