Society is doomed. The hot new pandemic fetish item? Masks that are scented with the female anatomy.


I’m not sure who needs to know this, but apparently one can purchase not-so sanitary face masks that contain the scent of a woman. Sounds pleasant until you find out what the scent is and how it gets on the mask.

I know what you’re thinking. Does this news pass the sniff test? Is this a parody?

No, I assure you that the pandemic has caused a titillation among certain segments of the woke population who want to walk around in public flaunting their “dirty little secret.”

What is that dirty secret? Well, it involves a fetish of wearing a mask that contains the actual fragrance of a women’s vagina. Oh, and there are additional options too.

If you are still with me, let’s check out how far this mental rabbit hole goes. Be forewarned that what you read will stay with you today.

Vice reported:

“If you see someone wearing a mask who seems particularly delighted, it might be because they paid for the pleasure of wearing a mask that smells like someone else’s genitals or feet.”

Vice also interviewed Cat, who sells personally scented masks on Snifffr, an adult website that facilitates the sale of mostly used and dirty panties between two parties. Cat has been selling her masks through the site for almost a year and told Vice that pleasure can be a demeaning, two-way street:

“I think people like them because they’re able to enjoy a fetish outside of their home. I think it’s like a little secret only they know and it makes it risky and fun.”

“It’s personally thrilling to me knowing that a mask I’ve had in my panties or shoes is now being worn on someone’s face and they’re enjoying it.”

There are quite a few customization options for masks that contain the DNA of strangers. On Snifffr, masks sell for between $5 and $250, but on average most are around $15, according to Vice.

Happy Mag, which previously reported on Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina-scented candles, confirmed there is a real market for bodily-scented masks too.

A 55-year-old New Jersey woman, Angela Anderson, founded Coronapussy. Her company sells face masks that smell like vaginas for only $4.99. According to Happy Mag:

“Anderson’s methods involve a fine cloth placed in between the legs for two hours and glued to the product. And apparently, it works with 500 units sold in the first 24 hours alone.”

If you think $4.99 is suspiciously cheap, you can upgrade to a premium seller, such as LucyLou, according to Happy Mag. She sells vagina-scented masks that she has worn inside her panties for at least 24 hours:

“Face mask will be worn inside my panties 24 hours soaking up my aroma! So you can wear the mask secretly smelling me without anyone noticing all day!” 

LucyLou will charge more if you request “extra days” for “stinky wear.”

The fetish masks come in a range of ways and places they’re worn before they’re sold. Vice reported that a mask strapped to the inside of a thong seems to be the most popular. After that, masks stuffed into shoes, bras or faces are less popular choices.
Disposable surgical masks are the ones most frequently posted, but people also sell simple cloth masks or ones with patterns and designs, according to Vice.
Laceysniffs, who sells masks and poop videos on Reddit, told Vice the surgical three-ply masks are good for holding smells, but also for keeping evidence of what’s on the other side secret:
“If there are things like sweat or skid marks on one side it typically does not show all the way through.”
Good to know. I can’t imagine the Karens waiting to be seated at a restaurant or out food shopping and running into someone who has a mask with fudge stripes on the wrong way.
Vice gets into the nitty gritty of details about how many masks Laceysniffs has sold and how she has personalized them:
“Laceysniffs said she started selling masks a few months ago, at the request of a client who bought some of her used socks. She’s sold four masks so far (‘two piss scented, one ass scented, one foot scented’) but also includes them as a free bonus gift with many orders.
“One of her masks that’s been pressed against her vulva, anus, or feet for 24 hours costs five dollars, and one that she’s urinated on and dried three times costs $10.”
Laceysniffs explained as best as she could why people like these types of germ-infested, used masks:
“A lot of my clientele fetishize scents, so being able to have a mask full of my fragrances pressed tightly in their face, and being able to deeply inhale my scents, can be a highly euphoric and erotic experience for some.”
People wear masks to protect themselves from germs, such as COVID-19, but does wearing these fetish masks introduce risks for its wearers? Vice provided a disclaimer:
“None of this is health advice, and coronavirus could be contagious through fecal matter (but not vaginal fluids). But the virus is also usually dead on surfaces within a few hours to days, according to the CDC—so with that information, pussy mask up at your own discretion.”
Happy Mag reported that the Australian government noted one study from China did find traces of COVID-19 in semen, but indicated there is currently no evidence to suggest that COVID-19 can be passed on through semen or vaginal fluids. Got to love that China was the one country that studied this.
Anyway, the nose knows, even when science fails us. For some, a scent can bring back an old-forgotten memory from the past that could be positive or negative.

For others, a scent can trigger a sense of repulsion or euphoria.

If you don’t want to sniff scented masks, I won’t judge you. Keep your options open if you want to smell something good. I recommend non-woke items such as flowers, potpourri, perfume, cologne, air fresheners, grandma’s cooking or a walk outdoors.

Choose wisely.

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