Sniper Sarah King Makes a Name for Herself


JEFFERSONTOWN, Ky. — No matter the distance, police officer and sniper Sarah King hits her target every time.

“She can shoot the nut off a fire hydrant from 500 yards out,” Major Lee Meredith said.

King has been a police officer for the Jeffersontown Police Department for four years but has only been a sniper for one. She’s one of two snipers in the department, and the only female sniper in Kentucky, reported WLKY.

Sniper Sarah King
Sniper Sarah King is making a name for herself in Kentucky. (Screenshot WLKY broadcast)

Although King makes it look easy, she said it’s not. Snipers play a key role within the organization, and need to remain calm in the most intense situations.

“She can shoot the nut off a fire hydrant from 500 yards out.”

– Major Lee Meredith said.

“We’re shooting out of two to six-story building, into cars about 100 yards out, and things like 2-inch targets,” King said. “I think all aspects of law enforcement is dangerous, but most importantly, I try to keep my guys safe when we’re making entry into houses as well as if we need to rescue a hostage, make sure that everybody goes home safe.”

In a relatively short period of time, King has become one of the most respected officers on the department. Furthermore, she hopes to continue crafting her skills and serving the public.

Meredith and King joke about how good she is. In a very short time, she’s proven herself as an excellent marksman and police officer.

“At J-town, we have an incredible amount of training, talent and experience on the police department and she’s one of the most respected officers we have,” Meredith said.

They practice twice a month, once a month for sniper training and once for SWAT training.

“I definitely still have a lot to learn because I’m still new at the sniper world,” King said.


When King is not working as a sniper, she’s patrolling the streets in Jeffersontown.

As the only female police sniper in the state, most of the time she’s working with male officers.

She has been called “a bulldog in a skirt,” which she says is a compliment.

“When I go out there, they treat me just like one of the guys,” King said.

“I would like to do this as long as I can,” King said. “Eventually, I would like to be promoted. I still have a long time in law enforcement, so I would like to give to somebody else the skills that I’ve learned and will continue to learn.”

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