Siri search results displays police stations when asked “where are the terrorists” (op-ed)


WASHINGTON D.C. – Apple may be in a bit of hot water, but they might not know it yet. On September 22nd, a strange thing started occurring for Apple products like iPhones and iPads when users would ask the following question:

“Hey Siri, where are the terrorists?”

While a bizarre question to ask Siri, what was even more strange was the results delivered.

Specifically, numerous people started getting results notifying them of the closest police stations.

So, is Apple in some way linking terrorism with police officers?

That would be a bold company position if that is the case.

Or is this the result of perhaps some rogue programmer manipulating this specific search result query?

This is the most unusual series of search results to crop up when asking the aforementioned to a proprietary search engine enhancement tool.

Honestly – this author can’t tell whether this was something intentionally done by Apple and/or an employee because of anti-police rhetoric or whether this is some kind of strange reaction by Siri’s algorithm when hearing the word “terrorist” to suggest contacting the local police.

Quite frankly, I’m hoping it’s the latter of the two possible scenarios – but I also wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the anti-police nonsense either.

In modern times, things that look like they’re anti-police dog whistles are a coin toss on whether they genuinely are silent or veiled jabs at law enforcement.

I mean we’re living in an era where the old prison tattoo “ACAB” – which was ironically “political ink” for neo-Nazis, Peckerwoods, and the Aryan Brotherhood in prison – is now being chanted by Black Lives Matter enthusiasts.

Nothing is surprising when it comes to the BLM crowd and their enablers, which means that even if this is some honest mistake in Siri’s algorithm – good luck convincing those who support police officers.

Because with all that has happened in the past several months, there has been one type of attack after another against police and their supporters, in both literal and metaphorical manners.

If you poison the proverbial well enough times, every sip of water that tastes off is going to trigger a concern that the water has been intentionally spoiled.  

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And in the case of these Siri results about where terrorists are located with delivering nearby police stations – people online are already talking.

Just browsing the likes of both Twitter and Facebook, numerous people are sharing their screenshots of what happens when they ask Siri “where are the terrorists.”

And can you guess what some of the words being used are to describe the perception of the delivered search results?




Overall, the general consensus is that Apple is trying to malign police officers – so whether that was/is the case or not – it doesn’t matter, because people already believe that it’s the case.

And neither I nor just about any reasonable person could blame someone for jumping to that conclusion these days.

Because police officers have been getting scat on like some sort of public toilet from just about every perceivable corner.

Major media outlets are lambasting police, elected officials are passing judgement on officers during open investigations, officers have been maligned as being a part of “systemic racism” and Heaven forbid a police officer hops on Twitter to see the amalgamation of ACAB-laced comments and profiles.

So of course, police, and their supporters, are going to think that search engine results delivered by Siri are trying to sneak in one extra insult at the expense of law enforcement officers.

As mentioned before, at this point it really doesn’t even matter if this was some nefarious act by Apple or some employee to castigate police by manipulating search results.

Because while Apple clarifying the issue might appease some people – there’s still going to be a reasonably large sect of people that even if matters were explained with 100% honesty that “it was just a mistake”, these folks might not believe that to be the case.

[Editor’s note: This will be an interesting incident to watch for the reaction of the company. So many “woke” companies have been quick to condemn police, but with many police departments utilizing Apple’s products, we will have to see whether they jump on the anti-police bandwagon or if they show any type of support for the police. 

Check back to Law Enforcement Today for updates on this.


Ask Siri and Google what a “demon” is. One of their definitions? “A police officer.”

As if things are not bad enough for police officers, with it becoming more common then not that they are considered the enemy, they are now considered demons by Siri, Google and

If you have an apple device, you have undoubtedly used the ever useful Siri, to answer your various questions without having to open your browser and type anything in. 

Have you every tried asking Siri the definition of a demon?

Simply say:

“Hey Siri, what is the definition of a demon?”

To our shock and disgust, Siri’s third answer is:

“Noun: A police officer”

Siri search results displays police stations when asked "where are the terrorists" (op-ed)

If you type “What is a demon” into Google Chrome, you are given the choice to see the definition as it relates to Police.

Siri search results displays police stations when asked "where are the terrorists" (op-ed) is no different. When you ask for the definition of a demon, you are met with the typical definitions you are used to, however their number six definition is:

“Australian and NZ informal, archaic as detective or policeman” 

Siri search results displays police stations when asked "where are the terrorists" (op-ed)

This is all particularly disturbing, because America is teaching is citizens, its children, that police officers are evil demons. Children use google search engines, Siri, and for a variety of uses, particularly for school work.

What this shows us, is if you have an elementary school student looking up vocabulary words for homework, in order to learn their meaning, they will now see Police Officer listed in black and white print, as a demon. 

The same holds true for Non-English speaking people coming to America, or learning English, looking up the proper terms for words. Someone who does not know better, and does not understand how this revolt against officers started, will think from very early on, that police are horrible evil people. 

The comparison of police officers to demons might seem more like indoctrination if it causes our youth to hold a bias against police

This is not the first incident we have been made aware of that our children are being taught police officers are the enemy. Law Enforcement Today recently brought you a story of a pre-school in Connecticut that was teaching its students, the future of our country, that police officers are more likely to hurt and kill people of color. 

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GLASTONBURY, CT- This article was originally written as an Open Letter to the Glastonbury (CT) Board of Education. Since the original publication, the Glastonbury School Superintendent has worked to right what was a major wrong. With that in mind, we have updated the end of the story, however it is important to understand the type of indoctrination that is occurring in public schools throughout the country, including right here in Connecticut. 

Law Enforcement Today represents the nearly 800,000 police officers across the United States of America. Those officers currently have a bullseye on their back, due to the selfish act of one officer in Minneapolis.

Like most of the country, an overwhelming majority of those officers condemn what happened to George Floyd at the hands of that one officer.

However, that does not matter.

All police officers nationwide have been painted as racists. That narrative has been driven by the media, by politicians, and now sadly by our public schools, in this case the public schools in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

If you look at television and wonder why all these young high school and college students appear to absolutely hate police officers and authority, look no further than our educational institutions.

Kids have been becoming increasingly radicalized by far-left educators that teach in our public schools, as well as our colleges. The current spate of violent protests is what they have given us. 

These officers are not only public servants. They are husbands and wives, sons and daughters, moms, and dads. They are the softball coach, the karate instructor, and the Big Brother or Big Sister.

They raise untold amounts of money for charities such as the Special Olympics, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and untold others. They run toy drives at Christmas so that children who would not otherwise enjoy a joyful holiday can get toys. They help out in soup kitchens and food banks.

These officers have children who attend YOUR schools.

We have become aware of a new social justice and anti-racism addition to the Summer Learning website in Glastonbury. While it is important for children to understand racism and the importance of acceptance, the summer learning curriculum directed toward three-to-five-year old preschoolers is appalling.

Siri search results displays police stations when asked "where are the terrorists" (op-ed)
Superintendent Bookman FB Post photo Facebook screenclip

Contained within resources for parents is the following suggestion for talking to children about “Racism, Police Brutality and Protests.”

First of all, the introduction to the webpage entitled Aha! Parenting is speaking about the deaths of black men and woman at the hands of police.”

Contained therein, there is a sentence which says the following that is factually incorrect and does not provide proper context.

“My community of parents are different races (and genders, and sexualities), but we are all feeling devastated. This is made worse by our memories, not so long ago, of the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and 12-year old Tamir Rice, followed by the acquittals of the police officers who shot them.

The first, most-glaring error involves Michael Brown. Brown had just robbed a convenience store and assaulted the owner. When police attempted to stop Brown, he got involved in a scuffle with the officer and tried to grab his firearm. This was by all intents and purposes a totally justified shooting and in fact the officer was cleared of any wrongdoing.

The second error involves Eric Garner. Garner was not shot by New York City police…so there’s that.

Finally, the death of Tamir Rice, while a tragedy, was made possible in part because he had in his possession a facsimile firearm. When police were dispatched to an incident involving a gun, anything resembling a firearm is considered a threat. Sadly, this young man possessed such a facsimile.

The piece then goes on to recall an incident involving Sen. Corey Booker (D-NJ) where he was pulled over years ago. The piece makes sure to note that Booker was a Stanford graduate and honored as a Rhodes Scholar. Driving a vehicle that was similar to the stolen vehicle and matching the description of the car thief, Booker was detained for about a half-hour, then released.

The article said he was “jumped by six police officers with their guns drawn.”

Then we get to the curriculum for three-to-five-year-olds in dealing with the George Floyd situation as an example.

The piece says, “Then give basic facts. For example:

“A police officer was arresting a man named George. He pressed his knee into George’s neck for a long time and it killed George. The officer was very wrong to do this.

“The police officer was White, and George was Black. It is much more common for police officers to hurt and kill people of color [which has statistically shown to be a lie].

Some people think that the officer would not have killed George if he had been White. That would be terrible, right? That maybe if he had not been African American, the officer might not have killed him? Naturally, that makes people very angry and they are marching to say this needs to change.

“Most of the protests are peaceful. Some of the demonstrators are so angry, though, that they are destroying property, including attacking police stations, or breaking into stores [not to mention stealing other people’s property and burning buildings down].

In one city (St. Louis) someone even shot bullets at the police; luckily, the injuries were minor. [except for the one that killed retired police captain David Dorn]. But is that ever okay? (Wait to see what your child says).

“Anyone would be angry that police officers killed an unarmed man. I feel very angry about that. And it is important to stand up for what is right, to gather and protest. But some of the demonstrators are so angry at the police officers that they are not using their words. It is never okay to burn property or take things that aren’t yours.

“Naturally, when the protesters burn the police building, that is threatening to the police department. Fear makes people do bad things. And some police officers are angry that they are being criticized. So, some are misusing their power and hurting demonstrators even when the demonstrators are trying to be peaceful in their protests. (emphases added).”

Further down in the “lesson” (let’s call it propaganda though, because that is what it really is), the piece says:

“And (in the case of George Floyd) then the police tried to hide what happened.

The police never lied about what happened. Video of the incident was released right away, so even if police were inclined to “lie about it,” the video evidence was there.

It gets worse of course as the grade levels get higher. In the elementary school portion, it alleges:

“Police officers are also more afraid of people of color, and fear makes people do bad things. And I think sometimes police officers assume that they can use illegal force against an African American person and get away with it, when they wouldn’t do so to a White person.”

The lesson plan excuses away looting even while saying it is “wrong.” It propagates the lie that “most protests are peaceful” and says:

“Many police departments are not handling the protests well. Many are frightened of being attacked [probably because they are being attacked, with cars, guns, knives, and bricks]. Some of them are responding with violence, even to protesters who are not being violent. There are many accounts from reporters who have seen police officers assault peaceful protesters.”

Preteens and teens are given the quote attributed to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, “A riot is the language of the unheard,” which is being totally taken out of context, according to his niece Alveda King.

Over the past nearly 30 years, police departments across the country have worked hard to engage with students in school through a variety of School Resource Officer programs. What this program did is humanize police by having them in the schools, eating lunch with children (including inner city children by the way), playing basketball, teaching classes, and just showing the human side of policing.

What the Glastonbury Public Schools is doing is demonizing police and is going to make children afraid of them. When you see how young people are treating police officers in these “peaceful protests” taking place across the country, it is no wonder they are showing zero respect to the officers. They are being indoctrinated, apparently now at the early ages, that police are the enemy, are out to kill people and cannot be trusted.

Law Enforcement Today became aware of this due to a Facebook Post that was forwarded to us. In that Facebook post, written by someone close to a law enforcement officer, the following was written:

Siri search results displays police stations when asked "where are the terrorists" (op-ed)
Facebook Post photo Facebook screenclip

Then below that, the following: 

He doesn’t enjoy writing tickets—but you didn’t know

He cried when he found your daughter lying in a ditch, high on meth—but you didn’t know

He was devastated when he found the 32-year-old veteran dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound—but you didn’t know

He missed his kids birthdays, school plays and family trips because he had to work—but you didn’t know

He had nightmares about the 2-year-olde he found crushed under a truck tire while mom was inside buying dope—but  you didn’t know

He is never comfortable at social gatherings because with the things he has seen, he can’t trust anyone—but you didn’t know

He has seen things you could never imagine—but you didn’t know

He really didn’t like putting people in jail—but you didn’t know

His job is hard on his family—but you didn’t know.

The Superintendent of Schools in Glastonbury is a man named Alan Bookman. As the writer of the Facebook post said, “don’t just send out links so you can check a box.”

The Glastonbury Police Department is a nationally accredited police department through CALEA and was one of the first in the State of Connecticut to be so designated, having achieved its initial accreditation in 1986.

For the superintendent of that community to throw all police departments and police officers under the bus by approving the implementation of this summer curriculum is an insult to the very department charged with protecting his schools. Teaching this propaganda to our most vulnerable students is an outrage.

This is what departments are facing now nationwide. Children of all ages are being taught to distrust police, believe all police are racist killers, and those who try to kill them in return are just exercising their rights to protest.

It’s small wonder parents are pulling their kids out of the public school indoctrination factories and educating them at home. 

We’ll standby for the apology.


6/23/2020- Law Enforcement Today became aware of an email sent by Glastonbury Police Chief Marshal Porter to his officers and a copy was obtained. It reads as follows:

I am aware of an article in the referenced site that addresses a summer learning curriculum posted online by the Glastonbury Public Schools. 

Apparently, one of the resources in the summer curriculum includes a site that instructs parents how to talk with their children of various ages about police brutality. While I have not, and will not visit the site, according to, the article is filled with inaccuracies and propaganda, and only serves to damage relationships the police have spent decades building with students. 

I spoke with Dr. Bookman. He was aware of the issue and had already removed the site from the curriculum. Dr. Bookman said the site should never have been included. It appears that it was not properly vetted. 

Dr. Bookman assured me that the Glastonbury school system supports GPD, and values the relationship we have with each other. 

No doubt you have worked hard to develop positive relationships with our youth, and GPD is a welcome presence in the school system. 

Keep up the good work and rest assured you enjoy widespread community support and appreciation. 

Law Enforcement Today was able to obtain the following text exchange between a parent and Glastonbury School Superintendent Alan Bookman, so it does appear that the resource in question has indeed been removed. 

Siri search results displays police stations when asked "where are the terrorists" (op-ed)
Text screenshot used with permission
Siri search results displays police stations when asked "where are the terrorists" (op-ed)
Text screenshot used with permission
Siri search results displays police stations when asked "where are the terrorists" (op-ed)
Text screenshot used with permission
Siri search results displays police stations when asked "where are the terrorists" (op-ed)
Text screenshot used with permission
Siri search results displays police stations when asked "where are the terrorists" (op-ed)
Text screenshot used with permission

It is truly gratifying that some school systems get it. Congratulations to Dr. Bookman, Chief Porter and the Glastonbury Police Department for having and furthering what appears to be an outstanding community relationship. More towns should follow the lead of the Town of Glastonbury, Connecticut.

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