Six Illegal Immigrants Found Packed in Cabinets

(U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

LAREDO, Texas – Six illegal immigrants from Mexico were found Monday tightly packed inside cabinets that were being transported over the border in Laredo, Texas. According to Border Patrol agents, the human cargo had no way to escape.

Laredo Border Patrol agents, assigned to the checkpoint at U.S. Highway 59, discovered them after a service canine alerted the agents to the possible presence of concealed humans and/or narcotics in the truck, reported Fox News.

The driver of the truck was a U.S. citizen. Consequently, he was arrested at the checkpoint and then turned over to Homeland Security Investigations for prosecution.

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As you might imagine, Customs and Border Patrol said the incident highlights the dangers illegal aliens face at the hands of smugglers. It is not uncommon to be placed in perilously dangerous conditions.

The six Mexicans were trapped inside the large cabinets with no way to escape, as the cabinets were tightly packed with ratchet straps on the outside.

“This rescue illustrates how Border Patrol works not only to enforce laws, but to protect the sanctity of life along the border,” said Greg Burwell, Laredo Sector Assistant Division Chief. “We will always work diligently to disrupt and degrade criminal organizations that constantly put people’s lives in danger. Also, we will do whatever it takes to save lives and prevent people from being subjected to dangerous, deplorable situations.”

Six Illegal Immigrants
Six illegal immigrants from Mexico were discovered Monday at the border in Laredo, Texas trapped in cabinets. (U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

Last summer, 38 Mexican nationals were found packed in a tractor-trailer. Eight of them were dead, two others died a short time later. Fortunately, more did not perish as 20 people were transported to area hospitals in critical condition. The trailer was parked outside of a San Antonio Walmart. At the time, police described it as a horrific human trafficking case.

The human smuggler arrested in the San Antonio tragedy had his commercial driving privileges revoked several months prior to the incident.

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